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The movies are two types, the good ones and the bad ones. In the good ones, there are many types, but in the bad ones, there is only one category, that is to say to be bad and to be degraded. But few bad films cross the bad obstacle and win the championship being the worst. Are we talking about such a movie?

Ground : A criminal lawyer (Jagapathi Babu) is so powerful and fierce that he fears no one and that he lives according to such principles. He receives an open case involving a famous director (Nara Rohit). The motive for the murder is unknown and the investigation leads to new information each time. What happens in the end? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Nara Rohit seems to have fixed expressions when it comes to acting. He has the expression 5 to show his anger and expression 3 to laugh and express 6 when he has to make love. Rest that all the expressions consist of a simple and stoic face without any idea of ​​looking at the camera.

Jagapagthi Babu only spoils his popularity by participating in films that do not really match his stature. He is a better actor than what these films make him and in a character without depth, he is wasted.

All others win prizes by irritating us.

Technical: Vijay C Kumar, tried to give us a visual experience. But the fact is that he forgot to illuminate the scenery, put the camera in the right place and get a good colorist. As a result, we could not appreciate his work.

Marthand K Venkatesh seems to have asked the second assistant of his first assistant to edit the film.

Sai Kartheek is from this school where they teach music directors to shine for commercial films, stronger for action films and stronger for thrillers. He gets a good shot and hits on his teachers to be his best boring.

Paruchuri Murali got good marks as director for Nee Sneham, but if this young Murali is watching this movie, he will definitely eat a little gem to stay out of coma. He does not start a scene, nor even finish it well. The flow necessary for a thriller is completely absent from this film.

Analysis : As filmmakers age, they tend to seek the inspiration of young filmmakers. The basic problem is that if a novice scores a hit with his own technique, it does not mean that an expert must make all the mistakes made by a novice. An expert professional is supposed to improve the situation and make well-balanced films. Unfortunately, they think the trend has changed and by the time the professional realizes that he could not even get the basics, people will ask them to retire. Unfortunately, this seems to be a film of such a professional team. Maybe they need gems to recharge their batteries.

Note: 1/5

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