10 Browser Add-Ons For A More Interactive “New Tab” Page

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Check 10 Browser Add-Ons For A More Interactive “New Tab” Page

For people who are always looking for ways to make their workflow more productive, browser add-ons and extensions can be a great help. And one of the most sought after browser add-ons is ‘New Tab’.

To help you make the right choice, here is a list of some of the best browser add-ons for the new tab page. These extensions and plugins allow you to have interactive new tab pages with different interface options and features. Read on to learn about these features in detail.

Chrome extensions

Awesome New Tab page

This extension allows you to use more than 20 widgets that you can from your site. It gives you a grid that runs from left to right to place these different sized widgets. The tiles also have a configurable search bar for quick searches on search engines or even on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

You also can export manually then import your settingsSW backup online to your Google Chrome (Gmail) account.

New MetroTab

The look and navigation of the New MetroTab closely resembles the customizable Windows 8 Metro user interface. You can add tiles that lead to links and color them to your liking. You can also choose to upload your own icon or use the website favicon for a custom tile.

Also has live tiles They include Gmail and RSS feeds. There’s also custom color theming to fit anyone’s personality.

Modern new tab page

Similar to the previous Windows 8 theme extension, Modern New Tab Page is however a bit simpler to use. When you add a new website tile to your screen, automatically search for an available RSS for the site and start showing feeds like a living tile.

So you are creating a live bookmark mosaic that looks fresh and clean. You can also upload your own wallpaper or choose one of its color schemes.


Fruumo is an attractive extension that has more functions than just having bookmarks. It has a minimalist clock, date, temperature and weather information at the top accompanied by a search bar that allows you to search through your Chrome applications and bookmarks. It also includes RSS feeds and Facebook notifications.

Infinite control panel

The Infinite panel allows you to fire up your Chrome home page by adding different games, apps, bookmarks, services, and messengers to your new tab page. By default, the extension gives you a minimalist screen with just a beautiful wallpaper and a simple search bar.

If you want to add other features, go to the HUB where you will find a number of options to add to your home page, such as customizable background, custom search bar, browser sessions or other useful applications and services.


uTab gives you the freedom to choose what is displayed when you open a new tab in the Chrome browser. You can use it to organize bookmarks and create separate folders that contain your bookmarks, applications, and services.

Other features that you can apply to your new tab page are changing the background image, setting a specific search engine, applying a light or dark theme, and adding clocks with different time zones.

New Infinity tab

Infinity New Tab offers a host of features for its new tab page. You can read and manage your browser history, frequently visited websites, bookmarks, and other Chrome extensions.

Interestingly, it allows you to log in with any of your accounts on Google, Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, or QQ to backup and sync your data. You can also receive notifications from Gmail and the extension itself.

Draft new tab

An extension focused on the note-taking feature, New Tab Draft gives you the option to take notes and do calculations on your new tab page.

The extension has a great privacy feature. First of all, you don’t save your draft notes on your server, but only in the browser. Second, if you are not using the browser for some time, your draft will be blurred.

Leoh’s new tab

A new tab panel, Leoh New Tab is a useful extension to customize your browsing experience. It allows you to customize the background of your new tab with stunning wallpapers, image albums or relaxing video backgrounds.

The extension can be synced with your Google Chrome account so that you can receive notifications, check your Google calendar and bookmarks, etc. There is also an option to add a built-in note taker, apps and tools and apply different themes to your Chrome Browser.

Resize the tab

If you want to see multiple tabs in your Chrome browser at the same time, then Tab Resize can be useful for you. It gives you different layout options to fit a series of tabs in your browser.

There are some default shortcut keys that you can use to perform certain actions. In addition, the extension supports multiple monitors, drag and drop to rearrange tabs, left or right alignment of tabs, and works with all major operating systems.

Speed ​​dial

One of the most prominent features of the Speed ​​Dial extension is that it allows you to create 3D visual bookmarks on your new tab page so that you can quickly access your most visited websites.

You can choose from several design options for speed dial markers. You can also group your most visited websites into different categories and search through these categories via smart search. Also, the extension can be synced across all the computers you use.

Firefox add-ons

Speed ​​dial

Speed ​​dial is for the keyboard master and for those who simply prefer the keyboard to the mouse. With customizable hotkeys, you can quickly go to any of your 9 favorite websites by pressing keyboard combinations like Ctrl + 5 or any other number from 1 to 9. You can then group different websites together and access any of them with a simple keystroke.

New tab tools

New Tab Tools adds more options to the default new tab page by allowing you to determine the number of tiles you want for each row or column. You can also customize the location of the launch bar or remove it entirely if you don’t use it. There is also the option of upload a custom background image to make it look good.

New tab override

Enhance your Firefox browser experience with the New Tab Override add-on. It gives you the option to customize your new tab page to open any website or web page you want.

Other than that, you can customize the background of your new tab page, use your current home page as a new tab page, save an HTML file and use it for new tab content, and use it with the container tab feature of Firefox.


To create a new tab page that is unique and according to your tastes, take the help of Tabliss. The plugin hardly requires your permission, which makes it private, safe and secure for users.

There are a number of features to choose from, including customizing the background and theme, adding useful widgets, and many productivity features.

New tab home page

A simple and lightweight extension, the New Tab Home Page allows you to load the home page of your choice on your new tab page. You can customize your home page according to your requirements and use it as a new tab page. However, if you have multiple home pages, this extension will only open the first one.

New welcome tab

New Tab Splash gives you a wonderful browser experience, so it can be aesthetically pleasing and more productive for the user. You can organize your bookmarks and most visited sites on stunning backgrounds of your choice. There are also different designs and customization options.

Yahoo search and new tab

As the name implies, Yahoo Search & New Tab extension makes Yahoo your default search and home page and also adds other useful features to your new tab page. With a clean design and a new image on each new tab page, the plugin gives you a pleasant browsing experience.


OneTab makes navigating with multiple tabs easy and well organized by turning tabs into a list. This makes it easier to navigate the browser memory and use the CPU. When you want to access tabs, just click a button and restore them, individually or all at once.

Tree Style Tab

The Tree Syle Tab plugin displays your tabs in the Firefox browser in a tree layout. When you open new tabs via the current tab, all of the following will appear as sub-tabs giving you a visual browsing history. Also, you can use the default shortcuts to perform certain actions with this extension.

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