10 Firefox Add-ons For Safer Browsing Experience

10 Firefox Add-ons For Safer Browsing Experience

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Check 10 Firefox Add-ons For Safer Browsing Experience

Today’s Internet is no longer the only source of information and entertainment, but also a place of betrayal and theft. Hackers, Trojans, spam, and phishing scams are just a few of the problems and dangers that exist on the World Wide Web.

But this need not prevent us from fully utilizing the web. This is especially true for Firefox users who have an arsenal of great Firefox add-ons that will help ensure that your browsing experience remains protected.

Here are 10 Firefox add-ons (or add-ons if you want) that can help give you a better and safer browsing experience while on the web.

HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a project started by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that fights for your digital rights.

This tool will help ensure your browsing experience by having the browser load the https version of any site you visit.

In https mode, data sent from your computer is encrypted with SSL, safe from prying eyes and man-in-the-middle attacks.


WOT stands for Web of Trust. WOT is an online community that tries to identify untrustworthy or spam websites and maintains a list of trusted websites.

The WOT plugin protects your online activity by informing you if the website you are about to access is safe or not. The plugin will show you a confidence meter for websites and search results, and warn you when you are about to access an untrusted or spam website.

You can contribute to the WOT community by rating the websites you have visited and helping others navigate safely.

Adblock Plus

As the name suggests, Adblock Plus blocks all types of ads that are displayed on websites. In addition to being annoying and damaging to the user experience, ads, when lost or misused, can also track your online activities by blocking the links you click or visit.

However, if you stop these ads from showing on all the websites you visit, your favorite sites will stop earning advertising revenue and will lose your financial backing to keep the site up and running.

The solution provided is that you can allow non-intrusive ads that are not annoying to you to continue to show with Adblock Plus, while avoiding ads from, for example, malware-spreading websites.


NoScript is a powerful plugin for Firefox, which allows you to block JavaScript, Java, Flash and other executable content present on the web pages you visit.

You can whitelist and allow some trusted websites (like your home banking website) to run executable content in the browser.

By blocking executable content on unknown websites, this plugin protects against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, cross-zone DNS rebinding or CSRF (router hacking) attacks and Clickjacking attempts.

Whitelist websites can run content, allowing you to browse your favorite websites without any hassle.


Ghostery is a useful plugin to protect your privacy and your online activities from being tracked, particularly by advertising companies who are interested in obtaining information about you for marketing purposes.

Ghostery views the web page and detects trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons.

After identifying who is tracking you, Ghostery will provide you with options to learn more about these companies.

You will provide links to your Privacy Policy and opt-out options. With Ghostery you can also block scripts from companies you don’t trust, remove LSOs, and block images and iFrames.

Privacy badger

Privacy Badger is a useful plugin that tracks the websites that are secretly tracking your internet activities and blocks them.

Once you install this plugin, you don’t need to feed it the list of websites to block, rather it automatically removes the ones that may be tracking your line.

In addition to tracking and blocking privacy-encroaching websites, the plugin removes any link clicks that can trace you back to your Facebook or Google account, keeping your fingerprint private.

Privacy Possum

If you are concerned about advertisers and corporations tracking your online activities for your use, Privacy Possum can help.

Block websites and blogs from tracking you through common commercial tracking methods like cookies and digital phenotyping.

It is a reliable plugin that works in a way that reduces and falsifies the data that advertisers and search engines may collect about you so that your online activities remain private.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Basics

Take control of your privacy online with DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. It is a smart plugin that allows you to track and block each and every website that tracks what you are doing online.

The plugin provides you with the privacy essentials for your online presence. Keeps you safe from tracking with smart encryption and tracker blocking so your personal information remains personal.

Privacy pass

If you are bothered by frequent captcha challenges to legitimize you as a user, then enlist the help of Privacy Pass. It is a useful plugin that allows you to bypass captcha filling and other internet challenges to access a website or service.

The plugin significantly reduces the number of captchas displayed to the user online. This is especially useful for users using VPN or assigned an IP address with poor history.

Private bookmarks

Bookmarks add a lot to your productivity when using a browser, but they also need privacy protection. The private bookmarks plugin provides this privacy to your bookmarks folder in the browser.

You can encrypt your private bookmarks with a password that you can lock and unlock whenever you want and also add or delete any of the private bookmarks.

However, by default, private bookmarks can only be accessed in private browsing mode (which can be changed in settings).

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