20 Crazy-Cool Desk Organizers for Your Inspiration

20 Crazy-Cool Desk Organizers for Your Inspiration

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Check 20 Crazy-Cool Desk Organizers for Your Inspiration

In addition to helping reduce stress at work, having a well-organized desk would also help. leave a professional or favorable impression on your boss or clients. However, organizing a desk is usually easier said than done, especially if you’re not naturally inclined to pick up what goes wrong.

Luckily for us, there are many great products that will not only add a touch of style to your workspace, but also make it fun for you to keep your desk neat and organized. Here is just a compilation of 20 of these great desk organizers that you would love to have on your desk.

Mode: Modular Desk Organizer. Modo is a highly flexible and customizable desktop organizer; in fact, the number of possible configurations you can get is practically limitless. Perfect for the creative type.

IStick Multifunction Desk Organizer. The iStick multifunction desk organizer will help you save a lot of space: you can keep your phone, office supplies, photos, etc. perfectly arranged between monitor and keyboard. It also has USB ports, phone charger, and memory card reader.

Pratonzolo: the green side of your desktop. Besides storing things like stationery and business cards, Pratonzolo also makes a great decorative item for your desk. Go green!

3D printed desk accessories. These brightly colored desk accessories are made with 3D printing technology. They can be used to store things like smartphones and stationery.

SOTO II Mobile Caddy. This mobile cart helps you turn the space under your desk into 2-layer storage for your purse, documents, etc.

Pen holder tray W + W. This is a simple yet stylish wooden holder that you can use to hold things like your phone, stationery, notes, and a roll of masking tape.

Pockit pocket clip. This handy pocket clip will add space to any desk or shelf, and will keep all your small items together so you never lose them again.

Executive Cordies. This is an ideal desk organizer for those who generally have messy cables all over their desk. It can also be used to hold other slim objects like smartphones, e-book readers, and notepads.

Hive pencil organizer. This is hands down one of the best ways to keep all your pens / crayons organized. It is made up of 6 triangular prisms that can be rolled to form a hexagonal honeycomb for easy storage.

Supply Kit H. Made from birch plywood and traditional Korean (Hanji) paper, H-Supplies Kit is a collection of 6 multipurpose desk organizers.

Loopits: elastic band for creative wall storage. Loopits is another useful organizer that makes use of the space around a desk; in this case, it is the wall. Perfect for holding small to medium objects like scissors or water bottles.

Backpack: Hidden Organizer for iMac. Attach the backpack to either the back or the front of an iMac stand, and use it to store things like a stationery stand, portable hard drive, iPhone, or even a Macbook Air.

Tablette Pöl. Tablette Pöl is another stylish wooden organizer for your desk that you can use to hold things like writing utensils, sticky tape, notes, business cards, and paper clips.

Chip the Robot Desk Organizer. Meet Chip, a robot shaped desk organizer that can help your kids keep their desk neat and tidy. Chip can hold, among other things, paper clips with its magnetic head and small pieces of paper in its front pocket.

DIY eco-friendly cardboard animals. Have eco-friendly cardboard “animals” dressed up as common office items: pencil holders, clocks, desk lamps, speakers, and bookmarks.

Eco stand and organizer for iPhone. This has to be one of the greenest iPhone docks out there. Made of solid birch wood, it is compatible with iPhone 4 / 4S and has additional space to store stationery, business cards and glasses.

Desk I / O Organizer. In keeping with our eco-friendly theme, we have here a multipurpose desk organizer that is made of walnut wood and felt.

Pen Zen: Desk Organizer. Pen Zen is a stylish and attractive holder for your writing utensils. With magnets hidden within its body, it is also capable of holding paper clips and other similarly sized magnetic objects.

Convergence: docking station + display. Charge all your devices together and keep them all in one place. No more messy charging cables.

Desk organizer with space bar. The space bar not only elevates your Mac, it also gives you room to store your keyboard, mouse, wallet, car keys, and has a 6-port USB hub.

Final words: 20 Crazy-Cool Desk Organizers for Your Inspiration

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