5 Best Mozilla Firefox Privacy-focused Add-ons

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Check 5 Best Mozilla Firefox Privacy-focused Add-ons

If you are a privacy enthusiast, you may be using one of best open source web browsers: Mozilla Firefox. Even if you don’t care about online privacy, it’s best to go for Mozilla Firefox, thanks to its pro-privacy feature set.

Thats not all; you can do much more to protect your privacy online. Among the options, an easy and fast one is to install add-ons focused on privacy in Mozilla Firefox. Since Firefox is one of the oldest browsers on the planet, offers a large number of add-ons – for all purposes!

With that said, let’s take a look at the best privacy-focused plugins that you can install in Mozilla Firefox. Let’s dive in.


Ghostery is one of the best privacy-focused extensions with an intuitive user interface. The most interesting thing is that it uses a artificial intelligence engine to intelligently block trackers and advertisements to help avoid website problems.

Ghostery Deals Smart lock – a function to optimize the performance of web pages. Furthermore, it maintains page quality by intelligently blocking and unblocking slow or unsafe trackers, anonymizing your web history.

Ghostery shows only the required content and blocks everything else, including online ads, so sort web pages. Also, it prevents trackers from collecting your information such as your location, computer type, window size, browser, and your browsing habits. helping you browse the web safely!


Blur, formerly known as DoNotTrackMe, is a perfect browser extension to protect your data and online privacy. Limit the information you share with third parties, such as advertising companies and trackers, such as Ghostery.

Blur can mask email addresses to protect your online identities. The most interesting thing is that you can also mask credit cards and phone numbers (a premium feature, sadly), protecting you from online fraud and identity theft.

Unlike Ghostery, Blur is also one of the best password managers, helping you manage passwords. You can encrypt, save, and organize all your passwords to help you quickly and securely log in to the web, as well as iPhone and iPad.

Private bookmarks

Private bookmarks add a missing feature to Mozilla Firefox. Allows a special password protected bookmark folder which is encrypted with your password. The private bookmarks folder can also be backed up, imported and exported.

You can hide web pages in this private folder from prying eyes. That encrypt the folder and hide it on your machine, making it invisible. It can only be accessed with your password.

Interestingly, private bookmarks can auto-lock your private bookmarks when you are idle or not using a private browsing session. Also, you can automatically lock the private folder if you close the browser while the folder was unlocked.

Multiple account containers

If you want organize your life online and keep privacy, Multiple account containers is a great solution. It helps create containers, an isolated group of their identities and online services.

In short, it allows you to run two identities side by side, let’s say your official and personal accounts at the same time.

Therefore, you can stay connected to multiple accounts without using multiple browsers or constantly logging in and out of your accounts. What’s more interesting is that it helps to isolate your accounts. Therefore, if you search for “developer jobs” with your personal account, the services in your work account cannot track you.

Cookie manager

Cookie Manager helps you manage cookies on any web page. It works in private mode and also runs on Firefox Mobile. You can see all cookies, search for cookies using a domain, path or content.

In addition, you can perform a kind of actions on cookies: add, edit, delete, include in the white list and import or export the cookies.

Cookies are text files that keep track of your online activities, as well as your identities. Therefore, Cookie Manager helps you manage or delete cookies, allowing you to control web tracking.

It also recognizes cookies from private or default browsing sessions and container tabs and groups them into relevant jars.

That’s it for privacy-focused add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. I suggest you get Ghostery – blocks tracking-related technologies, reinforcing your privacy online. I also suggest installing multi-account containers, an awesome plugin to ensure isolation between multiple accounts service (for example, Gmail).

Final remarks: 5 Best Mozilla Firefox Privacy-focused Add-ons

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