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7 Genuinely Useful Things To Do with Siri

This guide is about the 7 Genuinely Useful Things To Do with Siri. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide 7 Genuinely Useful Things To Do with Siri.

Siri is surprisingly useful, and while the voice assistant can do a lot of stuff, it’s best used when it’s either faster than manually tapping around the screen, or when you can’t because your hands are busy driving or something else. Now that Sirin can be deployed on more iOS devices than ever before, you should really start using it, and here are some really useful things you can do with Sirin to get started:

1: Check your email, send your replies and write a new mail

Are you on the move or just lazy on your couch? Just saying “Check Email” will check for new messages and get a list of all your most recent emails. If you want to respond together, say “Reply (name)” and then reply to Siri from the message. You can also write new emails by saying “Send email (name) by saying (message)”.

Check your email through Siri

2: Get sports information, search game times and check results

Wondering when to start? Maybe you’re on your way and want to know your game score? Siri knows, just ask. To achieve the best sport, you have to be pretty precise on behalf of the teams because there is some contradiction between the different sports. It’s best to ask something “When the Giants of San Francisco Play” and not “When the Giants Play” because you might end up with results for the New York football team instead of wanting baseball data. Either way, Siri works well for this.

Check out sports times, scores and more with Siri

3: Send text messages

Siri writes text messages for you, which is great if you either don’t like typing on touch screens or run and still can’t send texts. Just say “Send text (name) by saying (message content)” and it’s done, it’s really easy.

Send a text message from Siri

4: Make calls

Just as talking on a text message or email is often easier while driving or your hands are busy, so is making a call. A quick “Call to Mom” ​​is all you need and you’re on your way. You can also identify relationships with Siri by showing connections to relationships such as wife, girlfriend, father, mother, brother, cousin, etc.

5: Get local weather or check the weather anywhere

Whether you want to know the local weather or the destination weather, Siri can do it. The “What Weather” question gives you the weather and temperature of your current location, and determining your location tells you where the forecast is elsewhere. Much faster than tapping to launch the weather app!

Get the weather with Siri

6: Set alarms or take a day

Want to take a two-hour nap? No worries, tell Siri to wake you up after two hours, and you’ll be alerted. Of course, you can set normal alarms via Siri by saying “set alarm for this time”, but the snooze method is very useful.

Set the alarm with Siri

7: Get movie times

Wondering when a movie is playing nearby? Siri will use your location to find out. Just ask, “When (name of the movie) has showtimes,” you’ll get a list of all-time screens for that movie at all nearby theaters. This is much faster than launching and retrieving an application.

Do you use Siri for anything in particular? Let us know in the comments.

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