8 Tracking Gadgets to Never Losing Your Belongings

8 Tracking Gadgets to Never Losing Your Belongings

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Check 8 Tracking Gadgets to Never Losing Your Belongings

Are you one of those forgetful people who they tend to lose their belongings often, or do you want to track down your lost phone or get any clues about your stolen laptop? If yes then it is a good idea get help from technology by using small smart devices called tracking devices.

The The technology market is filled with a variety of tracking devices. that you can attach to your belongings that can be lost or stolen, and allow you to easily track your location. So in this post, I have listed 8 of the best tracking gadgets that will ensure your belongings stay under your nose.

1. Tile

One of the most popular and reliable tracking gadgets, Tile has almost all the features you will need to keep your things under control. It is a tiny device that enters different shapes and sizes and offers multiple connection methods to work with just about anything. You can attach it to your keys, stick it to your laptop or TV remote, and even slip it into your wallet.

You can use the Tile app to see the last recorded location of the object and also make the attached Tile beep when in proximity of 100 feet. It is waterproof, has a button to ring your connected phone (in case it gets lost) and the speakers are loud enough to easily hear the beeps from afar.

Even if Tile batteries last a full year, but there is no way to replace or recharge the battery. You will have to upgrade to the latest Tile model and get up to 50% cash back.

Price: $ 25- $ 30 per package

Platform: Android | ios

2. Locca

The tile is good for everyday use, but yes I want a more advanced tracker which also offers reliable security against theft, then Locca can get you excited. Will leave you track your belongings using GPS, GSM cellular network, Bluetooth and even FSK. No matter where you lose your things in the world, you will you can always track them.

Locca is small enough to easily adhere to any object and taken anywhere. Plus, it’s waterproof and tough enough to survive drops, so you can take it wherever you want; even under water.

There is also a light and a bell to help you find your things when you are near them. Locca tracking devices will be available for purchase this fall, but you can still pre-order a device right now.

Pricing and applications will be available soon.

3. Hum

Hum is actually a smart car assistant that helps you drive Y car related needs. However, it has a reliable tracking system that makes it worth checking out if you are interested in tracking your car. Leaves you track your car location from anywhere and track it in real time.

Also, you can see the complete history of where the car has been and set reminders for parking location. You can also create limits to be you are notified if the car enters or leaves that area.

Apart from the follow-up, connects with your car to help you solve most common car problems and remind you of car maintenance. In addition, it offers roadside assistance and connects you with professional mechanics if necessary. In the event your car is stolen, it will automatically track it down and work with authorities to help you get it back.

Price: Team – $ 29.99, activation – $ 20and monthly subscription – $ 10.

Platforms: Android | ios

4. Click ‘n Dig

Very simple but practical tracking device which is perfect for finding items around your home, such as keys, remote or phone, etc. Click ‘n Dig comes with color-coded receivers and a transmitter.

You can attach color-coded receivers to anything would like to track. And when you get lost, just press the respective button on the transmitter and the The receiver will emit a loud beep (90DB) along with a flash.

The the receiver operates in a proximity of 80 feet and radio signals can be easily transferred through walls and objects, making it perfect for home use. Of course, you will have to remember the color code of the receivers attached to your things, but the simplicity it offers is amazing.

Price: $ 19.95 (2 receivers), $ 25.95 (4 receivers), and $ 39.95 (6 receivers)

5. Whistle

The whistle is a tracker for your pets to ensure they are safe And don’t waste 15 minutes looking for fifi before you go out. Use GPS, mobile data and WiFi to provide the precise location of your pet and allows you to create limits to receive alerts if your pet moves abroad.

It is not just a location tracker, Whistle is also a fitness tracker and helps you keep track of your pet’s sleep and activity. Can detect changes in activity pattern and alert you if something doesn’t feel right. In addition, it also offers personalized recommendations to keep your pet healthy.

Price: $ 79.95 per device along with a $ 9.95 monthly subscription

Platforms: Android | ios

6. Limpet

Lapa is very similar to Tile when it comes to tracking and ease of use. However, I really liked his ability to notify you when separated from your belongings. If you move a specific distance from your things, Lapa immediately alert you to return quickly and recover.

This feature is perfect for ensuring you are notified about the loss of your wallet or call on time, instead of when you notice they are missing.

Lapa also has a 90DB sound and built-in flash light to easily search your things, and its 200-foot range lets you find things from a great distance. You can easily share access to your stuff from the Lapa app, and even the The Lapa community can help you find your lost things (anonymously, of course).

Price: € 29.95 per device. Children’s bracelet and pet collar can be purchased separately to € 9.95 each

Platforms: Android | ios

7. TrackR

TrackR is just a coin-sized device that sticks to any of your stuff to offer efficient follow-up. It has an interesting separation alert system that alerts you when your belongings move away from you. The separation alert system is highly customizable and allows you to customize different factors to receive alerts, such as total distance.

Uses Bluetooth for tracking and offers connectivity up to 100 feet. You can also use TrackR to make the device beep and easily find your things. Interestingly, by buying TrackR you can also get custom laser engraving or a printed image on the device. You can add contact information, your name, or even your own image.

Price: $ 29.99 per device without the extras

Platforms: Android | ios

8. Pebble Finder

Pebblebee Finder has a sleek design with a size of only 1.1 x 0.3 inches. With a 200-foot range, a loud buzzer, and an LED light, nothing can be hidden from you.

Pebblebee Finder is pretty classy too and comes with various types Finishing. You can get a classic silver, black bronze, and rose gold finish, and the device itself is surgical stainless steel.

His battery lasts a full year and is user replaceable to make sure you don’t have to face any problems. What’s more, Pebblebee Finder also works with Alexa to let you find your stuff using your voice.

Price: $ 29.99 per device

Platforms: Android | ios


If you just need to make sure you don’t lose your things at home, then Tile is a reliable option. It has a positive reputation and is known for its quality. Although Lapa and TrackR are also good alternatives with some extra features. If you want more worldwide following, you better wait for Locca.

Usually you will need to track more than one item at a time, so I will also recommend that you try buy devices in bulk as you will get big discounts.

Final words: 8 Tracking Gadgets to Never Losing Your Belongings

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