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How to Add New Voices to Mac OS X: A Guide

Add new high-quality speech-to-speech sounds on your Mac OS X to enhance your user experience. Although Mac OS X already comes with many high-quality voice-to-speech features, a lot of these are optional and not pre-installed on your device. Here’s how you can add new voices to your Mac OS X:

Add High-Quality New Sounds for Mac OS X: Step by Step Guide

  • Go to System Preferences  from the Apple menu
  • Under System, click “Dictation and Speech” and then “Text to Speech”
  • Select the System Voice menu and scroll down to “Customize”
  • Tick on the boxes of the sounds you want to add and click “Play” to preview them
  • Click “OK” and then “Install” to start the download process. You may choose to add all the sounds, but you’ll need to consider the storage capacity of your Mac.

Once downloaded, the new voices become an optional option in the aforementioned Voice menu. You may test the new sounds and assess how they work using various apps, such as TextEdit and Safari.

If you’re worried about the weight of high-quality sounds, you may opt to choose one or two voices that match your specific needs. Note that other audio options are available in many different versions of MacOS and Mac OS X.

Benefits of Adding New Voices to Mac OS X

  • Enhance user experience
  • Available for free
  • Fully customizable


What devices are supported to add new voices on Mac OS X?

Only Apple devices are supported.

What operating systems are compatible?

Mac OS or iOS are both compatible with adding new voices.

How does this guide help me?

This guide helps you add new voices to your Mac OS X, enabling you to choose the sounds that match your needs and preferences.

Is this guide available for free?

Yes, this guide is free to read and follow.

Final Note

If you have any queries or feedback about adding new voices to Mac OS X, please reach out to us using the comments section or through our contact page. This guide is solely for educational purposes, and any misinformation on the topic will be corrected promptly. If you want to add any additional information or alternate methods, kindly reach out to us.

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