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Adobe Document Cloud review (2023) easy way to work with PDFs

The best way to work with PDFs is through Adobe Document Cloud. It has many tools that make creating, editing, and sharing PDFs easy.


Set Up
User-Friendly and Innovative Options
Mobile Accessibility


Adobe Document Cloud is an all-in-one tool for managing documents that makes it easier to work with PDFs. It lets users make, edit, share, and store PDFs in the cloud in a safe way. It speeds up document workflows with features like e-signatures, real-time collaboration, and mobile access. It works well with Adobe Acrobat and other tools, which makes it a strong choice for businesses and people who want to manage documents efficiently while keeping data safe.

Most people think of Adobe programmes when they want to change PDF files. But they can do a lot more than that. One of the most famous things they can do is scan images and then turn them into raw PDF formats. The authors are always making changes to the package, and now you can also use customizable templates and access for more than one person. Adobe Document Cloud is an all-in-one option that can make life much easier for busy office administrators, human resource managers, and anyone else who works with PDF files.

Adobe Document Cloud: Description

Since the system is built in pieces, it is possible to get rid of tasks that aren’t needed. Tools can be used by both Windows and Mac users. With the best PDF and electronic signature options on the market, Adobe Document Cloud can turn manual document processes into efficient digital workflows. It can handle documents, workflows, and tasks quickly and easily across multiple screens and devices, no matter where you are or what time it is, and within your favourite Microsoft and business apps.

Adobe Document Cloud: Plans and Pricing

Adobe Document Cloud can be bought on its own or as a part of Creative Cloud. In the second case, you get Illustrator, Photoshop, and 9 other Adobe tools. Acrobat DC for PCs comes with the Adobe Document Cloud. They can also be bought individually, though. Adobe Sign is another part of a package that lets you sign papers digitally and keep track of the files that go with them.

You can use Adobe Creative Cloud tools with either of two plans. The Standard plan costs $12.99 a month or $22.99 a month if you pay for it every month. If you choose this choice, you will get tools to create, edit, and export PDFs, as well as tools to ask for e-signatures. You also get Acrobat Standard DC, which works only on machines that run Windows.

If you sign up for a year, the Pro plan costs $14.99 per month. If you want to pay every month, it will cost you $24.99. You also get tools for comparing PDF versions, turning scanned documents into copies that can be edited and searched, hiding private data, and validating and fixing PDFs for ISO and accessibility standards. Both Windows and Mac can use the programme. If you want Adobe Document Cloud as part of CC Suite, you have to pay at least $54.99 per month.

Adobe Document Cloud Key Features Table

Adobe Document Cloud has all of the most important PDF tools, such as creation, conversion, editing, e-signatures, secure cloud storage, collaboration, form filling, optical character recognition (OCR), and mobile access. This makes it easy to handle documents and improve workflow.

PDF CreationEasily create PDFs from various file formats and applications.
Document ConversionConvert PDFs into editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.
Document EditingEdit text, images, and other content within PDF documents.
E-signaturesElectronically sign and send documents for legally binding signatures.
Cloud StorageStore and access documents securely in the cloud.
File SharingShare documents for review, collaboration, and feedback.
PDF Combine and SplitCombine multiple files into a single PDF or split a PDF into multiple files.
Mobile AccessAccess and work on PDFs using mobile apps.
Form FillingFill out and sign forms directly within PDF documents.
Document SecurityAdd passwords, encryption, and permissions to secure PDFs.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)Convert scanned documents into searchable and editable text.
Cloud IntegrationIntegrate with other cloud services and third-party applications.
Collaborative ReviewTrack changes, annotate, and comment on documents collaboratively.
PDF Export FormatsExport PDFs to various formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Mobile ScanUse mobile devices to scan documents and convert them into PDFs.
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What is Adobe Document Cloud?

Adobe Document Cloud is a full digital document management system that lets users easily make, edit, sign, and share PDF files. It combines tools like Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign to let you create, edit, and sign PDFs electronically and work together in real time. It aims to make document workflows easier for people, companies, and enterprises, as well as to improve productivity and make sure documents are secure. A number of features in Adobe Document Cloud are designed to make managing documents and collaborating on projects simpler, including:

  • 📄 PDF Creation and Editing: With Adobe Document Cloud, you can easily make PDFs from files in different formats and change PDFs that you already have. You can easily change text, images, and other parts with the help of advanced editing tools.
  • 🖋️ E-Signatures: You can send, track, and handle electronic signatures safely with Adobe Sign. Businesses and people who need to sign documents from far away need this tool.
  • 👥 Collaboration: Adobe Document Cloud lets people work on papers together in real time. Multiple people can edit the same document at the same time and give comments in real time.
  • 📱 Accessibility on mobile devices: The mobile apps for iOS and Android devices let you get to your documents and work on them from anywhere, so you can stay busy on the go.
  • 🔒 Document Security: Adobe Document Cloud puts security first, with features like password protection, encryption, and the ability to set permissions for who can read and edit documents.
  • 🔌 Integration: The platform works well with other Adobe tools as well as popular apps from other companies, like Microsoft Office and Dropbox.

Adobe Document Cloud: Set Up

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud has a simple, easy-to-use layout that makes it easy to get around. The familiar design, which is similar to that of famous cloud storage platforms, makes it easy for users to get started. It’s quick and easy to set up Adobe Document Cloud. To start, use a web browser to go to the official Adobe Document Cloud page. Then, create an Adobe ID by tapping “Sign In” and choosing “Get an Adobe ID.” Fill in the information needed to make your Adobe ID.

Pick the Document Cloud plan that works best for you from the options offered. Check out the plans and then click “Buy Now” or “Start free trial” to move forwards. If you choose a paid plan, follow the steps on the screen to give your payment information in a safe way. Download Adobe Acrobat DC, which is a powerful programme for managing and changing PDFs that works well with Adobe Document Cloud.

After you buy or sign up for a free trial, go to the Adobe Acrobat DC download page and click on the link to download the software. Then, run the setup file you downloaded to install Adobe Acrobat DC. Follow the steps on the screen and agree to the licence agreement when asked. Start Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer and sign in with your Adobe ID to get to Adobe Document Cloud.

User-Friendly and Innovative Options

Most of the time, people choose this personal document management software because it is easy to use. The Adobe Document Cloud is mostly made up of two parts: Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign. The first one comes with a basic set of tools that make it easy to edit, scan, and make documents. If you’ve used other Adobe tools, you’ll know how to use this one. Some people say it’s too simple, but most users agree that a simple style makes working with PDF files easier.

Adobe Sign stands out because it has a wide range of e-signature options and automatic features that users love. Also, there are a lot of branded templates and screens that you can change to fit the job at hand. The tools in “cookie-cutter” document makers aren’t as good for a fast-paced business setting as this feature pack. The info is stored in the cloud, so even if your computer crashes, you won’t lose your files.

Adobe Document Cloud: Security

Adobe Document Cloud

Documents are encrypted both when they are at rest and when they are being sent. This keeps data from being accessed or intercepted by people who shouldn’t be able to. Adobe uses secure data centres with strong physical security methods to protect the servers and infrastructure where user data is stored. Role-based access and strong security are two ways that strict access control makes sure that only authorised people can see user data.

Monitoring and auditing entry logs on a regular basis is another way to improve security. Users can set permissions for documents, control who can see, change, or download them, and remove access as needed. Data processing practises follow privacy principles like keeping data to a minimum, using it only for what it was meant for, and being clear about what data is being used for. Users own their own data, so Adobe can’t use document content for advertising or other reasons without the user’s permission.

Adobe Document Cloud: Mobile Accessibility

The capabilities of Adobe Document Cloud are significantly expanded thanks to the mobile applications that are available for use with the platform. They provide an experience that is comparable to that of the desktop version, making it possible for you to work on your documents, sign contracts, and engage with members of your team while you are on the move. Because all of the devices are synchronised with one another, whatever adjustments you make on your phone will be mirrored on all of the other platforms.

Adobe Document Cloud: Competitors

DocuSign and Adobe Document Cloud are both ways to handle digital documents, but they focus on different things. DocuSign is a company that specialises in electronic signatures. It makes it safe and legal to sign papers online. On the other hand, Adobe Document Cloud offers a full set of document management tools, such as the ability to create, edit, sign, and share PDF files.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is mostly a set of tools for working together, like Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as tools for conversation and getting things done. On the other hand, Adobe Document Cloud is all about managing papers and working together. It has tools for creating, editing, signing, and sharing PDFs, and it works with Adobe Acrobat and other Adobe tools.

Adobe Document Cloud: Pros and Cons

Adobe Document Cloud is a site that has a lot of tools and services for PDFs. It makes it easy for users to make, change, convert, sign, and share PDF files.


  • Powerful document creation and editing tools.
  • Mobile accessibility for working on the go.
  • The cloud-based interfaces are neat and user-friendly
  • Adobe Sensei technology
  • Lots of handy features


  • Steeper learning curve for users unfamiliar with Adobe’s software suite
  • You need to register on the website

Final Words

Adobe Document Cloud is one of the best software packages that has all the tools you need to work with PDF files easily in the cloud. The bundle has apps and services like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Acrobat Sign, and Document Cloud that can work on their own or with other apps and systems. I like that the programmes given are easy to use and make it easy to do common tasks related to working with PDFs. Also, because it’s in the cloud, any changes or updates you make to your files happen right away.

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Adobe Document Cloud is an all-in-one tool for managing documents that makes it easier to work with PDFs. It lets users make, edit, share, and store PDFs in the cloud in a safe way. It speeds up document workflows with features like e-signatures, real-time collaboration, and mobile access. It works well with Adobe Acrobat and other tools, which makes it a strong choice for businesses and people who want to manage documents efficiently while keeping data safe.Adobe Document Cloud review (2023) easy way to work with PDFs