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Amazing Offer! Corsair K70 Pro Mini in just $119.99 at Best Buy

The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless gaming keyboard is outstanding. Because of its extremely low latency and high polling rate options, it provides excellent in-game performance. The PBT keycaps are comfortable to use and have a rough texture that adds grip, which is ideal if you sweat a lot. It includes either Cherry MX linear Red or Speed switches, both of which are excellent for gaming.

However, because it has a hot-swappable circuit board, you can swap out the stock switches for a variety of other options without having to solder. It works with the iCUE software, which allows you to program macros, change the polling rate, enable certain gaming modes, and customize the RGB backlighting. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are only adequate because it is a compact, high-profile board without a wrist rest.

The K70 RGB Pro Mini is a miniature goliath. When you take it out of the box, you’ll notice that Corsair managed to keep almost every function from the full-size keyboard in just 61 keys. Other than a volume roller, there are no missing functions such as media controls, switching between Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connections, or controlling the mouse cursor (which most mini keyboards lack). Volume controls are now controlled by Alt button commands.

All of this is done to make the Corsair K70 RGB Pro Mini Wireless as small as possible, and at 1.6 by 11.6 by 4.3 inches (HWD), it certainly succeeds. It’s nearly the same size as the Razer Huntsman Mini Analog and only slightly smaller than our previous Editors’ Choice pick, the Kinesis TKO. It’s also the lightest 60% keyboard we’ve ever reviewed, weighing in at 1.4 pounds. However, its tiny aluminum frame is surprisingly sturdy and appears to be able to withstand some abuse.

The matte-black, double-shot PBT key tops complement the keyboard while preventing wear and fade, which is especially important given the multiple functions assigned to each key. The USB-C port for wired connections, the power button, and the wireless dongle, which can be easily detached from the board, are all located on the slanted accent piece at the top of the board. When you flip it over, you’ll find two adjustable feet and three rubber grips that will keep the keyboard in place even during intense gaming sessions.

James Hogan
James Hogan
James Hogan is a senior staff writer at Bollyinside, where he has been covering various topics, including laptops, gaming gear, keyboards, storage, and more. During that period, they evaluated hundreds of laptops and thousands of accessories and built a collection of entirely too many mechanical keyboards for their own use.


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