ArticleVersusAmzScout vs Amazeowl: a detailed comparison

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: a detailed comparison

AmzScout uses data to help you find profitable niches, while AmazeOwl focuses on analyzing and watching the competition.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has changed the way e-commerce works by letting sellers use Amazon’s huge logistics network to ship orders. FBA tools are a key part of helping sellers in the Amazon marketplace improve their tactics. These tools make it easier to do things like study on products, optimize listings, manage inventory, and keep track of sales performance. FBA tools help sellers make smart choices and gain a competitive edge by giving them information about market trends, analysis of the competition, and sales estimates.

AmzScout and AmazeOwl, two well-known FBA tools, have gotten a lot of attention in this space. AmzScout gives sellers a lot of information about goods, keywords, and trends, which helps them find profitable niches and estimate how much money they could make. AmazeOwl, on the other hand, helps sellers study and track their products by giving them valuable information about the competition, pricing, and sales performance. Both tools help Amazon sellers get around the platform’s many features and make smart decisions that increase their chances of success in the competitive online marketplace.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl Comparison Table

The comparison table shows the main differences between AmzScout and AmazeOwl for Amazon buyers. It shows features like product study, competition analysis, keyword insights, and pricing trends, which help sellers choose the right tool for their needs.

Product ResearchComprehensive product analysis and data insights.In-depth product research with data analysis.
Chrome ExtensionOffers a browser extension for quick insights.Chrome extension for on-page Amazon analysis.
Web AppIncludes a standalone web application.Offers a separate web-based application.
Amazon MarketplacesSupports multiple Amazon marketplaces.Supports various Amazon regions and countries.
Competition AnalysisEvaluates competition and market trends.Analyzes competitors and niche opportunities.
Keyword ResearchProvides keyword suggestions for optimization.Offers keyword tracking and search volume.
Sales EstimationEstimates sales, revenue, and profitability.Predicts sales and ranks products by demand.
Historical DataOffers historical sales and pricing data.Includes historical data for trend analysis.
Pricing TrendsTracks price changes and trends over time.Monitors pricing fluctuations for insights.
Product TrackerAllows tracking product performance over time.Monitors product performance and changes.
Monthly FeeRequires a monthly subscription fee.Requires a monthly subscription fee.
Free TrialOffers a limited free trial period.Offers a limited free trial period.
Customer SupportProvides customer support via email and chat.Offers customer support and resources.
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AmzScout vs Amazeowl: User Interface and Ease of Use

AmzScout vs Amazeowl

When comparing AmzScout and AmazeOwl, the user experience and how easy they are to use are very important. AmzScout has a simple design that makes it easy to find and use its features. Its homepage is easy to use and gives you quick access to tools like searching for products, researching keywords, and estimating sales. The AmzScout Chrome app works well with Amazon product pages and makes them easier to use.

On the other hand, AmazeOwl has a clean style that makes it easy to find your way around. Its homepage makes it easy to get to features like tracking products, researching keywords, and analyzing competitors. With the Chrome application, users can get information straight from Amazon. Both systems focus on being easy to use, so people with different levels of experience can use them. In the end, the choice between AmzScout and AmazeOwl in terms of user interface and ease of use relies on the seller’s personal preferences and how quickly they can learn to use Amazon’s tools and interfaces.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: Keyword Research and SEO

Keyword Research and SEO are two of the most important ways to increase sales and exposure on Amazon. AmzScout and AmazeOwl have different ways of dealing with this important feature. AmzScout has a combined Keyword Tracker that shows where keywords rank, how often they are searched for, and what trends are happening. It helps find profitable keywords for goods with its Keyword Explorer.

AmazeOwl, on the other hand, focuses on making keyword suggestions based on competitor analysis. This helps users find keywords that are less competitive but still important. Both tools have Chrome add-ons that make it easier to look up keywords while searching Amazon. AmzScout has more keyword information, but AmazeOwl’s focus on competition can be helpful for picking niches. In terms of SEO, both tools let sellers improve their product listings, making them easier to find. How you decide between the two depends on whether you want a lot of keyword data (AmzScout) or a competitive edge (AmazeOwl) from ideas made by your competitors.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: Product Research Tools

Product research tools are essential for selling on Amazon, and both AmzScout and AmazeOwl offer solid options. AmzScout offers a full set of research tools, such as a Product Database, a Chrome extension, and a Keyword Tracker. The Product Database helps find niches and goods that are likely to be profitable by giving information about sales trends, revenue estimates, and analysis of the competition. While exploring Amazon, the Chrome Extension gives you real-time information about products, making it easier to make quick decisions.

AmazeOwl has a Chrome extension, a Product Database, and a Product Tracker. Its database has important information about sales volume, reviews, and competition, and the Chrome Extension gives users instant research of Amazon. The Product Tracker lets you keep an eye on how a product is doing over time. Both AmzScout and AmazeOwl can help you find products that could be winners, but AmzScout might have a more detailed method while AmazeOwl focuses on user-friendly interfaces to make research easier.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: Integration with Amazon Marketplace

AmzScout vs Amazeowl

When comparing AmzScout and AmazeOwl, integration with the Amazon Marketplace is a key point. Both tools are made to connect easily to Amazon’s platform so that users can get to important information right from their selling accounts. AmzScout has a smooth integration that makes it easy for sellers to get useful information about product research, sales estimates, and competition analysis without leaving the Amazon environment.

In the same way, AmazeOwl works well with Amazon and gives users a full set of tools for finding products, keeping track of rivals, and managing reviews, all within the Amazon environment. This integration makes sure that Amazon sellers can run their businesses well, make good choices, and stay competitive. When reviewing these tools, how well they integrate with the Amazon Marketplace can have a big effect on how easy and effective your selling strategies are. For Amazon sellers who want to improve their workflow and success, this is an important thing to think about.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: Mobile App Functionality

AmzScout and AmazeOwl’s mobile apps are very important for Amazon buyers who are always on the go. Both tools have apps for smartphones and tablets that let users reach important features and information quickly and easily. Users of AmzScout’s mobile app can do research on products, look at sales data, predict revenue, and keep track of how rivals are doing in real time.

In the same way, AmazeOwl’s mobile app lets sellers find product chances, track rankings, check out the competition, and run their Amazon business efficiently while they’re on the go. Both apps have easy-to-use interfaces that let users keep track of their sales numbers, see how their goods are doing, and change their strategies as needed. Whether you’re looking for new product ideas or managing your current Amazon business, AmzScout and AmazeOwl’s mobile apps give you the freedom and convenience to keep an eye on and improve your Amazon activities at any time and from anywhere.

Data Accuracy and Real-Time Updates

When judging how well AmzScout and AmazeOwl work, data accuracy and real-time changes are very important. In the competitive world of selling on Amazon, you need accurate and up-to-date facts to make good decisions. Both AmzScout and AmzOwl focus on giving accurate information about product study, sales estimates, and keyword analysis. Their ability to give changes in real time has a direct effect on how reliable the information they give is.

AmzScout and AmazeOwl use complex algorithms to get data from the Amazon marketplace, study it, and show it to users. Both tools try to give accurate information, but they change at different times and in different ways. It’s important to find out how often each tool updates its data, because real-time updates let sellers act quickly to changes in the market. How well a tool helps Amazon sellers make smart choices and stay ahead in a competitive e-commerce market depends a lot on how accurate it is and how well it works in real time.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: Third-Party App Integrations

Both AmzScout and AmazeOwl have a variety of third-party app integrations that improve their features and make it easier for users to sell on Amazon. AmzScout works well with other tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Keepa. This lets it do more things like study on products, analysis of competitors, and tracking of prices in the past.

AmazeOwl, on the other hand, works with tools like Sellics, FeedbackWhiz, and InventoryLab to help users improve their listings, manage customer feedback, and handle inventory in an efficient way. Different parts of selling on Amazon can be made easier and more profitable with the help of these connections. The ability to connect with trusted third-party apps improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of both AmzScout and AmazeOwl, meeting the different needs of Amazon sellers and helping them succeed in the competitive e-commerce market.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: Chrome Extension Integration

When comparing AmzScout and AmazeOwl, the way they work with Chrome apps is a key point. Both tools have browser add-ons that work with Amazon pages and give you instant information and insights as you search. The AmzScout Chrome extension gives you important data like estimated sales, income, and product trends, which helps you make quick decisions.

In the same way, AmazeOwl’s extension gives competitive analysis, product metrics, and niche validation, which streamlines research efforts. The extensions make it possible to get data in real time, giving sellers important information they can use to figure out if a product will work. But AmzScout’s extension is known for being easy to use and giving detailed information, while AmazeOwl’s focuses on niche study. Which one you choose relies on your research needs and how you like to do research.

In the end, both extensions make the Amazon marketplace easier to use by lowering the need to switch between platforms and putting important information at your fingertips.

AmzScout: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive product analysis.
  • Chrome extension for quick insights.
  • Supports multiple Amazon marketplaces.
  • Estimates sales and revenue.


  • Limited free trial period.
  • Customer support via email and chat.

AmazeOwl: Pros and Cons


  • In-depth product research.
  • Chrome extension for on-page analysis.
  • Tracks pricing trends and changes.
  • Offers keyword tracking and search volume.


  • Requires a monthly subscription fee.
  • Limited free trial period.

AmzScout vs Amazeowl: which one should you consider?

You should choose between AmzScout and AmazeOwl based on your specific wants and preferences. AmzScout might be a better choice if you want a simple design and a lot of information. Its Chrome extension gives sellers a lot of information, like sales estimates and trends, which makes it good for sellers who want to do a full analysis of their products. On the other hand, AmazeOwl might be the best choice if you want to focus on niche study and competitor analysis. Its extension does a great job of giving data and insights to prove niches.

Think about your level of experience as well. AmzScout’s easy-to-use interface might be better for beginners, while AmazeOwl might be better for experienced buyers who want more advanced information. Considering your Amazon business goals, features you want, and how you want to feel as a user will help you choose the tool that fits your needs the best.


What is AMZScout used for?

AMZScout is mostly used to study products. You use it by putting in some terms and then searching the Amazon database for good ideas for products. Then, you look into themes and competitors and use what you’ve learned to open your store.

How much does AMZScout cost?

AMZScout costs $16.49 per month at the very least. There are 2 different plans for AMZScout: PRO Extension for $16.49 per month. The Amazon Seller’s Bundle costs $29 a month.

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