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How to Enable Demo Mode on Android

Demo mode is a great way to test apps and games on your Android device without affecting your personal data.

You can change the status bar, the quick settings panel, and other parts of Android’s interface with the System UI Tuner. Demo Mode is one of the things you can change. When Demo Mode is turned on, a fake status bar appears at the top of the screen. This status bar shows the time, how much battery is left, and how to Enable Demo Mode on Android. It also shows the current date and says “No notifications” in a notification.

You can take screenshots or videos of the Android interface while in Demo Mode. It’s also helpful for developers who want to see how their app looks on a device with a different screen size or resolution. Open the System UI Tuner and tap on “Demo Mode” to turn on Demo Mode. You’ll be asked to turn it on. The fake status bar will appear at the top of the screen once it is turned on.

With the demo mode command, you can change how the adb client’s status bar looks. In Show Demo Mode, you can also hide the status bar and notifications. The demo mode commands of the adb library may not work on all devices because they are not checked during certification testing.

What is Demo Mode?

In Android smartphones, the developer mode includes a number of different options, one of which is called Demo Mode. Demo mode is a shortened version of the mode known as demonstration mode. Its primary purpose is to display a demo version of the device, regardless of any cosmetic modifications that you may have made, as the name of the mode suggests.

This feature is most helpful for users who want to take screenshots with a status bar that is clear of unnecessary icons. This allows the user to concentrate more on the content of the screen rather than the icons that are located on the status bar. In addition, if you are having issues with the icons in the Status bar, you can use the Demo mode to troubleshoot the issue.

How Demo Mode works

In some products, the “Demo mode” is a video that walks through all of the most important features of the product. However, a unique and interactive version appears when viewed on certain devices. If your product has a video-based demo mode, then it will include the promotional video that was created specifically for the product. The video will begin playing in response to particular commands or a combination of keys that you press.

How to Enable Demo Mode on Android

Regarding other versions, including the interactive mode. The device access settings are going to be hidden, and any changes that are made in the demo mode are not going to be carried over to the full version. Demo mode serves no purpose other than to demonstrate the capabilities of the device.

Why Use Demo Mode on Android?

  • To show off your phone without giving away your personal information: If you’re selling your phone or giving it to someone else, you can use demo mode to hide your personal data, such as your photos, videos, and messages.
  • To troubleshoot problems with your phone: If you’re having problems with your phone, such as apps crashing or the battery draining quickly, you can use demo mode to troubleshoot the problem.
  • To test new apps or features: If you’re developing an app or feature, you can use demo mode to test it without having to worry about your personal data being affected.
  • To take clean screenshots: If you want to take screenshots of your phone without any personal information showing, you can use demo mode.

How to Enable Demo Mode on Android

  1. Settings About the software on the device
  2. Touch the “Build number” line seven times. The message “You are already a developer” will appear. It proves
  3. Tap this menu when you’re back in the settings. The developer just turned on
  4. Find the option that says “Demo Mode” and tap on it. Then, turn on “Enable Demo Mode” and “Show Demo Mode,” if they are available. You have to leave the first one on all the time and turn on or off the second one every time you want demo mode or to turn it off.

Benefits of Using Demo Mode

  • Protect your privacy: Demo mode can be used to protect your privacy by hiding your personal data, such as photos, videos, and messages. This is useful if you are selling or giving away your device, or if you are letting someone else use your device.
  • Troubleshoot problems: Demo mode can be used to troubleshoot problems with your device, such as apps crashing or the battery draining quickly. By disabling all non-essential features and services, demo mode can help you to identify the source of the problem.
  • Test new apps and features: Demo mode can be used to test new apps and features without affecting your personal data. This is useful for developers and beta testers.
  • Take clean screenshots: Demo mode can be used to take clean screenshots of your device without any personal information showing. This is useful for creating documentation or tutorials.


What is store demo mode?

The DEMO mode setting is used by stores to show how TVs work and what features they have. The top and bottom of the screen show these things. But we don’t recommend using the DEMO mode because it doesn’t let you use some of the features and functions that you would normally use at home.

Is it safe to use demo phone?

You can buy them if they haven’t been used badly by other people. Since I flash and make a lot of roms, I keep getting the newest Android phones at great prices from stores that want to get rid of demo units. What’s the best cell phone you’ve bought?

Are demo mobiles worth buying?

You should tell your friend not to buy demo phones. This is because demo phones are always connected to the charger, which is hard on the batteries. Since the 8 Gen 1 chipset/Exynos 2200 already gives the S22 a bad battery life, being a demo unit will only make it worse.

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