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Armored Core 6: How to Beat Raven: Tips and Tricks

Raven's Pile Bunker attack is one of his most dangerous attacks. Make sure to dodge it at all costs.

In one of the later Chapter 3 missions in Armored Core 6: How to Beat Raven, you have to keep a small fleet of PCA warships from taking back a base you just took. You’re told that you’ll be fighting alongside allied Arquebus MTs, but when you get there, both the PCA and Arquebus forces are dead. When you look into it more, you find that it was an Armored Core pilot named Raven who did it.

Yes, the person whose mercenary license you stole at the beginning of the game has come back and is angry. They’re also very hard to beat, but if you use the right loadout and strategy, you’ll be able to show that the title should be yours. Here is everything you need to know about this boss fight, including the best build for it, all of Raven’s attacks and how to avoid them, and more.

Who is Raven?

During this important meeting, players find out what role Raven plays in the game’s story. They also find out, to their surprise, that Raven has a big connection to their own character. When they first got to the Southern Belius area of Rubicon 3, they were told to find a mercenary license in one of the Armored Core wrecks so they could get a fake name.

How to Beat Raven in Armored Core 6

Left ArmHML-G2 P19MLT-04 Missile Launcher216×4175×4180
Right ArmDF-GA-07 GOU-CHEN Grenade Launcher1450119732
Left Back UnitSONGBIRDS Grenade Cannon754×2745×242
Right Back UnitBML-G1 P20MLT-04 Missile Launcher103×472×4140
  1. Left Arm – HML-G2/P19MLT-04: This is a medium-range missile launcher that can lock on and do steady damage to keep defenses up.
  2. Arm, right – DF-GA-07 GOU-CHEN Grenade Launcher: The GOU-CHEN Grenade Launcher gives the Raven build a lot more tactical flexibility and gives it the explosive firepower it needs.
  3. Left Back Unit – SONGBIRDS Grenade Cannon: When it hits an enemy, it fires two high-explosive grenades that explode in a way that hurts anyone nearby.
  4. Right Back Unit is BML- G1 P20MLT-04. Missile Launcher: It can track targets and cause explosions when it hits them, making it an important part of the Raven build. It can also be used to lock more than one thing at once.
  5. Core – VP-40S: Strikes a perfect balance between protection and weight, making it easy to manage Armor Points (AP) and mobility.
  6. Arms – AR-012 MELANDER C3: These arms help the Raven build do consistent damage, making sure it stays effective in battle.
  7. Legs – 06-041 Mind Alpha keeps your health above 10,000 and gives you the mobility you need to avoid Raven’s attacks.

Raven’s Attacks

  • Long-Distance Attacks: When Raven is far away, they attack with bullets and missiles. Move quickly from side to side to avoid getting hit. Just before a missile hits, quickly boost in the direction it is coming from.
  • Explosive Cannon Shells: Watch out for a warning that says Raven is about to shoot explosive cannon shells. Quickly move to the side to avoid these shells. Stay in the air to keep yourself safe.
  • Move Quickly When Close: If Raven moves quickly toward you, you should do the same to keep your distance. To avoid Raven’s attacks, you need room to move.
Armored Core 6: How to Beat Raven
  • Close-Range Fights: When you are close to Raven, he might use special armor, fire cannon shells, or use a pile bunker to do a strong melee attack. Make sure Raven doesn’t get too close so you can use quick boosts to avoid their attacks.
  • Don’t get stuck: Don’t let cannon shots or Raven’s special armor stop you from moving. If you get stuck, Raven can use a charged pile bunker to do a very powerful attack that could quickly kill you. This is Raven’s most dangerous attack, so be extra careful around it.

Notable Pilots Who Have Beaten Raven

  • The White Raven. The White Raven is a legendary pilot who is said to be the only person to have ever defeated Raven in a fair fight. However, the White Raven’s identity and existence are both shrouded in mystery.
  • AIDA. AIDA is an artificial intelligence who is programmed to be an expert at Armored Core combat. In the game’s story, AIDA assists the player character in defeating Raven.
  • The player’s allies. The player character can recruit a variety of allies to help them in their fight against Raven. These allies can be controlled by the player or by the AI.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon Gameplay

In Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, the game is all about controlling powerful robots called Armored Cores and fighting fierce robot battles. As a skilled pilot, you can change and improve your machines by adding different parts that make them better.One of the best things about the game is how many different weapons you can put on your machines. With two slots on the mech’s back and one on each arm, you can make a strategic arsenal to win battles. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.

The game keeps the arena idea from its predecessors and has a “combat aptitude evaluation program” where players can test their skills and compete against each other. When you finish a mission successfully, you get credits. The amount of credits you get depends on the goals of the mission. In Armored Core VI, there is no longer a debt system, so if you fail a mission, you won’t lose money. You can try missions as many times as you want without having to worry about losing money. This gives you the freedom to improve your fighting skills.


In conclusion, becoming an expert with the head unit and employing strategies that are successful are both necessary in order to defeat Raven in Armored Core 6. The significance of the head unit extends far beyond the influence that it has on movement and firing speed because it improves a variety of aspects of battle strategy.


Will Armored Core 6 be difficult?

Some of the bosses in Armored Core 6 are very hard to beat, but the rest of the game is much easier than Elden Ring. Read on to find out if you can change the level of difficulty in Armored Core 6.

What mission do you fight Raven ac6?

NIGHTFALL/Raven is a Boss you’ll meet in Defend the Old Spaceport. For this mission, you will be sent to the Central Ice Field to the Old Bertram Spaceport.

Is Armored Core 6 for beginners?

As we’ve all come to expect from FromSoftware games, Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon, a chaotic mech shooter, can be very hard at times. The head-up display (HUD), the complicated dance of bullets and explosions, and the strange way your mech moves… Let’s just say it’s not a very good game for people who are just starting out.

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