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Astro A20 Wireless review

The Astro A20 Wireless is a good wireless gaming headphone. They are easy to use and have good battery life. They are also quite comfortable, but can be a little tight on the head. Their USB transmitter provides a low-latency wireless connection when gaming on a console or PC.

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, it’s reasonable to say that many gamers are eager to replace their peripherals as well. While some PS5 owners may prefer the Pulse 3D wireless headset, others may choose a more standard wireless gaming headset that can also be used on Xbox. The Astro A20 wireless headset is a good option for individuals looking for additional versatility.

However, the Astro A20 wireless headset does not support both Xbox and PlayStation out of the box. There are two versions, one for Xbox and one for PlayStation, with Game Rant testing the PlayStation version for this review. Those who want to use their Astro A20 wireless headset with both systems will have to spend an extra $20 for a special USB converter that converts the PlayStation version of the Astro A20 to Xbox compatibility.

While this isn’t particularly convenient, it’s preferable to paying full price for a separate gaming headset. While there are some extra steps to complete if using it on Xbox, talking with the Astro A20 wireless headset via PS5 party chat is simple and easy. Simply connect the USB dongle into the PS5, and the headset will immediately pair with their DualSense controller. Voice chat sounds crisp and clear, and the headset includes several convenience functions. Users of the Astro A20 may quickly modify the level of their voice chats using a wheel on the side of the headphones, and they can mute themselves by flipping the microphone up.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Design

The A20 has taken all of the best design elements from past versions and combined them into a magnificent appearing and feeling unit. The design aesthetic is clearly game-inspired, with strong, industrial lines and neon highlights (blue or green, depending on your gaming system). Although the blocky style is not the most adaptable, it will undoubtedly appeal to the obvious target population (which includes us – yes, we think they look fantastic).

To begin with, the materials employed in their construction are very exceptional. The outer shell of the entire set is made of high grade, shatterproof polymers. A strong strip of aluminum tucked inside the headband keeps the entire pair adhered to your head without exerting undue pressure. Blue highlights appear on the PS4/PS5 version, whereas green highlights appear on the Xbox One/Xbox Series X edition. There are some technical variations between the two headsets, although they are physically comparable.

we didn’t notice how unusual the A20 appears in comparison to most other gaming headphones until I saw myself in the mirror. Instead of an oval shape, the A20 appears almost rectangular, with a long, flat, foam-padded headband and two arms that move up and down rather than notches on the headband. The headband does not cover your entire head. It’s an unusual design that doesn’t fit as well as more conventional headsets.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Comfort

Astro has mastered headphone comfort yet again. The ear pads feature wider perforations than the A10, so there should be no problems with the pads or the insides hitting your ears. The pads are fashioned similarly to those on the A40 and A50, with a good subtle molded curve that helps compensate for the cups’ small lack of lateral rotation.

Although the covering is comparable to the A10’s cloth, the foam inside the pads is possibly the best Astro has ever employed. It’s a squishy memory foam that I truly appreciate the feel of. It fit perfectly around my spectacles. The Crusher Wireless headband pad performs admirably and provides more direct head support than any other Astro headset. These all make use of half-length fabric pads. This pad is constructed of soft rubber with an air pocket behind it and feels great on the head and in the hands.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Connectivity

The Astro A20 (Gen 2) does not support wired audio and instead connects to your gaming device via a 2.4 GHz wireless USB dongle, which is not a typical wireless connection. Like the LucidSound LS50X, the associated dongle uses the Xbox wireless connection standard, which is why the Xbox version of the A20 (Gen 2) doesn’t work with devices like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, and is considered by Windows to be an “Xbox controller” when connected to your PC. If you want to upgrade the Xbox version to your PS5, you can pay an additional $20 USD for the PS5 transmitter.

Alternatively, you can opt for the PlayStation-oriented A20 (Gen 2) rather than the Xbox variety. You won’t be able to play on Xbox consoles unless you get the Xbox transmitter, but it will function on Sony consoles as well as PC and Mac. Since Nintendo enabled support for USB devices in version 4.0.0, you should be able to utilize the PS5 transmitter with a Nintendo Switch.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Sound Quality

The controls, which include a volume knob, EQ, and power buttons, are located in the right ear cup. EQ alternates between three different sound presets: Pro, Studio, and Astro. The sound of the Pro is more balanced. Astro amplifies the bass, which I prefer for listening to bass-heavy songs and giving explosions that extra kick. If you want more accurate sound when watching movies, Studio is the way to go.

I’ve been playing much too much Star Wars: Squadrons recently, and the A20’s admirably portrayed each laser fire volley from X-wings and the hum of a fully powered TIE Interceptor’s engine to my nerdy enjoyment. The gaming audio was also satisfactory, with this headset offering adequate bass for music. The microphone, on the other hand, isn’t really good. There is a small hiss visible in the above recording. When I was playing Star Wars: Squadrons, my teammates frequently complained that I couldn’t be heard properly and sounded distant.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Performance

Surprisingly, the Astro A20 Gen. 2 sounds just like its predecessor. It focuses on the mid-range, allowing dialogue and footsteps to pierce through strong gunfire and explosions. This can sometimes mean sacrificing lower and higher frequencies, but the Astro A20 Gen. 2 feels properly tuned for a conversation headset. While wearing the Astro A20 Gen. 2, we tried a variety of games, but we spent the most time with Cyberpunk 2077 and Fortnite on the Xbox Series X, as well as a new co-op game called It Takes Two on the PC. We attended a lot of meetings while wearing the headset, and everyone we spoke with stated we sounded crisp and clear.

Each had a similar experience in terms of clear conversation and enough bass response. With the headset on, Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 felt more alive, and firefights grew more furious. It was easier to find treasure chests in Fortnite when we could hear their aura from a distance. We had no trouble hearing our co-op partner in It Takes Two, and they had no trouble hearing us either.

The only disadvantage? These noises were all restricted to the horizontal auditory plane. We never got a sense of verticality with the headset, which is available on some of Astro’s competitors. We’d also argue that this isn’t the most musically oriented gaming headset available. Due to the closed-back design of the headset, the audio soundstage is relatively limited, and there is an obvious loss of detail.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Baterry life

Something should have been done to make this entire process as painless as possible, but I’m not sure how much more work it would have been to design a dedicated sync button on the headset or to print instructions that clearly illustrate how to pair your PlayStation headset with an Xbox transmitter and vice versa. The A20 is a cozy headset with excellent battery life, amazing sound, and a decent microphone, but the one feature that sets it apart from its rivals doesn’t function as it should.

Astro A20 Wireless review: Price

The Astro Gaming A20 Gen 2 is a powerful wireless gaming headset that is ready for the next generation of consoles. It sounds great and works right away with Xbox or PlayStation (depending on the version you get). You can even secure support for both consoles by purchasing a $20 extra USB transmitter, however you will have to go through the re-pairing process each time you switch systems. The A20 Gen 2 isn’t as comfy as it could be, but little padding and a hard feel are standard in this price bracket; if you want a snug fit and velvety feel, you’ll need to pay a little more than $119.99. This headset would be purchased for its wireless versatility and complete sound quality at a reasonable price.

Of course, both systems’ gamepads have headphone connectors, so you can acquire a better-feeling headset for a comparable price, such as Editors’ Choice selections Razer BlackShark V2 or Logitech G Pro X, which both have USB sound cards for simulated surround sound for use with PCs. If you just want a wireless PC headset, the Razer Nari Essential is an Editors’ Choice because of its low price, comfortable fit, good sound quality, and mic.


The Astro A20 wireless gaming headphones are adequate. They have a good microphone that sounds clear even in noisy surroundings, a great 14-hour battery life with power-saving capabilities, and they can be customized in the Astro Command Center. They are a touch tight on the head and sound a little sharp out of the box, which means they can be a little tiring to wear during lengthy gaming marathons.

Dian Erwin
Dian Erwin
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The Astro A20 wireless gaming headphones are adequate. They have a good microphone that sounds clear even in noisy environments, a great battery life of 14 hours with energy-saving features, and can be customized in the Astro Command Center.Astro A20 Wireless review