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Dave the Diver: How to Beat Spider Crab

Everything you need to know to defeat the Spider Crab in Dave the Diver.

In Dave the Diver: How to Beat Spider Crab, beating Spider Crab is a hard task that requires strategy, skill, and close attention to detail. This huge crustacean hides in the dangerous depths of the Chamber of Shadows in the area of Sunken Shipwreck. To win this tough fight, players must figure out where the Spider Crab is weak, time their attacks well, take advantage of environmental hazards, improve their gear, stay mobile, and keep their resolve.

The first step to beating the Spider Crab is to figure out where it is weak. This dangerous creature has strong pincers and a thick shell, which makes it a tough opponent. But it has a weak spot on the bottom, which makes it easy to break. Keeping an eye on the Spider Crab and studying how it moves and acts is the only way to figure out when its soft underbelly is exposed. To make the most of these chances and strike with the most force, you need to be patient and pay close attention.’

How to Beat Spider Crab in Dave the Diver

Use a Rock

The first way, which is the most common, is to use a normal stone. When you get the gloves, you will be able to do this. If you already have them, take one of the round stones and go to the crab. When you get close to the crab with the stone, swim over it and drop the stone. The crab will die after just one hit, and you can take its meat and the treasure it was guarding.

Get out a Shovel

If you don’t have gloves, the second method will be more useful. It might take some time or even a few tries. You’ll have to look for a shovel. There is a small chance that it will fall out of the container, which you can find as you move around the map. If you get it, all you have to do is swim over the crab and hit it a few times. Unlike other weapons, the shovel strikes down quickly, which lets you hit the weak spot of the crab, which is its head. If you want to learn more about Dave the Diver game, you can read our guide on how to get pieces of Cuttlefish skin.

Strategies to Beat the Spider Crab Challenge

  • Make the most of your surroundings. In the Spider Crab Challenge, the environment can be a useful tool. Use it to your advantage by hiding behind rocks, swimming through narrow passages, and using jellyfish to stun the crabs.
  • Be patient and do not give up. The Spider Crab Challenge is hard, so you’ll need to be patient and keep trying. Don’t give up if you fail the first time. If you keep trying, you’ll eventually win.
Dave the Diver: How to Beat Spider Crab
  • Use the correct skills and weapons. In the Spider Crab Challenge, having the right weapons and skills can make a big difference. Use skills and weapons that can stun or slow down the crabs or do a lot of damage to them.
  • Don’t want too much. It’s easy to get too hungry and try to eat too many crabs at the same time. This is wrong! It will only end in death. Take on one crab at a time and focus on killing it before moving on to the next one.
  • Make good use of your jetpack. In the Spider Crab Challenge, the jetpack can help you stay alive. Use it to ge t out of trouble, swim to safety, or get up high.

About the Game

In Dave the Diver, players take control of Dave, a scuba diver who must explore the depths of the ocean and fight dangerous creatures. There are different places to explore in the game, such as coral reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater caves. Players can also collect items and weapons that will help them on their quest.

GenreCasual, single-player adventure RPG
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release dateMarch 8, 2023
DeveloperRockfish Games
PublisherCurve Digital
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Knowing Your Adversary: Spider Crab Behavior

  • Spider crabs are not mean or mean-spirited. When in danger, they are more likely to run away than to attack.
  • But if they feel scared, they can be dangerous. If you get caught in a spider crab’s claws, it can hurt you very badly.
  • Spider crabs eat things they find. They eat dead fish, plants, and other things made of living things.
  • They also eat through filters. They use their feathery legs to scoop food out of the water.
  • Spider crabs can get very big as they age. Some species can grow as long as 10 feet.
  • Spider crabs are important to the ecosystem of the ocean. They clean up trash in the ocean and feed other animals.


How do you beat the hermit crab boss Dave the diver?

The boss of the Truck Hermit Crab will get up and get ready to fight. The best way to win this fight is to swim up high and stay out of the crab’s claws’ reach. You’ll want to get close enough that you can shoot the creature’s eyes. If you do, the boss will temporarily go back into its shell.

Is spider crab good?

Spider crabs are caught with pots, which means they can be caught again and again and don’t hurt the seabed much. Their white meat, especially the claws, is very tasty and can be used to make sandwiches taste better, add flavour to pasta, or serve as a pretty impressive centrepiece on your dinner table.

How do I increase my best taste Dave the Diver?

To get the Best Taste in Dave the Diver, you need to Enhance your dishes on the Menu. You can do this by putting some required items in the dish you’ve chosen. You’ll see three numbers to the right of each dish, including an emoji of a smiling face with its tongue sticking out.

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