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Benefits of VIN that you must know

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Check Benefits of VIN that you must know

Your car is a machine, and it is a well-known truth that machine wear and tear is continual. In rare situations, you may need to replace a component on your car. You should then proceed to the market to locate the same. The truth is that your car is not a toy that can be customized or whose parts can be exchanged for any available item. When an ordinary aftermarket component cannot be used on your car, the VIN comes into play.

For example, using your VIN number, you can simply discover any replacement components on Boodmo.com. Many of you may be wondering what VIN stands for. VIN is an abbreviation for vehicle identification number. It serves the same purpose in the life of a car as fingerprints do in the life of a man. In other words, it is the DNA of a car. You can do a lot with it.

Benefits of the VIN that you should know

Take the guesswork out of features and specifications

Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever. As a result, it is easy to accurately identify or capture all vehicle features and specifications of a particular vehicle. An advanced VIN decoder will identify what is encoded in the vehicle’s VIN number, as well as installed and available optional equipment and other vehicle details. Some use cases where a VIN decoding solution is particularly valuable include inventory listing, quoting insurance policies, vehicle maintenance, ordering the correct vehicle parts, etc.

Provide proof of year make model

Most auto insurance providers require consumers to provide their vehicle’s VIN number before listing or insuring it. The VIN is not only helpful in accurately identifying the vehicle’s features and specifications, as mentioned above, but it also ensures that the insurance provider is insuring the correct vehicle. Relying on the consumer’s vehicle description is not enough. As President Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” The VIN number will do just that, as each VIN can only be recorded for one driver at a time.

VIN decoding is more time efficient

It seems there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Manually updating your vehicle inventory or connecting YMM to identify the details of each vehicle can be tedious and time consuming. Especially since many of these steps can be automated with the help of a massive VIN decoder. Near-market-ready inventory listings can be generated through a VIN decoding solution with the click of a button. Identifying vehicle details with a VIN scanner is another great way to maximize efficiency.

Linked to vehicle history

VINs are unique to each vehicle and carry the history of the vehicle throughout its life. Therefore, only the VIN search will retrieve the vehicle history. If it’s used vehicles, whether you’re selling second-hand inventory, buying them for your fleet, insuring them, etc., you should have access to a vehicle history reporting provider like Carfax or AutoCheck. Many consumers are often confused about the differences between a VIN decoder, a VIN check tool, and a vehicle history report tool, so we wrote an article to help clarify.

Identification of open withdrawals

The year, make and model search can be used to get general safety recall information; however, it will not tell consumers if their vehicle has an open recall. A VIN lookup option is essential for consumers to identify open recalls on their vehicle or a vehicle they are looking to purchase, as it is vehicle specific. Here are some great recall resources that we highlight in our Takata airbag recall blog post. VIN lookup is higher than year make model. However, you should not discard YMM. The combination of the VIN lookup and the YMM lookup will allow your business and your consumers to identify as many or as few vehicle details as needed.

Final words: Benefits of VIN that you must know

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