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Best 26 to 29.9 Inches Monitors

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Quick list of Best 26 to 29.9 Inches Monitors

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Monitors come in a wide range of sizes, resolutions, and console types, making them a difficult purchase to get right. Before I get into buying advice and your options, here’s some cutting edge display technology. it’s not keeping pace with many tech buyers, and as you’ll discover in our roundup, you’ll often be looking for good value with slightly older monitors. Although monitors have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, 26-inch monitors are still one of the most popular sizes.

You can browse them in different resolutions and for a variety of uses, from gaming to office use. This monitor size strikes a better balance between having a big screen without taking up too much desktop space, and whether you’re displaying 1080p content or playing the latest 4k games, text will look better. No matter what you choose, consider resolution, connectivity, qualities, color coverage, viewing angles, and blue light filters to find the best 26-inch monitor that meets your requirements.

Check the list of the best monitors from 26 to 29.9 inches

27-inch Z-Edge curved gaming monitor

U27C monitor wraps your version field like IMAX theater, letting your eyes absorb everything at once effortlessly, more comfortable and immersive for your eyes. With the traditional VGA port, the monitor also has an additional HDMI port, making it easy to connect the monitor with other devices.

Combined with the 75Hz refresh rate and 5m response time, the display dramatically reduces image flickering and ghosting. Three-sided frameless design and sleek profile make full use of the screen, easy to enlarge your view in a dual-monitor setup, improve efficiency greatly.

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Acer SB270 Bix 27

If you are the slim, sleek and mobile monitor type, IPS LED monitors will meet your needs aesthetically. The SB270 BBIX27 surely fits into this category. In fact, when looking at it from the side, the monitor almost seems to disappear. The slippery black material looks nice, but it can easily stain and look dirty. Although there is no height adjustment available, it sits at what can be considered the perfect level.

If gaming is your focus, you’ll definitely get a little more out of the Acer SB270 BBIX27. It’s a great price for its design and specs…and your eyes will surely thank you. Like the ASUS VA24EHE 1920×1080 D Sub monitor, Acer monitors like these come with a three-year warranty, so it’s nice to have that kind of protection.

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Scepter IPS 27

With a 75Hz refresh rate, images change faster and smoother than standard, reducing screen tearing. The IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel is second to none when it comes to delivering superior color performance and sharp visibility from multiple viewing angles.

Two HDMI ports and one VGA port deliver a refresh rate of up to 75HZ, refining image clarity in all your action-packed gaming footage and graphic design projects. Audio input and a headphone jack provide various audio options. Perfectly suited to work and play environments, the built-in speakers deliver solid, smooth audio while saving space on your desk.

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SAMSUNG T350 Series

Minimalist design, maximum concentration. The 3-sided borderless display brings a clean, modern aesthetic to any work environment. In a multi-monitor setup, screens align perfectly for a virtually seamless, distraction-free view. Sit anywhere and enjoy the full technicolor experience.

The IPS panel preserves the intensity and clarity of color in every inch of the screen. Even on such a wide screen, tones and shadows look completely accurate from virtually any angle, with no color washout. Super smooth entertainment experience. AMD Radeon FreeSync™ keeps the refresh rate of your monitor and graphics card in sync to reduce image tearing.

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ASUS 27” 1080P Monitor (VA27DQ)

The ASUS VG279Q is a good 27-inch 144Hz monitor with an IPS panel. It has a simple design with outstanding ergonomics. It offers good image quality, with extremely accurate colors and great maximum brightness, but is somewhat limited by its 1080p resolution.

Motion looks great thanks to the extremely fast response time and it has a black frame insert feature to help reduce any motion blur. It also supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to reduce tearing in games. Unfortunately, as is the case with most IPS monitors, it doesn’t look good in a dark room due to its low contrast ratio, but it does have wide viewing angles.

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Acer KB272HL Hbi 27

Crisp, lifelike colors come to life in Full HD 1080p resolution. Movies and games appear more lifelike and dramatic, and fine details and text are clear at 1920 x 1080 resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio. Say “goodbye” to stuttering and tearing. With AMD RADEON FREESYNC, monitor frames are synchronized with graphics card frames, eliminating screen tearing for the smoothest gaming experience.

The sleek design ensures this monitor looks great and allows it to fit nicely into areas of any size. The zero-bezel design provides maximum edge-to-edge screen visibility, while the sleek stand, with its concentric circle pattern, looks great wherever it’s placed.

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LG 29WP60G-B 29 Ultra Wide Monitor

The stand of this monitor is identical to that of the LG 32MP60G-B and supports tilt and height adjustments. Additionally, this monitor adheres to the current trend of borderless bezels and an overall slim look, which is much slimmer than the industry standard for ultrawide displays.

It’s worth noting that it lacks standard USB ports, so if that’s a concern for you, you already know. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the features of this display and see if they match the price. Since they chose to implement an IPS screen, the panel on this screen is certainly not a cost-cutting measure. This panel has a reputation for having the best color accuracy of the top three (TN, VA, IPS).

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ASUS TUF Gaming 28

That said, the VG28UQL1A is good for up to 450 nits of brightness, which exceeds the minimum HDR 400 requirement. More importantly, it’s also a very fast display, on paper. Asus says it’s good for 1ms pixel response by the gray-to-gray metric rather than the less demanding MPRT metric.

You also get the aforementioned 144Hz refresh rate and support for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, though this isn’t a full G-Sync monitor with the required Nvidia module. It is simply compatible with G-Sync. The final feature to note is support for HDMI 2.1. Paired with the DisplayPort 1.4 interface, it means the Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A can deliver high-refresh 4K gaming on both PC and console, though the latter will be limited to 120Hz instead of the full 144Hz.

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COA C27G2Z 27

The maximum brightness amounts to 250 nits, which is the minimum when it comes to LED-backlit monitors, but the screen can still be bright enough in normal lighting conditions. However, if you plan to use the monitor in a particularly bright room, you may need to add some blinds/curtains.

When it comes to pixel response time speed, it’s a different story. Some pixel transitions from dark to bright shadows can’t keep up with the 240Hz refresh rate, causing noticeable smearing behind fast-moving objects, mostly in dark scenes. Some gamers are more sensitive to this than others, however considering this 240Hz display is primarily aimed at competitive gamers, they’d be better off with an IPS panel monitor with significantly faster response times at the same price.

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Philips 278E1A 27

The Philips 278E1A offers a 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 4 ms. The backlight is maxed out at 350 cd/m2, while the contrast ratio is 1000:1 like most IPS panels. This model does not advertise HDR properties because it is optimized for more general types of use.

Calibrating the Philips 278E1A lowered its average dE to 1.13, which is considerably better than the standard setting. However, getting a colorimeter is not practical for a budget monitor as they are quite expensive. Most users will be able to get away with the settings anyway, plus there’s an sRGB mode that drops the average dE down to 2.31, which is better.

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