ListsBest Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts 2023: suggested for time-saving

Best Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts 2023: suggested for time-saving

to boost your productivity and efficiency

The best adobe Photoshop Shortcuts keys in are incredibly useful for efficient and time-saving work. Professional users of Photoshop often prefer using shortcut keys over navigating through the menu options. Finding a specific tool in the menu can take time, but activating it is as easy as pressing a key.

By using shortcut keys, you can save both time and effort and speed up your work. These Photoshop keyboard shortcut keys are easy to use, so you can use them depending on what you need to do. When you need to find a specific tool in Photoshop, knowing the shortcut key for that tool makes the process much easier and faster. Below we have mentioned the best adobe Photoshop Shortcuts.

Best Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

File Management:

Ctrl + NNew
Ctrl + OOpen
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As
Ctrl + Alt + SSave for Web
Ctrl + Shift + NNew Layer
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + NNew Layer (no dialog)
Ctrl + WClose
Ctrl + Shift + WClose All


Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + Alt + ZStep Backward
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ZStep Forward

Selection Tools:

MRectangular Marquee Tool
LLasso Tool
WMagic Wand Tool
CCrop Tool
Shift + MElliptical Marquee Tool
Shift + LPolygonal Lasso Tool
Shift + WQuick Selection Tool

Editing Tools:

VMove Tool
JSpot Healing Brush Tool
BBrush Tool
EEraser Tool
SClone Stamp Tool
GGradient Tool
ODodge Tool
PPen Tool

Text Editing:

THorizontal Type Tool
Ctrl + TTransform
Ctrl + Shift + TTransform Again
Ctrl + Alt + TCopy and Transform Again
Ctrl + HHide Extras
Ctrl + Shift + HShow Extras
Ctrl + BText Options
Ctrl + Shift + BBold

Layer Manipulation:

Ctrl + GGroup Layers
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup Layers
Ctrl + EMerge Layers
Ctrl + Shift + EMerge Visible

Best Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts for Different Platforms

Windows Shortcuts:

Ctrl + NNew document
Ctrl + OOpen document
Ctrl + SSave document
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As…
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + XCut selected item(s)
Ctrl + CCopy selected item(s)
Ctrl + VPaste item(s)
Ctrl + DDeselect
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + TFree Transform
Ctrl + Shift + TRepeat last Free Transform
Ctrl + Alt + ZStep Backward
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ZStep Forward
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + SSave for Web
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + NNew Layer via Copy
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + EMerge Visible Layers
Ctrl + Alt + 0Fit on Screen

Mac Shortcuts:

Command + NNew document
Command + OOpen document
Command + SSave document
Command + Shift + SSave As…
Command + ZUndo
Command + Shift + ZRedo
Command + XCut selected item(s)
Command + CCopy selected item(s)
Command + VPaste item(s)
Command + DDeselect
Command + ASelect all
Command + TFree Transform
Command + Shift + TRepeat last Free Transform
Command + Option + ZStep Backward
Command + Option + Shift + ZStep Forward
Command + Option + Shift + SSave for Web
Command + Option + Shift + NNew Layer via Copy
Command + Option + Shift + EMerge Visible Layers
Command + Option + 0Fit on Screen


What is F7 in Photoshop?

Pressing F7 on your keypad makes it easy to quickly show or hide the Layers panel. Because the Channels and Paths panels are grouped together, this will also show or hide them.

What is Ctrl Alt G in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, you can use the shortcut CTRL+ALT+G to make a new clipping mask. A layer that uses the content of the layer below it as a mask is called a clipping mask. This is helpful if you want to hide parts of a layer or make choices within a layer.

What does Ctrl+Q do?

What does Ctrl+Q do in Microsoft Word? Notes: In MS Word, you could remove paragraph formatting by pressing Ctrl and Q. It takes out space between lines and between paragraphs.

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