ArticleListsBest Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: time-saving

Best Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: time-saving

Essential Adobe Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts for efficient editing

The best adobe premiere pro keyboard shortcuts, which involve combining multiple keys on your keyboard to quickly access commands. Commands are things that you can do inside a software program, like open a file or close the program. You can do these commands quickly by pressing the shortcut keys. Since learning how to move the mouse can be hard and take a lot of time, using shortcuts is a great idea. By default, Adobe Premiere Pro has keyboard shortcuts set up to help you improve your video editing skills.

Editing is a big part of the post-production phase of making a video, and each filmmaker or creator has their own way of doing it. We can’t assume that you use the same steps as our in-house video team, and most creators have their own preferences when it comes to video editing software. Below we have mentioned the best adobe premiere pro keyboard shortcuts.

Best Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Project Management:

Ctrl + NCreate a new project
Ctrl + OOpen an existing project
Ctrl + SSave the current project
Ctrl + Alt + SSave a copy of the project
Ctrl + WClose the current project
Ctrl + Shift + WClose all open projects

Timeline Editing:

VSelection Tool
CRazor Tool (cut clip)
PPosition Tool
ATrack Select Tool
Alt + DragDuplicate a clip or group of clips
Ctrl + DApply default transitions to selected clips
Shift + 2Ripple delete selected clips
Ctrl + Shift + DRemove selected effects
Ctrl + Shift + KAdd edit marker
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo

Playback Controls:

LPlay forward
JPlay in reverse
L + SpacePlay 2x speed
J + SpacePlay reverse 2x speed
K + SpacePause
. (period)Move forward one frame
, (comma)Move backward one frame

Clip and Track Navigation:

Up ArrowMove to the previous edit point
Down ArrowMove to the next edit point
HomeMove to the beginning of the timeline
EndMove to the end of the timeline
Page UpMove one page up in the timeline
Page DownMove one page down in the timeline
Shift+Up ArrowSelect the clip above the current selection
Shift+Down ArrowSelect the clip below the current selection
Shift+Left ArrowSelect the previous clip on the same track
Shift+Right ArrowSelect the next clip on the same track

Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts for Different Platforms

For Windows:

Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + DDeselect All
Ctrl + Shift + ADeselect All Tracks
Ctrl + SpacePlay/Pause
LFast Forward
IMark In
OMark Out
Ctrl + Shift + SExport Media
Ctrl + EnterRender Effects in Work Area
Ctrl + Shift + FMatch Frame
Ctrl + Shift + KAdd Edit
Ctrl + Shift + EExtract
Ctrl + Shift + CClear In and Out
Ctrl + Shift + LRipple Delete
Ctrl + Shift + MRemove Unused Clips
Ctrl + Shift + NNew Sequence

For Mac:

Command + SSave
Command + ZUndo
Command + Shift + ZRedo
Command + CCopy
Command + VPaste
Command + XCut
Command + ASelect All
Command + DDeselect All
Command + Shift + ADeselect All Tracks
LFast Forward
IMark In
OMark Out
Command + Shift + SExport Media
Command + EnterRender Effects in Work Area
Command + Shift + FMatch Frame
Command + Shift + KAdd Edit
Command + Shift + EExtract
Command + Shift + CClear In and Out
Command + Shift + LRipple Delete
Command + Shift + MRemove Unused Clips
Command + Shift + NNew Sequence


What are shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro?

In Adobe Premiere Pro, shortcuts are key combinations that let you do certain tasks or commands within the program. They help speed up your work and make you more productive by letting you do things quickly without having to click the mouse.

Can I customize the shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Yes, you can change the keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro so that they work the way you want them to. In the “Keyboard Shortcuts” window, you can add new shortcuts, change ones that are already there, or make your own set of shortcuts.

How can I learn and memorize Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts?

To learn and remember shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can repeat actions and put them through practice. You can begin by learning a few crucial shortcuts, then gradually incorporate more shortcuts into your workflow. To help you remember and practice them, you can also print out a list of shortcuts or use online resources.

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