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Best Alexa Games

Although Amazon Alexa is mainly used to manage speakers and the smart home, it is a much more versatile digital assistant than that. In fact, there are a surprisingly large number of games based on Alexa's voice.

Not only is Alexa useful for smart homes. It turns out that there are a tone of best Alexa games, including many classics you may have played on other platforms, available on Amazon’s voice assistant platform. One of the busiest smart home hubs on the market is an Amazon Echo, but Alexa is capable of much more than just switching on and off your lights and playing music.

One of the most fun ways to use it is to play one of its great games. We have compiled a list of more than 40 of our favorites. From musical tests to adventure games, from trivia contests to family entertainment, there’s a game for everyone. There’s a game for everyone, whether you’re looking for a game to play with your kids or just want to have a laugh. Below we have mentioned some of the best Alexa Games.

Here is the list of best Alexa Games

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The classic game is very simple on Alexa. Just ask her to play rock, paper, scissors and she will start a countdown, after which she will announce which one she has picked. She won’t listen to your choice, nor tell you who has won, so you’ll need to know which item beats others. For a more advanced version, enable the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game in the Alexa app, then say “Alexa, open Lizard Spock” to play.

Harry Potter Quiz

This is an official Skill from Pottermore and Audible. A must for Potter fans, you get three new questions each day and you can choose between two difficulty levels: OWL or NEWT. Up to three people can play in each household, and progress is remembered between games. The questions cover quotes, characters, spells, creatures, objects and potions from the books. This is a skill which needs to be enabled first, and works great on an Echo speaker: no screen needed.


Earplay has other stories that you can influence with your choices. In demo, a woman sits at your table in the restaurant and asks you to pretend to know her. Every choice you make has consequences, whether it’s playing into her tricks or checking her purse, Earplay’s secret agent story, Codename Cygnus, is an interactive fictional world of seven chapters in which you as a secret agent try to accomplish your mission. You will try to accomplish your mission. Earplay currently offers five stories for the whole family, including Jurassic World Revealed and You and the Beanstalk.


If you can’t track down a real pack of cards, Alexa can be your virtual dealer. She will announce your cards, and her face card. As in the real game, you can stick or twist (“hit” or “stand” in this version) and you start with 100 virtual coins that you can use for betting.

Beat the intro

A music game where you try and name a song before the intro finishes. You can play on your own or with friends. The aim is to name both the artist and song title. There are daily challenges, and you can optionally play with Echo Buttons so there’s no arguments about who buzzed in first. The ‘greatest hits’ and ‘today’s hits’ are free, but you can upgrade to the Unlimited version, which is a subscription service if you want more.

The Dark Citadel

For fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Diablo, The Dark Citadel is an episodic, choice-based gaming experience in which the player is the last hope for the beleaguered city of Alderton. Alexa is the humble narrator of your quest, reading rich, descriptive passages that create a compelling narrative with which to interact.

Escape the Room

Real-life escape rooms are better fun with friends, and there are plenty of PC and mobile escape room games. But with this Skill you can play with Alexa. Using just Alexa’s descriptions, you must navigate around the room, find out and interact with objects in order to escape. There are four rooms to choose between, too. To start a game, say “Alexa, open Escape the Room”.

Skyrim Very Special Edition

Of course, it is possible to play Skyrim with Alexa, more or less. This version of Elder Scrolls V is entirely audio-based and is somewhat ironic in a way that will make those familiar with the role-playing game laugh. However, by directing Alexa, you can make your way through Skyrim, fighting, shouting, opening doors and fighting dragons. Yes, the whole thing was created by Bethesda Game Studios, so it’s about as authentic as you can get for a voice assistant adventure in the Nordic realm.

Deal or No Deal

Yet another TV quiz which has been remade as an Alexa Skill, though unofficially this time. Your aim is to pick from the 20 available cases, each containing different amounts of money. Initially your task is to remove the lowest value cases from the game, after choosing a case you hope has the highest value. The Banker will offer you a deal, based on the value of the cases left. Once you agree to a deal, your original case is opened and you win the – sadly, imaginary – money inside it.

The Magic Door

A game in the choose-your-own-adventure genre is called The Magic Door. It’s a fantastic game that the whole family can play at home. Saying “Alexa, unlock The Magic Door” will start the game immediately. In each of the nine distinct narratives, you may pick your own adventure, such as exploring a creepy mansion or rescuing monkeys on a tropical island. Because each narrative is unique, there is a tonne of replay value. The stories are also creepy but not overly terrifying, making them a great choice for both adults and children.

Final Words

Although Amazon Alexa is mostly used to operate speakers and your smart home, it is a far more versatile digital assistant than that. There are actually a surprisingly big number of Alexa voice-based games available.

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