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Best Android Apps For Students

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Learning on a tablet or smartphone is natural. Since you almost always carry it with you, you can learn wherever you go, and there are plenty of resources available to teach you what you need to know. Although some learning programs are superior to others, they all aim to teach you something new. There are many more study tools out there, such as flashcard apps and other tools of a similar nature, but we’ve already provided links to separate lists for them. This list focuses on learning resources rather than study aids. Here is a list of the best Android learning apps.

Here is the list of the best Android apps for students


Students will find RefMe to be very useful software for creating and collecting references and research for their assignments and projects. RefMe is an award-winning app that streamlines the referencing process by allowing students to quickly type references, citations, and bibliographies by searching (book/journal titles, DOI, ISBN, or ISSN) or by copying and pasting URLs. The app makes the life of students too simple which makes it one of the most useful and accessible student apps.

For college students and nonfiction writers of all kinds, RefMe is a must-have software. This program will build your reference for you if you are preparing a research paper. You can then effortlessly export your references to yourself or to Evernote by emailing them to yourself.


Is there anything in life more rewarding than checking items off a to-do list? The answer is very likely, but it’s still a wonderful gesture. You would have to go a long way to find better software for this than Any.do. To-do lists are a great way to break down an important job into a few smaller, more manageable chunks.

Its simple, elegant design makes getting things done even more enjoyable, or at least a little less painful, depending on what you’re doing. Any.do, like many of the other apps on this list, allows you to sync your data across all your devices. It also has reminders and the ability to share lists and assign tasks to multiple users, which is great for a joint project or ensuring everyone in the family cleans their fair share.

office lens

Office LenS is a fantastic tool for students who don’t have a scanner or don’t want to spend money on library scanners. Plus, it’s free, easy to use, and has hardly any ads. Using the phone’s camera, Office Lens can convert contracts, documents, class notes, presentations, ID cards, and electronic signatures into PDF or JPEG files.

Unlimited pages can be scanned and after scanning the document can be instantly distributed to anyone. It is a great tool for students to use to scan their own collection of course notes. The student can use the app to scan and annotate any relevant page while in the library, maintaining the quality of the books and eliminating the need to carry multiple books.

stay focused

Stay Focused will help you stay focused while studying and avoid distraction from other apps on your phone. The software allows you to set daily/hourly usage limitations for apps before they are banned, and you can restrict all apps on your phone until you whitelist them.

In addition, the program offers a daily analysis of your usage habits, which can allow you to identify the applications that use most of your time. Even better, Stay Focused lets you choose a default inspirational message that will appear whenever you use banned or restricted apps, forcing you to re-evaluate your priorities.

mathematical path

Consider installing Mathway, one of the best programs for math students, if you will be working with numbers at some point during your career. Mathway can handle from the simplest to the most complex calculations. For those of you who deliberately avoided maths after your GCSEs but ultimately chose a degree that needed them anyway (here it is for you social science majors), this program will put an end to hours spent crying, wondering what is this strange looking E. thing is:

Mathway will solve your problem after you enter it as text. If you want to know how to get the answer instead of just what it is, Mathway may be able to provide you with a detailed step-by-step procedure. For students who are more mathematically inclined, this is where the app really shines, as it’s like having a teacher available every day of the week to help you understand whatever you’re struggling with.


College students want to know everything and keep their eyes on the ball at all times, but due to multiple deadlines, part-time jobs, late assignments, tests, and other obligations, it can be difficult to do so. Feed.ly is here to help you with this problem.

One of the largest RSS aggregators available. It allows you to combine all your news in a single stream. Simply check the news you want to receive and get notified whenever something noteworthy happens. Isn’t it true that nothing could be simpler?

google keep

Google Keep is the software to use if you want to take short notes. Having said that, even if OneNote does allow the creation of long notes, I’d suggest you do so. Like OneNote, Keep lets you record voice messages, upload photos, and write notes with your finger or a stylus. Some notes may not be the ones you want to see every time the app is opened, but you also don’t want to delete them.

If that’s the case, you can archive the notes to make them invisible. The notes that you finally decide to delete can be found in “Trash” where they will remain for 7 days before being completely deleted. You can also create reminders in your notes. Last but not least, you can share your notes with your friends from within the app.

A note

You can take your notes with you wherever you go because they’re all in one place. You can use OneNote, a digital notebook, to organize your to-do lists, conference and meeting notes, travel plans, and anything else you need to remember.

OneNote records audio, captures photos, and lets you write or scribble notes. You can access your notes from any location because they’re synced across all your devices. Plus, sharing your notes with others is simple. Visit onenote.com to view your notes as well.


With the help of technology, Studyblue is an excellent tool that helps teachers and students manage their time and enjoy learning. Being able to transform ordinary activities into teaching opportunities makes it one of the best educational apps. Now you can turn an hour into an hour of learning, whether you’re waiting in line or traveling for hours.

One of the free educational software, its features are also useful for teachers, helping them efficiently organize their daily workload. We will explain how to use the Studyblue app in this review so you can get outstanding grades throughout the semester.

sleep cycle

Your sleeping habits are monitored and analyzed by Sleep Cycle. When you select a wake-up time, the app will gently wake you from your lightest sleep so you can start your day feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Your phone’s built-in microphone uses sound and vibration analysis to detect your movements while you sleep. When you choose a 30-minute wake window, the app analyzes the data to identify whether you’re in light sleep, deep sleep, or a sleep state known as random eye movement (REM) sleep. It then determines the best time to wake it up within that window.

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