ListsBest Equalizer Apps for Android 2023: to enhance audio experience

Best Equalizer Apps for Android 2023: to enhance audio experience

Music Volume EQ + Equalizer is a popular equalizer app for Android smartphones.

The best Equalizer apps for android has always been a bit tricky. While the operating system has had built-in support for equalizers for some time, the user experience can be inconsistent. Some music apps have their own equalizers built in, and some devices have equalizers built in to the system that can be found in the settings. But it can be hard to make sure equalizers work well with all apps and in all settings, especially when using apps like YouTube Music.

At the moment, the Android market for equalizer apps is ruled by generic apps with basic presets like bass boost. Even though these can work for many people, we think that Poweramp Equalizer and Wavelet offer the best and most complete experience.

Poweramp Equalizer and Wavelet are both great in terms of how well they work and what they can do. They stand out from the rest, so you should think about them. These apps are famous and get good reviews from users because they have advanced features and good ways to customize sounds. Below we have mentioned the best Equalizer apps for android.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android Comparison Table

AppPlatformPriceOfficial Website
Music Volume EQAndroidFree (with in-app purchases)Visit Website
Poweramp EqualizerAndroid$4.99 (free trial available)Visit Website
SoundIDAndroid, iOSFree (with in-app purchases)Visit Website
WaveletAndroidFree (with in-app purchases)Visit Website

Music Volume EQ

Best Equalizer Apps for Android


  • Graphic equalizer: Use a visual tool with sliders to change the sound frequencies.
  • Bass boost: Boost the low-frequency tones to make the bass sound louder and stronger.
  • Create a surround sound effect with Virtualizer to make the sound feel more real.
  • Add depth and atmosphere to the sound with 3D echo.
  • Presets are equalizer settings that have already been set for different types of music or user tastes.

One of the most famous equalizer apps is Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster. It works pretty well, thank goodness. It has the standard five-band EQ and nine settings for the EQ. Along with that, you’ll have control over the volume, the bass, the noise, and more. Currently, this is one of the best Equalizer apps for android you can consider now.

The developers also say that it should work well with most movie and audio players. Overall, it’s been a good time for a program equalizer. It won’t work with everything, and some of the other items on this list have more settings, but this one works fine. Also, as far as we could tell, it’s completely free.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers a wide range of preset equalizer settings.
  • Ability to create and save custom equalizer profiles.
  • Includes a volume booster feature.


  • Limited in terms of advanced equalizer settings.
  • Some users report occasional crashes and bugs.

Poweramp Equalizer

Best Equalizer Apps for Android
  • Advanced equalizer: Use exact control over multiple bands to fine-tune the sound frequencies.
  • Cross-fading and gapless playing mean that there are no breaks between songs.
  • ReplayGain automatically changes the volume levels of each track so that they all sound the same.
  • lines support: Show lines that move in time with the music.
  • Tag editor: Change information about songs like the artist, album, and cover art.

One of the newest equalizers on the list is Poweramp Equalizer. The app has a lot of features that other equalizers don’t have, like the ability to change the number of bands, control the bass and high tones, and more. Once you learn how the different settings work, it’s not too hard to use.

It should also work with most online music apps and local music players, as well as with most Bluetooth and wired headphones. It is more modern because it is more recent. One of the ones you should try first is this one. Thus, this is one of the best Equalizer apps for android you can consider now.


  • Seamless integration with the Poweramp music player app.
  • Allows users to save and import equalizer presets.


  • Interface may be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Limited compatibility with other music player apps.


Best Equalizer Apps for Android


  • Personalized sound profile: Analyzes how well you hear and makes a custom audio profile based on how well you hear.
  • Headphone optimization: This feature adjusts the audio settings so that they work best with your headphones or earphones.
  • Sound presets: Gives you a choice of sound profiles made for different types of music or hearing situations.
  • Soundstage enhancement: This makes the sound experience larger and more immersive.

SoundID is a unique concept. It tries to change the sound of your headphones so that they sound like a different pair. This app shows how much you can do with digital balancing. It works with most of the famous music players for streaming and local music. Currently, this is one of the best Equalizer apps for android you can consider now.

You can play with the sound and make small changes to get everything just right. It’s a bit harder to use than most equalization apps, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad. This app has changed a lot since it first came out, so it’s clear that the makers are doing a good job of getting rid of bugs.


  • Provides high-quality audio enhancement with minimal distortion.
  • Compatible with various music player apps.


  • Requires a subscription for full functionality.
  • Relatively expensive compared to other equalizer apps.


Best Equalizer Apps for Android


  • Adjust the sound output of all the songs, videos, and games on your device with a system-wide equalizer.
  • AutoEq support gives you access to a huge collection of equalization settings for headphones.
  • Reverberation effects: Give the sound more volume and a sense of space.
  • Adjusting the mix between the left and right channels lets you fix audio problems.
  • Presets and profiles: The audio settings are already set up, and you can save your own profiles.

Compared to the other apps on the list, Wavelet is the newest balance app. It was released in 2020, and it’s not bad at all. The app has a 9-band mixer and a lot of presets if you want to keep things easy. It also has the ability to auto-EQ to more than 2,400 different types of headphones.

For the best sound, the AutoEQ function measures and adjusts the sound to the Harman curve. This sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it? In any case, this one is really good and one of the best you can get without root access. For now, this is one of the best Equalizer apps for android you can consider now.


  • Offers a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Compatible with various music player apps.
  • Allows users to save and import equalizer profiles.


  • Limited manual equalizer adjustment options.
  • Some users report issues with certain headphone models.
  • Ads can be intrusive in the free version.

Many music player apps

Best Equalizer Apps for Android


  • Library Management: The ability to organize and control your music library by making playlists, adding or removing songs, and sorting by artist, album, genre, etc.
  • Integration with online music services so that you can stream music from a huge library of songs.
  • Equalizer: There are built-in equalizer levels that let you change the sound output to suit your tastes or improve the sound quality.

EQs are built into a lot of music player apps. UAPP (up to 10 bands), jetAudio (up to 20 bands), and Neutron Player (up to 60 bands) are all good examples. The equalizers in these apps work well and do change the sound. But they only work inside of the app. Currently, this is one of the best Equalizer apps for android you can consider now.

So, if you stream music, you can’t use the equalizers in these apps to change the way it sounds. On the other hand, these can be used all day by people who have their own collections. Different music player apps cost different amounts of money and do different things, but it’s almost impossible to find a bad one these days.


  • Seamless integration with the music player app’s interface.
  • Ability to customize equalizer settings specifically for the app.


  • Limited compatibility with other music player apps.


What is an equalizer app?

An equalizer app is a piece of software that lets you change the way your Android device handles sound. It gives you different sliders or presets that let you change the amounts of different frequency bands, like bass, treble, and mid-range. With an equalizer app, you can change the way the sound comes out to suit your tastes or make it work best for certain kinds of music or audio material.

Are these equalizer apps free to use?

Many equalizer apps have a free version with only the most basic functions and sometimes ads. Some apps have a paid version or in-app purchases that let you get extra features, get rid of ads, or give money to the makers. The price of premium functions and whether or not they are available depend on the app.

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