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Best Anime about Food

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Anime is a Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation that is popular not only in Japan but throughout the world. You may know some of the thoughts of him (eg Naruto or Spirited Away), but you may not know anything that is completely food based. From unique stories to varied characters and colorful styles, it’s all here. But there is one thing that many anime do really well: food presentation. Admittedly, this may not seem like such an important thing to consider. However, it has been found that food in anime almost always finds a way to be beautiful and highly appetizing. And remember, these are drawings.

There are many food-oriented cooking anime that are so much fun to watch. While food anime shows a different appreciation for food, it is still a really entertaining anime genre to watch. Food in anime always looks so good, like the soups and eggs in Studio Ghibli movies, and the elaborate bento lunches that mothers make for their children. Many anime also draw inspiration from food to inform their characters, for example Tokyo Mew Mew based its main characters on foods such as strawberries, lettuce, and pudding.

Here is the list of the best anime about food

Isekai Izakaya

Isekai Izakaya: Otherworldly Japanese Food and a Restaurant in Another World Contain Surprisingly Similar Buildings: If instead of being a heroic iskai, the otherworldly enters one of our restaurants and enjoys modern cuisine, how about this? sounds like a very specific? Both animes can use their own food to explore the culture of their intersecting worlds. Izakaya consists of 24 15-minute episodes divided into two separate sections: a 10-minute animated section and a five-minute live-action segment, showing how to prepare a well-known recipe or highlighting a notable izakaya for a meal. The Restaurant has 12, 23-minute episodes, which have two separate segments, but feel more like mini-episodes. the similarities between those features don’t end there; They both have amazing reaction images combined with amazing looking dishes and monologues, just like any food based anime.

What distinguishes these two features is how they use these reactions to compare and contrast the structure of the world. For example, when an elf arrives at a restaurant, viewers first learn that all elves in the other world are vegetarians. So he is amazed that he can prepare food that a person can eat. Similarly, if three guildmasters discuss the right to fish and eat at an isakaya, this will let the audience know that fish is a very important source of income for the region. When they ignore the disgusting fish-like snake, Taishou (the izakaya master) immediately turns them into calves and begins to settle the dispute.

Restaurant To Another World

Western Restaurant Nekoya is a popular restaurant located on a corner of Tokyo’s commercial district. Serving traditional Japanese cuisine and Western cuisine, this restaurant is popular with Tokyo residents. But this unassuming-looking restaurant is also popular with other types of customers. Although the restaurant is considered closed on Saturdays, the truth is that on this special day of the week its doors open to residents of other worlds. From dragons and goblins to fairies and wizards, there are plenty of weird customers at this restaurant. Still, the mysterious chef, known only as “El Maestro,” hopes to present his favorite dishes with a friendly smile and return next Saturday.

sweetness and lightning

At the beginning of Sweetness & Lightning, the young Tsumugi wants to follow the example of another culinary adventure of his father. He looked at his father and said, “Feed me!” the Scream. Before merrily digging in, the burger is eaten across a plateful of steak or gyoza or donuts. This is, of course, the essence of Sweetness & Lightning; no big fights, just precious time to eat well with the people you love. At the heart of Sweetness & Lightning’s charm is the company’s kitchen and twin joys. The program quickly establishes a set of relationships that define its format. The first episode introduces us to Kouhei and his daughter Tsumugi, who have been living alone ever since Kouhei’s wife died just a year ago. It’s clear that the two take care of each other, but they don’t always get a chance to show it, and the distance between them is represented by their personal precooked meals. But when Kuhei takes Tsumugini to see the cherry blossoms and meets the student Kotor, he establishes a strange new tradition: the three of them meet at a restaurant owned by Kotor’s mother, work to prepare a new dish, and then enjoy together.

Kotori shares her love of food with others and brings some companionship to her lonely home, she connects with Kouhei’s daughter, and Tsumugi enjoys both home-cooked meals and a new friend. So the three of them continue in this way, solving Tsumugi’s various problems, coming up with new recipes, and generally enjoying each other. Most Sweetness & Lightning episodes continue more or less in the same way: Kouhei, Tsumugi or Kotori have personal problems that end with the determination of the food they choose, and the emotions are resolved with the satisfaction of cooking something new. One episode is partly about Tsumugi arguing with a boy at school, while the other explores a new way to get closer to Kotori with her classmates. Along the way, the main relationship between Kouhei and her daughter gives the show excitement and even occasional sadness, a constant reflection on the dangers of parenting and the unique world of childhood.

new master chef

Contrary to popular belief, stories about cooking in Japan did not begin with Iron Chef. Manga like Xochonin Ajihei, Tekka no Makihei, and Oishinbo thrilled readers’ tastes throughout the 1970s and 1980s, preparing the entire generation for the extreme (yet appetizing) phenomenon of 1990s showman Kaga Takeshi. So it’s no surprise that Ogawa Etsushi’s semi-historical cooking manga series about the suffering of children in China is animated using the success of TV chefs like Chen Kenichi, as well as the popular anime trend that uses Chinese as local language (Fushigi). Yugi). Finally, we’re in the middle of a theatrical presentation of “Iron Chef” (Chinese courtiers are obsessed with fancy-looking dishes) and the clichéd “I’ll be the best” sports series like Captain. The instrument is harmony. Tsubasa often identifies the progress of the main “hero” (young chef Mao) on his journey with “battles”.

Visually, this colorful spectacle is astounding. Everyone wears beautiful, sparkly dresses (as you’d expect from everything in China) and has bright hair colors, and the character designs are perfectly embellished with sharp lines for adults and big eyes for teens. Mao looking weird as a fugitive in a Lunar video game series trapped in a Fushigi Yugi costume, the effect is quite nice. The characters themselves are a bit mixed up from the start. Mao is the archetype of a showman “hero” who looks great, a bit prone to trouble, but serious, hard-working, and most importantly, highly skilled. The first “rival”, Shaw An, as a villain, is very clear and transparent, and most of the characters seem a bit general to stand out, but this series has a huge potential for improvement later (it is two seasons). And of course the second, the change in Mao’s character design in the season, points in that direction.

Restaurant Paradiso

Anime offers a variety of genres to engage in. We saw the heroes play magic, be mystics, play with mythology, win battles with fictional creatures. We have seen them save worlds, play superheroes, portray fairy tales. Anime inspires creators and satisfies fans. It does a few things, but one thing it never confuses is the presentation of the food. The Internet is full of GIFs of very appetizing dishes. Some of the videos go on to combine moments dedicated to food scenes from various anime shows and movies. In the carnival scene in Hyayo Miyazaki’s “Studio Ghibli,” “Away from the Spirits,” you can’t stop the flow of water. The simple rice cakes from Shin Chan’s lunch scenes also look attractive.

When you watch the cooking scenes in anime, it’s almost like a meditative process. In those brief moments you forget that the protagonist may have to look for her parents, you forget that the fate of the world depends on her next move, you don’t remember Kiki’s true purpose in leaving home when you see Osona cooking. a delicious cake bread and cookies. For years I’ve wanted to turn pancakes like Kiki’s, it’s just easy. After watching these animated shows and movies, you’ll be inspired by the hard work put in by the animators and will probably strive for this perfection at your next meal.

relaxed camping

Laid-Back Camp is a 12-part life anime series about a group of high school girls who love camping and often travel together or alone. There’s Nadeshiko pleased with foamy food, quiet bookworm Rin, outdoor club president Oogaki, Inuyama’s attentive voice, and Saitou’s cheerful smiles. People, lately I’ve been in a difficult situation for personal reasons, but you know? I needed this anime, I really needed it, and I don’t regret receiving it at all. Those hoping for a deep show or an intense drama packed with layered content will be disappointed, as this is part of a life series that puts a bland setting before complex storylines.

Waiter (2006)

Serving a great cocktail is hard work, but one bartender, Ryu Sasakura, is a master of his craft and his drinks are world-renowned. Regardless of the challenges he faces, Ryuu takes the time to get to know his clients and serve as the most helpful solution to their joys and sorrows. With a calm demeanor and a warm heart, this skilled bartender does his best to please his clients and colleagues.

Yakitate! Japan (2004-2006)

The stupid Azuma Kazuma is a young man who has a dream to create a bread worthy of the name “Japan” for the Japanese by the Japanese! With great baking skills, extraordinary warmth, and the power to help bake the dough, Kazuma must sample his delicious creations as he fights to get a job at the prestigious Pantasia Bakery for fame and glory. Yeast, watch out… Kazuma in the kitchen.

Final words: Best Anime about Food

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