ListsBest Siri Shortcuts for Apple Music 2023: top recommendations

Best Siri Shortcuts for Apple Music 2023: top recommendations

Enhance your music experience with these handy automations.

The best Siri Shortcuts for Apple Music has consistently remained one of the standout features of iOS and iPadOS. It was first released with iOS 12 in 2018. It lets users easily complete daily tasks or a set of actions with voice commands, a tap, or even automatic triggers based on time or location. Some of the best Siri Shortcuts have to do with Apple Music, as shown in the examples below.

Each Shortcut is made for a specific job or a set of actions that work together as a single operation. Not all Shortcuts are made to be activated by voice or touch. Instead, these shortcuts can start on their own based on things like where you are or what time of day it is.

Some Shortcuts are made to work well as widgets, and you can easily turn them on or off in the app or through alerts on your device. Some apps work really well on an Apple Watch, while others don’t. During the installation process, you’ll be asked to record a unique line to use your voice with a Shortcut. From now on, all you have to do to use the Shortcut is say “Hey Siri” followed by the word. Below we have mentioned the best siri shortcuts for Apple Music.

Best Siri Shortcuts for Apple Music

Playback Control:

Shortcut NameDescription
Play My FavoritesPlays your favorite songs from Apple Music.
Shuffle PlaylistShuffles a specific playlist from Apple Music.
Skip SongSkips to the next song in your Apple Music queue.
Pause MusicPauses the currently playing song in Apple Music.
Play Artist RadioStarts a radio station based on a specific artist in Apple Music.

Music Recommendations:

Shortcut NameDescription
Discover New MusicProvides personalized music recommendations based on your listening history.
Release RadarCreates a playlist with the latest releases from your favorite artists.
Mood BoosterGenerates a playlist of uplifting songs to boost your mood.
Weekend VibesCurates a playlist of relaxed tunes for the weekend.
Workout MixCreates a workout playlist based on your preferred genre and tempo.

Playlist Management:

Shortcut NameDescription
Create PlaylistCreates a new playlist in Apple Music with a custom name.
Add to PlaylistAdds the currently playing song to a specific playlist in Apple Music.
Share PlaylistGenerates a shareable link for a selected playlist from Apple Music.
Remove DuplicatesRemoves duplicate songs from a playlist in Apple Music.
Export PlaylistExports a selected Apple Music playlist as a file for backup or sharing.

Music Information:

Shortcut NameDescription
What’s Playing?Retrieves the details of the currently playing song in Apple Music.
Lyrics FinderDisplays the lyrics of the currently playing song in Apple Music.
Song FactsProvides interesting facts and trivia about the currently playing song.
Artist BiographyRetrieves and reads out the biography of the current song’s artist.
Music Genre QuizTests your knowledge of music genres with a fun quiz.

Discover and Recommendations:

Shortcut NameDescription
Discover New MusicProvides recommendations for new songs, albums, or artists based on your Apple Music listening history.
What’s Popular?Retrieves a list of popular songs or albums from Apple Music.
Recommend a SongShares a recommended song with a friend through messages or other communication apps.
Find LyricsFetches the lyrics for the currently playing song in Apple Music and displays them.
Top ChartsDisplays the current top charts for songs or albums on Apple Music.

Personalized Actions:

Shortcut NameDescription
Set Sleep TimerSets a timer to stop playing music in Apple Music after a specified duration.
Create MixtapeCreates a personalized mixtape with songs from your Apple Music library.
What’s Next?Provides information about the upcoming songs in your Apple Music queue or playlist.
Get Song FactsRetrieves interesting facts or trivia about the currently playing song in Apple Music.
Like and Dislike SongsAllows you to like or dislike the currently playing song in Apple Music, which helps improve personalized recommendations.


How can I play my favorite playlist using Siri?

“Play my favorite playlist” is a shortcut.
You can set up this shortcut to play your most-listened-to or best playlist. You can change it to make it fit your needs.

How can I discover new music based on my preferences?

“Find out about new music”
This method lets you use Apple Music’s recommendation engine to get suggestions for new music based on how and what you listen to.

Can I create a shortcut to add the currently playing song to a specific playlist?

“Add Current Song to Playlist” is a short cut.
With this shortcut, you can quickly add the song that is playing to a specific mix without having to go through the Music app.

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