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Best apps for Image View­ing for Mac

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Check Best apps for Image View­ing for Mac

If you are stuck in the same problem trying to find the best photo viewer for Mac. Although you can easily view images with the built-in preview application, the previews may not be large enough to decide which photos have the best. quality. Although we have QuickLook on macOS, which allows you to preview most file formats, either natively or with plug-ins, it still does not replace a developed photo viewer app.

Some time ago I made a detailed list of image viewer applications for Windows that offered a wide variety of applications for each use case. If you use a Mac and want a decent photo viewer app, here are some of the best image viewer apps for Mac. The Finder’s Gallery view lets you navigate through photo folders on your Mac with a preview pane improved and rich metadata. The preview works well for basic use, but it lacks a superior viewing experience, navigation controls, and other features.

Best Image Viewing Apps for Mac


Pixea is a beautiful image viewing application for macOS, thanks to its minimal and modern user interface. Here, you can view pretty much any image file format, including HEIC, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, RAW, etc. In addition to its basic image viewing capabilities, Pixea also allows users to edit photos by rotating, flipping, displaying EXIF ​​data, and more. Also, Pixea has several keyboard shortcuts to make your job easier.

Pixea is a minimalist image viewer for macOS that offers a clean user interface and allows you to focus on the photo instead of bezels and controls. It is designed to be efficient and implements keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly navigate through images. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to scroll through images, zoom in / out, rotate, present slides, and more.

The application supports most file formats and even less conventional ones like PSD, RAW, HEIC, etc. You can even use Pixea to convert your existing images to modern web-optimized formats like JPEG-2000, TIFF, etc. The limitation of using Pixea is that you have to manually drag and drop the image folders into the app. Other than that, the app works great.


ApolloOne is an image viewer application for Mac for viewing and organizing photos. The camera’s built-in RAW decoder can preview an image directly from the RAW file. With the Lanczos filter, you can scale your image to its original quality. ApolloOne is a well-optimized photo viewer that efficiently uses Core Image Graphics to improve application fluidity. Makes the app feel smoother and loads files faster.

The application also allows you to open RAW files without problems. You can not only view the metadata, but also modify it, which makes it very useful. You can even add location, Spotlight data, and EXIF ​​keywords to speed up image search.

To access your photos, click the Browser button on the toolbar. Then click the plus (+) button and select Folder. You can group related folders by adding a separator. Double-click on a photo to open it. Then press the left or right arrow keys to view your photos. Thumbnails are generated on the fly using a multi-core processing engine. For Mac with GPU, the application can speed up image display and quality.


Lyn is a photo viewer and organizer for Mac. It supports RAW, old and non-standard image formats. With built-in multi-threaded and camera model support, you can progressively scale high-resolution images. The left sidebar shows all your folders (including smart folders), photo libraries, devices, and mounted volumes.

The viewer displays the image and has display options such as: icon, strip, list, and map display mode. Map layout mode uses Apple Maps with GPS data to provide visual information about the location. And the list view mode shows the image thumbnail, detailed information and metadata.

Lyn is a lightweight image viewing application for Mac designed for graphic and web designers. It offers a number of unique features, such as non-destructive editing, which allows you to make changes to an image without altering the original. The application offers metadata editing, geotagging, color correction, and compatibility with your Lightroom libraries. The editor has a dedicated inspector for editing color, histogram, exposure, black and white, sepia, vignette, HDR, curves, levels, and film grain.


qView stands out from the crowd on this list because it is open source software. Essentially, it means that you don’t need to pay or subscribe to any plans to use this image viewing app. Other than that, qView’s user interface takes a minimalist approach, which makes it super easy and convenient to use for professionals and beginners alike.

Surprisingly, the app doesn’t sacrifice functionality for simplicity. Here, users can enjoy basic operations such as viewing EXIF ​​information, rotating, mirroring images, and more. And don’t forget to take advantage of the many customizable keyboard shortcuts.

qView is a minimal cross-platform image viewing application for Mac. On launch, you will see a black window. Go to File> Open and choose a folder to display its contents. Then press the left or right arrow keys to navigate between the photos.


Phiewer is arguably the best photo viewer for Mac on this list. This popular application is quick and easy to use with your photos, videos, or even audio files. Users can view images in full screen mode and it also offers simple controls and keyboard shortcuts for quick processes. Also, you can add effects, view EXIF ​​data, rotate, etc. And best of all, users can view images in slideshow mode simply by clicking the play button.

Phiewer is a photo viewer app for macOS that can probably parse any image file format you can throw at it. It supports more than fifty different image formats and also supports audio and video files. The user interface is streamlined and supports keyboard controls as well as multimedia slideshow options.

On top of that, you get quick information for each image in the side toolbar that you are previewing. It’s a small function, but it comes in handy when you have to go through a lot of images.


Xee is a well-designed Mac image viewer that integrates seamlessly with the operating system. The application window automatically adjusts to each image so that the window does not take up unnecessary space and even if you rotate an image or search for a different size image, the resizing of the window is quite smooth.

Displays a detailed panel on the right that shows all the image parameters such as image properties, file path, size, composite properties, and so on. Despite its strange name, this image viewer app gets the job done with minimal effort. It is quite similar to the native preview app because Xee allows you to navigate through image folders and copy files quickly.

Like Pixea, Xee users can view most standard photo formats like JPEG, CR2, TIFF, PNG, TIFF, etc. You can also view photos in various styles, including full screen mode, all for just $ 3.99.


XnView is a photo editor and organizer that works great for Windows too. Supports more than 500 image formats plus audio and video formats. The application allows you to rename a batch of files, which greatly improves your workflow. You can even use basic editing tools to crop, resize, rotate, and add tons of effects.

With XnView, you get a great image organizing tool and a comprehensive solution for editing your photos. It is easy to understand and use, and provides various image display modes, specifically full screen, filmstrip, and thumbnail. You can also view images in slide show or slide-to-slide photo comparison mode. And of course, users can view EXIF ​​data and edit photos by resizing, cropping, applying effects, etc.


The file management system in macOS is not designed for advanced users who work with a large number of image files. The desktop becomes a mess after a while and finding the screenshot you captured three days ago becomes almost impossible. That’s where PicArrange comes in.

It allows you to organize and sort images based on date, name, or even image color. Sorting by color is very useful in situations where you want similar images in one place and the application allows you to do it with one click.

Another impressive feature of this image viewer app for Mac is that it can go through multiple directories at once, allowing you to find and remove duplicate images. You can get PicArrange on the App Store for free.

Lightgallery is a modern image viewing application for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The highly customizable user interface supports all standard image formats like WebP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. Additionally, users can view photos in full screen and slideshow modes.

You can navigate between the slides using the keyboard arrows and mouse dragging. Also, you can zoom in on images by simply double clicking to get a clearer view. Just upload your images and videos that you want to include in your gallery. You can also add existing files from the WordPress media library. All plugin and module options can be customized from plugin settings interface.

LightGallery works well with WordPress default image gallery. lightGallery is also integrated with WordPress attachments, which automatically fetches the title from the media library. lightGallery comes with some built-in modules such as thumbnails, full screen, zoom, etc. Module dependencies will be downloaded only if you enable it from settings.


PhotoKilter is a folder-based image viewer with essential photo filtering and enhancement tools. The application allows you to view photos quickly and easily, adjust them if necessary, and choose the best one from similar photos.

First of all, PhotoKilter is a simple folder-based viewer, so you can browse your images in one window without any additional movement or clicking. Closing out the top ten macOS photo viewer apps is PhotoKilter. With this folder-based image viewer, users will enjoy a simple image viewing platform and some essential photo enhancement tools.

It allows users to fix rays, rotate, crop, view EXIF ​​data, and straighten the horizon. Also, you can view photos in full screen, slide show, or slide-by-slide mode.

Final remarks: Best apps for Image View­ing for Mac

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