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Best Apps For Your Classroom

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Using smartphones in the classroom is no longer considered a crime. Fortunately, smartphone technology has evolved to the point where it is possible to use phones and tablets in the classroom to transform boring reading into an exciting learning experience with the help of educational mobile apps for teachers and educators. From broadening the horizons of the learning environment, to creating lessons, preparing lecture topics, and increasing student engagement, learning-focused mobile apps can help keep learning outside of the classroom.

With the right learning software, teachers and educators can streamline activities like attendance tracking, behavior recording, and student engagement inside and outside the classroom through effective communication. Furthermore, the current learning scenario, with its multiple situations, has become a digital space where teachers and students interact and learn from the comfort of their own homes.

Here is the list of the best apps for your classroom


When it comes to the best classroom apps, ClassDojo is one of the best classroom management apps. This class management app is a highly structured and consistent class management app designed to help teachers improve student behavior and communicate more effectively with parents. It can be used to a large or small extent, depending on your time, purpose, and interest.

Apps like Class Dojo allow you to reward and track behavior in the classroom through the use of fun characters and points. It is an attractive classroom app to manage and track student behavior. As part of the behavior management system. students get points for specific behaviors and negative points for negative behaviors, such as being off duty, bullying, or flapping.

google classroom

If your school already uses G Suite for Education, you’re probably already familiar with Google Classroom. Not only can you distribute and grade assignments through the app and organize all learning materials in Google Drive, but you can also more easily reach your students, whether it’s making announcements or discussing with them.

Teachers can now increase engagement with the Student Selector, which randomly selects students from the list so you can engage the entire class.

the visual lesson

It doesn’t matter if it’s TikTok or YouTube, videos are how students, young and old, consume information. So it’s time to adapt to the modern age and use video to keep students engaged and interested in what they are learning.

With Animoto, teachers can use their own videos as part of their lesson plan, or students can create some visually creative presentations. Video-based lessons can be the perfect way to bring the digital classroom to life and teach children through the most popular medium available.


Keeping track of student attendance and grades on paper isn’t always the most reliable. Grid-style gradebooks aren’t easy on the eyes, and there’s always a chance you’ll spill coffee on your papers. Instead of taking grades and attendance records, you should try using the TrackCC app instead. TrackCC allows you to keep track of student attendance with the click of a button.

You can mark students if they are present, enter an excused or unexcused absence, mark tardy, and note if a student left early. The app also calculates attendance statistics so you can get a better idea of ​​each student’s attendance rate. TrackCC also supports grading. Add grades for assignments, quizzes, tests, or projects, and view each student’s stats and overall grade right from the app. In addition to all these useful features, TrackCC allows you to connect parents to send attendance notifications.

apple classroom

If you have Apple devices in your school or classroom, this app is great as it allows teachers to monitor what students are doing on their Apple devices. You can see what they’re doing and see what other apps they have open, but that’s not all, you can control their device! It’s great for behavior management.

At first glance, it seems like a simple application to dictate what students do, but it is much more. You can open apps or webpages on all devices and lock them so they can only see what you control, a great idea for guided lessons. Although it is only available on Apple devices, it is a great resource with a lot of potential for use in the classroom.


Teachers can use Kahoot! as an assessment tool to check student progress intermittently, making it one of our favorite classroom management apps. This student management app allows teachers to take a quick survey to collect feedback. Teachers can get instant feedback on how well they understood the content and can be used for other survey purposes.

It is a great way to identify the level at which each student understands the material when preparing for further tests or exams. Math, science, health, and social studies are just a few of the possible courses teachers can use Kahoot in. Kahoot is considered by teachers to be an effective platform to improve the classroom environment, learning and assessment, and has a positive effect on exams.


Seesaw is another app that keeps parents informed. As we all know, the collaboration between home and school is essential in education. Seesaw is an online portfolio where students can upload their best work to share with their parents and teachers can add examples of students’ strengths and areas of development.

We see this as a valuable tool for parent-teacher conferences, it could also help parents feel left out of their child’s learning process, reducing the time teachers spend interacting with parents as all work is visible for them.


Edmodo is the perfect tool for all class levels, and thanks to the clear interface, you can quickly set up lessons. To engage students and parents, share the class link with the members you want to add. Once you have your members, you can keep your classroom up to date by adding announcements to your classroom feed.

With Edmodo you can send private messages to students and parents and create small groups for collaborative projects. To send an assignment to your students, simply upload it to the app and it will automatically be shared with everyone in the class. Want even more educational inspiration? Visit the Explore tab for helpful lesson tips, challenge your students to educational games, and get more activity ideas.

the knowledge tester

Many may think of Quizlet as simple flashcards, but this easy-to-use app is perfect for tutorials, no matter the topic. Teachers can take advantage of the app’s interactivity to help students better remember and understand key learning points.

We like the interactive element and the downloadable study sets, so teachers can get inspiration from other users. Memorizing information is still an important part of many subjects, and Quizlet offers a fun way to test students so they highlight those essential facts and figures.


Without a doubt, Zoom has become the sweet app and communication hub with many more people who are currently working, studying or just hanging out at home. It is the positive side that connects us with our parents, our friends, our family, and our students and teachers. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, consider doing so now.

Zoom is a powerful cloud video conferencing platform that allows you to host “meetings” with hundreds of participants. With the Zoom app, teachers can share lesson plans, provide instructions, exchange files with students, and communicate directly with the group or individuals via chat, all within the app. The free version of the app supports unlimited 1-on-1 meetings and a 40-minute time limit for group meetings.

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