ArticleListsBest City Building Games for Android 2023: expert suggestions

Best City Building Games for Android 2023: expert suggestions

Create your virtual metropolis with these addictive mobile games.

If you’re on the lookout for the best city building games for Android, your search ends here. Ever since the advent of social gaming, building games have stayed a popular genre on mobile devices. Initially, many of these games were exclusive to Facebook, but gradually, they made their way to the small screens.

During that time, amidst a plethora of games that required you to wait patiently for tasks to be completed, city and base-building games emerged as constants. These games are fun because they let you shape and build a city or town the way you want to. As you engage in the gameplay, you’ll need to plan and handle crucial aspects like infrastructure, housing, and even tourism.

Our list encompasses a diverse selection of city building experiences, ranging from current urban simulations to iconic historical settlements. There’s even a game set in the beloved town of Springfield from the popular TV show, The Simpsons. So, if you’re seeking a new game obsession within the city building genre, you may have just stumbled upon it. Below we have mentioned the best city building games for Android.

Best City Building Games for Android comparison table

GameGenreModePricesOfficial Website
Snow TownSimulationSingle playerFree to playDownload Game
Designer City 2SimulationSingle playerFree to playDownload Game
Tropic Paradise SimSimulationSingle playerFree to playDownload Game
Rise of the Roman EmpireStrategySingle player$9.99Download Game
Paradise CitySimulationSingle player$4.99Download Game

Snow Town

Best City Building Games for Android


  • Build and take care of a city in the snow.
  • Build different kinds of buildings and structures to meet the wants of your people.
  • Deal with problems caused by the weather and make sure your city runs easily even when it’s bad.
  • As you finish tasks and unlock new features, your city will grow.

In Snow Town, the first Android city-building game we looked at, you are the city manager. Your job is to start from scratch and build your town, including shops, roads, and other infrastructure. As city manager, it’s your job to make sure that the people are happy with basic city services. Snow Town is a free game that keeps most people busy for hours. It has more than 100 different types of buildings, such as fire and police offices, roads, bridges, and highways.

The hardest part is that it’s always winter, so be careful walking on those icy streets and roads. You get more gems the more roads you build. Fans, on the other hand, wish there was cloud backup. The pictures are great, and the game is fun and good for the whole family. Currently, this is one of the best city building games for Android you can download now.


  • Unique city-building game with a winter theme.
  • Beautiful graphics and a snowy setting that pulls you in.
  • The game is more interesting when the weather is hard.
  • Free to play, with in-app payments that are optional.


  • May need to be connected to the internet often.
  • Some players might get tired of the winter theme after a while.
  • Sometimes, you need to buy things inside an app to move forward.
  • Not getting changes and new features often enough.

Designer City 2 

Best City Building Games for Android


  • Start from start and make your dream city.
  • Use many different types of buildings and kinds of architecture.
  • Manage your resources, keep the economy in balance, and give your people the services they need.
  • Explore and get access to new tools to help your city grow.

Designer City 2 is next on our list. People are what make a town, not necessarily towns, roads, or other amenities. And how do you get people to like you? With nice places to live, a lot of parks, and a busy scene. For a city to work, you also need public transportation, infrastructure for industry, and other things. You don’t have to pay to play the game, but if you do, you can get some extra goodies.

You can also get the money you need for building and other things in your town from your gold mine or from the daily prize spins. Designer City 2 is a great choice for a casual game. Just leave it alone and check back every so often to see how your wealth and city have grown. New buildings and functions are always being added. Thus, this is one of the best city building games for Android you can download now.


  • There are many ways to build and customize.
  • Realistic 3D images and a game that runs smoothly.
  • Managing the economy and resources in a way that is interesting.
  • Offers a creative “sandbox” mode where you can try out anything you want.
  • There are regular updates and material made by the community.


  • Beginners will find it hard to learn.
  • Few ways to connect with other people or play together.
  • Some players might think the game is too hard or takes too long.
  • For faster growth, you may need to buy things inside the app.
  • There are sometimes bugs or computer problems.

Tropic Paradise Sim

Best City Building Games for Android


  • Make a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, palm trees, and colorful scenery.
  • Build hotels, tourist sites, and places to have fun to get people to come.
  • Make sure your tourists are happy and satisfied by meeting their wants.
  • Unlocking new islands and exploring new places will help you grow your city.

Town Building in Tropic Paradise Sim This game lets you try out what it might be like to have your own island paradise. What you build is up to you. It could be a big city, a resort, or just a small town. Once people are interested in what you have built, it’s important to give them something in return. And when you do that, the game itself gives you a prize. Currently, this is one of the best city building games for Android you can download now.

You’ll start with a good amount of cash and gold, and the money keeps coming in after that. If you watch ads, you can make even more money to spend on building. People have different opinions about how long the game can keep you interested. If not, most people get hooked and say how nice the music and images are. There are also a lot of different places to go. Some people would rather spend their own money than wait to get gold. There have also been reports of crashes.


  • Setting on a tropical island with vivid images.
  • Interface that is easy to understand and use.
  • Buildings, decorations, and sites come in many different styles.
  • Missions and tasks that are fun to do.
  • Free to play, with in-app payments that are optional.


  • Over time, game play can get boring.
  • The basics of running a city are not very deep.
  • Without in-app payments, progress may be slow.
  • There aren’t enough choices for customization.

Rise of the Roman Empire 

Best City Building Games for Android


  • Play as a Roman governor and build a prosperous state.
  • Build well-known Roman buildings like colosseums, aqueducts, and theaters.
  • Manage your resources, trade with nearby cities, and make sure your people are happy.
  • Use diplomacy, keep attackers out of your city, and grow your power across the Roman Empire.

In Rise of the Roman Empire, you take on the role of a ruler who is put in charge of a city. Rome’s greatness is quickly fading, and it’s up to you to bring it back to its former glory. Build walls around it to protect it from pirates and barbarians, among other threats. Still, this is one of the best city building games for Android you can download now.

You can choose between two trusted leaders, Ovid and Asteria, who each have their own skills to offer. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to put in charge of the imperial station. Other than that, this game is about making sure your people are safe and fed, taking over new land, and controlling the flow of goods and services.

We really like that people can share the world map with each other. The app is pretty big, but the ads are done in a good way. There is also not a lot of help to get you started. Overall, though, it’s a well-made game with beautiful graphics. “A mobile game masterpiece,” one fan called it.


  • The scene and theme are from the past, and the details are real.
  • Mechanics for making cities that are both fun and strategic.
  • Missions and events that are fun and inspired by Roman history.
  • In-depth simulations of managing resources and the economy.
  • Regular updates and participation in the group.


  • To play it well, you have to spend a lot of time on it.
  • Few ways to connect with other people or play together.
  • For faster growth, you may need to buy things inside the app.
  • Some players may want to build cities that are more modern or have more choices.

Paradise City

Best City Building Games for Android


  • Build and run a modern city with buildings, parks, and transportation systems.
  • Balance the wants of your people, like where to live, how to get around, and what to do for fun.
  • Make smart choices to bring businesses, investors, and visitors to your city.
  • Deal with problems like traffic jams, smog, and natural disasters while making sure that the city grows and develops.

You start with nothing but empty fields, but in the end, you’ll have a busy city. From there, you’ll start a small town and build homes, shops, and a lodge to bring in tourists and boost the local economy. This free game about building a city can be played online or off. To be successful, you need to have the right amount of assets, jobs, and, of course, people. Currently, this is one of the best city building games for Android you can download now.

Growth that costs gold can only happen when and how you can pay for it. Based on what people say, pop-up ads do tend to stop play. But besides that, Paradise City is fun and easy to get hooked on. One of the most famous parts of the game is putting down roads, walking paths, and waterways. Still, it might be nice to have some side quests to keep things interesting.


  • Experience creating cities in the present and the future.
  • Graphics that are modern and look good.
  • There are many different kinds of buildings, sites, and infrastructure.
  • people can talk to their friends and other people.
  • There are regular changes and events to keep people interested.


  • Some players might not like the idea of the future.
  • For faster growth, you may need to buy things inside the app.
  • Some bugs and problems with connecting.
  • There aren’t enough advanced ways to change how houses and landscapes look.


What is the best city-building game for Android Quora?

Megapolis, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Smurf’s Village, City Island, and Virtual City Playground are the 5 best and most suggested ones. I’ve played these five games myself, and other people have said good things about them as well. But some of these may only work okay on your phone or tablet, based on its processor and RAM.

Which mobile game is very popular?

In 2022, more than 100 million people downloaded the game Ludo King in India. It was the most famous game there. With 82 million downloads, Free Fire MAX, a new version of Garena Free Fire, came in second.

Is there a game like Sim City?

Anno 2070 is a game where you build towns and try to keep their economies going strong, just like Sim City. Anno 2070 also has parts that happen in real time. It’s part of the popular Anno series, but this game is one of the best in the series.

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