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Best Compass Apps for Android

You can download a compass application to your Android device and use it to track your route, speed, distance, and altitude.

When it arrives to steer in the outdoors, serious hikers, backpackers, or survivalists know the significance of having a good compass in their hiking kits. With the advancement of technology, you can take your phone into the backcountry and still have the benefit of a compass on your phone. Compass apps have not changed much over the last ten or so years.

They use your gadgets accelerometer to ascertain direction. They sometimes require calibration and magnetic cases can mess with them. but, by and big, they all do the job fundamentally the similar method. They are useful for hikers, boaters, and many other outdoor activities where GPS connectivity is not always the best or if you just want to dare yourself by using only a compass to navigate.

You can download a compass application to your Android gadget and use it to track your route, speed, distance, and altitude. At the essentials level, a compass application should use your phone’s sensors to assist you navigate through latest terrains and return to your location. We’ll discuss some of the Best Compass Apps for Android in this article.

Here is the list of 10 Best Compass Apps for Android

Compass 360 Pro

Almost a decade ago, smartphones were not all that we desired, but fortunately this is the future and they have evolved. Compass 360 Pro is an application that highlights the versatility of our beloved mobile platform. Android smartphones are advanced enough to offer us many additional features that were not possible until recently.

This free Android application has a very readable interface. It also works right away and has calibration features to make it more accurate. The app is responsive and works as expected. The app is one of the most well-maintained compass apps around and is really pleasant to use. By tapping on the app icon you are ready to use it, and this is one of the best aspects.

Digital Field Compass

The Digital Field Compass application is a simple application, devoid of all frills such as backgrounds or fancy maps, that reduces battery consumption. The app is free, accurate, and has an easy-to-use layout with a central digital panel that displays direction in degrees, but requires access to WiFi for best results.

In addition, the app can detect any magnetic interference and is ideal for digital orienteering on land. The app also includes pitch and roll ranges, so it can be used in the marine environment for boating or sailing. You can manually adjust the declination of the current position and use the night mode to preserve night vision.

Fulmine Software Compass

Lightning Software is a developer on Google Play with a decent, basic compass app. It boasts the usual features and works without GPS or data connection. In addition, you receive a persistent notification with your direction, along with your magnetic and true direction.

Of course it works best with GPS, but all compasses should work. Both variants, free and premium, are virtually permission-free and have features such as latitude and longitude coordinates.

Compass Steel

Compass Steel is a simple, ad-free application that offers a compass with true and magnetic direction. The compass is praised for its accuracy and high contrast for better readability.

The app, which self-calibrates, has a tilt compensation function that helps you get correct measurements. Target directions can also be set and saved. It also has a sun and moon direction indicator and multicolor themes to choose from.

GPS Compass Navigator

This is another excellent Compass app that you can use to determine directions. Most travelers use this app to find directions while traveling, hiking or camping.

You just need to install this app from the Play Store to access finding directions around you. This app has numerous features that you can discover. It includes a voice navigation system, a customary navigation system, and many others.

Compass Galaxy

Beginners need a simple compass app that will not give them a headache when using it. Compass Galaxy is a basic digital compass that has a simple interface and does not require unnecessary permissions. Despite its simplicity, this compass works great for everyday use as long as you are not near the magnetic field.

Compass Galaxy will send you a notification whenever it needs to be calibrated. As with other compasses, calibration requires moving the device in 8 gestures. However, calibration needs to be done frequently, especially when you are near a magnet.

Smart Compass

It offers telescope, night, digital and Google Maps modes, with street and satellite maps available in the latter. The standard mode uses the phone’s camera for a true view of the direction. The application includes a GPS speedometer and a screen capture tool.

This Android application is part of the Smart Tools collection of applications, which also offers useful applications such as a metal detector, a spirit level, and an application for measuring distance.

Compass by NixGame

NixGame’s Compass app is easy to use and convenient, with the ability to switch between geographic and magnetic poles, so you can get the most accurate reading from this app!

NixGame’s Compass app also uses GPS or other location services to make sure you get the most accurate reading. This app will also tell you the latitude and longitude, so you can tell exactly where you are and even provide friends with the exact coordinates. Since NixGame’s compass app uses location services, you will also be able to see the exact address of your location!

Digital Compass

One of the best compass apps for Android that can be found on the Google Play Store is Digital compass. It is one of those compass apps that comes with both compass and map. In addition, you have the option to distinctly choose the desired view.

The application clearly shows true north and flashes a location on a map. The developer clearly indicates not to use magnetic covers with the compass, as they may interfere with the application.

KWT Digital Compass

KWT is a developer on Google Play with a digital compass app. It works like most others. You calibrate it and it tells you the direction. However, this app also includes slope angle, magnetic field strength, sensor status and some other potentially useful data.

It does not offer anything special, such as actual addresses, like other compass apps. However, navigation apps do this kind of thing better anyway, so we appreciate an app that is just a basic compass. It is cheap, it works, and the user interface is quality.

Final Words

The Google Play Store is full of bogus and occasionally useless compass applications. That might make it challenging when looking for one for the scheduled hiking trip or if you just enjoy using a compass for pleasure. In light of this, we searched through the Google Play Store and discovered the top compass app for Android.

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