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Best Compass Apps

A compass is a navigational instrument for determining direction relative to the Earth's magnetic poles. It consists of a magnetized pointer that is free to align itself with the Earth's magnetic field. The compass has greatly improved the safety and efficiency of travel, especially at sea.

Excellent for outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, camping, and backpacking, as well as road travels. In-app purchases provide users access to a speedometer, a latitude/longitude display, a voice option, and the ability to send their whereabouts. The speedometer gives readings in miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and knots. Display options for latitude and longitude include decimal degrees, UTM, and latitude and longitude itself.

You don’t need to spend money on a traditional compass that you have to remember to bring or pack with you instead, you can just download an app on your phone that acts as a compass. Check out our collection to locate a compass apps for Android or iOS 16 that is suitable for your requirements. There is a wide selection of options available. Below we have mentioned some of the best Compass Apps.

The best Compass Apps

Digital Compass

One of the top compass applications for Android on Google Play, Digital Compass is a clever tool that provides exact and accurate directions. This instrument is ideal for outdoor activities because it can help you figure out your azimuth and degree, as well as the direction you are facing. Utilizing an accelerator, gyroscope, magnetometer, and gravity, the compass application was created. Please confirm that your device has certain sensors before installing this app.

Your current location, altitude, slope angle, magnetic field strength, and sensor status can all be seen with this fantastic tool. It also enables you to mark the direction with a pointer. The digital compass is used for a variety of tasks, such as locating the Qibla for Muslims, Feng Shui, adjusting TVs antennas, and many more. Overall, this is one of the best Compass Apps that you can download.

Compass Galaxy

Beginners require a straightforward compass program that is easy to use. A basic digital compass with a straightforward user interface and no additional permissions is called Compass Galaxy. Even though it is basic, as long as you are not too close to the magnetic field, this compass is excellent for general use. This is the best Compass Apps.

Every time Compass Galaxy requires calibration, a notification will be sent to you. Similar to other compasses, calibration requires moving the gadget eight times. But you’ll discover that it needs to be calibrated frequently, especially when you’re close to a magnet. you can download this from official website.


This software, which offers everything a good compass offers in addition to having a built-in bubble level that allows you to measure relative angles just by setting the phone down on a surface and aligning it with respect to it, is another excellent choice for downloading and installing a compass app. In other words, you can use the bubble level to determine whether anything is straight or not, a feature that is also frequently utilized in building and measures.

This application is one of the simplest because of its straightforward interface. In fact, we can tell this merely by looking at how little it weighs—barely 2 MB or such. Another feature is that it is a tool free of any form of advertising while yet being the most useful and comfortable to use. It also has a positive rating of 4.3 stars in the Play Store, which is another reason we decided to include it in our post-compilation of the best compasses for Android app. For now, this is one of the best Compass Apps you can consider.

Compass and map

We’re moving on to another compass app that, in addition to the compass feature, features maps that will assist you find yourself wherever you are. And it is that you may position yourself wherever on the maps using this software, and the compass will update your location and heading without any more action from you. Additionally, this tool can determine the radius and corner. Currently, this is the best Compass Apps you can check now.

Additionally, Compass and Map enables you to quickly share your whereabouts through social networks so that your friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family members are aware of where you are. Additionally, there are two types of compasses available in this program: digital and map, the latter of which is placed on top of the other and shows information such as altitude and latitude.

Compass 360 Pro

This app’s design is really professional, and you may select the compass-design format from one of three possibilities based on your preferences. The magnetic field’s strength is indicated at the compass’s center. If you want to keep the precise details of a location’s orientation, you can even lock the direction. Only this minimal set of functions are available from this compass. Users who are seeking nothing more than a basic compass experience should utilize it without a doubt. We believe that it is only appropriate for those who have basic compass experience. Overall, this is the best Compass Apps you can consider.

Speaking Compass

This compass actually says the direction it is pointing in a loud voice. Thus, “Speaking Compass” was named. Additionally, it totally fills the screen with bold characters that show the compass direction. In comparison to other compasses, many of which do not have this talking capability, it gives a totally different experience. It is pretty simple to use and doesn’t need any authorization to function. Still, it is one of the best Compass Apps you can consider.

Additionally, you have the option of listening to the directions in an American or a British accent. This compass only outputs integer values; it does not produce decimal values. As far as we can tell, it just rounds the decimal values to the nearest integer range. Though we believe that in the real world we seldom require the directions to be in decimals, this can undoubtedly result in less precision.

Compass Coordinate

The majority of us always use Google Maps as our primary navigation tool while we’re in a city or on a highway. Compass Coordinate is more convenient to use and work with because it integrates with Google Maps. Additionally, you can get the coordinates of a certain spot on the map. beneficial for spreading to others.

Because Google Maps is used, the location’s name is also obtained from Google Maps. There are several available themes and map formats with Compass Coordinate. While using the program, you can keep the screen on, zoom or push a marker, and alter the wording, unit, and even color. Ad removal is possible with an in-app purchase. This is one of the best Compass Apps you can download.

Compass Galaxy

Not everyone needs a compass app with lots of features. Some people don’t like to provide too many permissions merely to be able to see where they are on a map. The really well-liked Android compass app Compass Galaxy does not request any needless permissions. Additionally, there is no in-app purchase. For now, this is the best Compass Apps.

To find your precise location on a digital compass with degrees and direction, open the app. I believe seeing how many people are praising the app everywhere is enough for some folks. There is no option to get rid of the app’s built-in advertisements.

Final Words

One of the many functions of a compass is to provide directions. However, you could frequently forget to bring a physical compass with you when you travel, particularly if you go off-roading. You can always rely on your Android smartphone in such circumstances. The Google Play store offers a wide variety of compass apps that may be downloaded and utilized.

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