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Best Content Curation Websites for Real Estate

This list is about the Best Content Curation Websites for Real Estate. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Content Curation Websites for Real Estate. I hope you like this list Best Content Curation Websites for Real Estate. So lets begin:

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Curating content is easy. It is the process of locating, analyzing and collecting information from various sources on the Internet to display it in a more organized and effective way. How does content curation work? Evaluate online content, such as articles and other types. Yes, including movies, publications, and online images. Then you choose among them the strongest points. In addition, it eliminates material that is unnecessary or useless. Now that you have the best information, you need to use it in your own posts. You will soon have the best traffic thanks to the superior article structure you have for your website. People are more likely to do business with you and make purchases from you. Content curation is not limited to websites; can also be done for social networks. Social networks have a significant impact on the sales of a company in today’s society. Everyone evaluates a company based on its posts and the information contained in those posts. A company’s use of social media affects both its success and its popularity.

Therefore, content selection is essential and highly pertinent for a social networking site. However, doing it alone can be incredibly stressful. It is a waste of money, time and effort. For this reason, you need specific hardware or software to complete this job for you. The importance of content creation cannot be overstated, whether the business is large or small. Therefore, you need to make sure that the content you distribute is appropriate for your audience. There are a lot of things available thanks to the advancement of technology. The content can take the form of articles, posts, photos or videos. To increase traffic to their websites and services, everyone tries to write as much content as possible. But creating content is not an easy task. There are plenty of items available, but that doesn’t mean they’re all worthwhile or accurate. Great content takes a lot of work, and in today’s fast-paced world, it’s impossible to produce without help. This is when you and your clients can benefit from content curation tools. With these tools, you can easily find high-quality material to read. You can have the best content on your website with these, increasing the likelihood of better visitors.

Best Content Curation Websites for Real Estate

Trulia is another well-known real estate website. The website has a blog where you can learn everything you need to know about real estate, from anecdotes of a 19-year-old buying his first property to astrological phenomena of buying a house during Mercury retrograde. The website also has an easy and convenient interface. Trulia provides a wealth of information prospective home buyers may need, and it’s not just limited to listing exhibits or a collection of facts and figures; there are countless articles with real-life homebuying success stories. That is what draws people to this website in such large numbers.


What do people enjoy? Liza. Do you realize why people love them? The main causes are five, jk. However, people are very much in love with lists. It doesn’t matter why the general public likes simple numerical rankings. Just accept it as fact and let Listly show you the way. You can use this feature to organize relevant data into lists on your website, after which people can upvote or downvote the material. A curation tool that allows active participation makes a lot of sense because its purpose in generating material is to attract an audience. Visitor feedback is really helpful in knowing what material is most effective at reaching the audience you’re trying to reach. At List.ly is a fantastic resource for generating a pitch of list ideas so you can quickly and easily add compelling and engaging content to your website.


Because you choose the blogs and articles you want to include in your collection, and ProtoPage imports headlines from almost any website, it functions as both a home page and an RSS reader. ProtoPage makes it easy to access the content of your choice and quickly get to new material.

key features

  • Use any PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone to access this
  • Import headlines from a wide range of websites
  • Keep sticky notes, to-do lists, bookmarks, and more with your own content preferences.

Remove it

The Scoop.it platform uses a fairly straightforward process and is designed for content curation. Using keywords related to your interests, you search through their content engine and the results show you recent and relevant content that you may want to select for your feed. When you locate content you want to curate, you can click to post it to your own topic page and add your own comment or twist to the article. From there, you can share it on social media and put a Scoop.it widget on your website to provide a continuous stream of well-curated material. Scoop.it’s pricing structure and product concept are a bit confusing. There are three options available: one is for individuals, one is for knowledge sharing, and one is for marketers.


With the help of this service, you can create “trending feeds” that will keep you updated on the most read content on any topic you choose. Buzzsumo finds the top influencers for the topics you choose, plus promotes the most popular content in your feed, so you’re always in the know about new content from your favorite authors. (Hint: This is useful if you know a local writer who writes about the housing market, or if your MLS directory occasionally provides updates on the market you want to use.) Pricing Information: Interested users can conduct free searches from its home page to evaluate Buzzsumo’s aggregation capabilities. For a small but dedicated team, Buzzsumo’s subscription plan is recommended, starting at $99/month for 1-5 users, which particularly emphasizes content marketing as a method of attracting new prospects.

post planner

One of the best known names in content selection and scheduling is Post Planner. It is now the most platform-like solution available. This is where you can find an all-inclusive content management system that puts a strong emphasis on curation. The search engine, which evaluates your interests using keywords, hashtags, and even current sources on a Facebook or Twitter account, is the first stage of the Post Planner. It then suggests different feeds and material that corresponds to those interests. You can organize your personal libraries of content sources however you choose as you learn more.


With the help of the Kuratur WordPress plugin, content marketers can post relevant and up-to-date information on their blogs and websites. You can quickly publish your own web magazine with Kuratur.

Key elements

  • Have up to 10 magazines available at a time, or contact support if you need more.
  • Integrate the look and feel of the magazine completely into your existing blog or website so it blends in seamlessly.
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter and all blogs that share an RSS feed
  • Magazines are suitable for search engines.

Another well known and appreciated real estate website that rules the market is realtor.com. Your home can be narrowed down with simple sort filters, and the blog is conveniently divided into multiple areas. News, insights, and guides that provide information on a variety of topics, from housing trends to tips for reducing moving stress. Check out the best B2B websites if you like this list.

pearl trees

You can save photos, web pages, and other things that interest you with Pearltrees, which works like a digital library. All you have to do is drag your digital items, URLs, and collections into sub-collections. This tool allows you to join the conservation community where your collection is linked to other collections by making your collections public. Here, you can anticipate unique material and better teamwork.


The most used RSS in the world is Feedly, a popular blog reader. When it comes to content curation, it is an essential tool. You can purchase subscriptions for your favorite magazines, websites, YouTube channels, and blogs here. You can read, store and share material on social networks using Feedly. Also, here you can group fonts into collections. Although it is free to use, you can choose a premium version that allows group logins.


Quora is similar to a social media feed with things you really want that are produced by experts in their fields. Imaginary, huh? Because so much information is presented so clearly on Quora, users love it. Enter keywords and watch great insights and relevant topics start appearing on your page. Read what you want to read, bookmark items to read later, and check back at any time to see what’s changed. One of the quickest and easiest ways to find the knowledge you need if you’re looking for something particularly specialized is through Quora. Since Quora is a question-based platform, you can target particular queries that members of your reader base may be raising. Curating material based on raised queries is a fantastic method of helping your readers receive value.

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