Best Cricket Games for PC

As technology and artificial intelligence advance, so does the gaming experience. Most games today mimic real cricket games and give you control over how you get to the finish. There has never been a better time to play cricket.

If you love cricket, you probably won’t be able to get enough of your favorite activity. You probably just can’t stop, whether it’s playing or watching cricket. You might like playing cricket virtually if playing it outside isn’t enough for you. On your computer, you may play some fantastic cricket games. The weather won’t have an impact on these games, and you may play them in the comfort of your own home for hours. People who desire to virtually experience a cricketer’s life and glory and realise their aspirations of competing on an international scale will find the best Cricket Games for PC to be fantastic.

India is a nation that worships cricket. Age is no barrier for a cricket fan; it is hugely popular in every home across the nation, whether it be a little child, girl, adult, or senior citizen. Nothing could be better if you love cricket and video games than superb Cricket PC games. You may virtually play on an international level when you play one of these top cricket games for PC. Below we have mentioned Best Cricket Games for PC.

6 Best Cricket Games for PC

Cricket Revolution

Best Cricket Games for PC

Cricket Revolution is the first game on our list of the top cricket video games for the PC. The fact that this game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes is its strongest feature. Consequently, you can play this game with your pals either locally or online (LAN). You can download this game from its Official Website.

For cricket fans who enjoy bowling, this game is fantastic. There are many variants available for each ball, and it has some excellent bowling mechanics. Player-friendly gameplay makes it simple to keep track of your score while you play. Overall, this is one of the Best Cricket Games for PC you can suggest your friends.

Ashes Cricket

Best Cricket Games for PC

It was released in 2017 to boost the Ashes Cricket Series between Australia and England’s public image. It was initially solely licenced for the nations stated above. The good news is that you can still download players, teams, and a lot more from the feature community. Its publisher is none other than BigAntStudios, a well-known company in the game industry. Currently, this is one of the Best Cricket Games for PC.

Compared to previous iterations, this one is much more accurate and lifelike. Utilizing cutting-edge photogrammetry technology, it allows you to take advantage of all the photo-realistic likeness features. You can select your own batting and bowling styles in addition to having access to completely motion captured star test players. By offering 360-degree batting, it has established itself as Big Ant’s most sophisticated cricket game.

Cricket Captain 2020

Best Cricket Games for PC

Cricket Captain 2020 is the next title in our list of the top PC cricket games. The player database for this game is enormous in comparison to the other games on this list. This game has every legend in the sport. You can also play this game with a more management-focused strategy. Create the most effective ways to defeat your adversaries. If team play is not your thing, you can also play as a solo. Overall, this is one of the Best Cricket Games for PC.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Best Cricket Games for PC

A sequel to the enduringly popular Don Bradman Cricket 17 was made public on computers on January 16, 2017. Your Publisher? Nobody else but Big Ant Studios. The cricket career begins at the local level, which is its most distinctive aspect. You might therefore aim for domestic jobs before moving on to international ones depending on your competence.

The game is really realistic because to these elements. Its brand-new, ground-breaking control scheme offers unparalleled convenience for batting, bowling, and fielding experiences compared to earlier iterations. It has established itself in the market as a thorough cricket simulator, elevating your passion for the game to a whole new level. For now, this is the Best Cricket Games for PC.

Big Bash Boom

Best Cricket Games for PC

Big Bash Boom is the cricket game you need on your PC if you have a controller. Big-headed players and T20 cricket action with officially licenced Big Bash League and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League teams and players are featured in the game. This is the Best Cricket Games for PC that you can consider.

Big Bash Boom offers interesting mechanics in addition to the normal cricket experience, such powerups for sixes and other things. The game also features more than 60 unlocked cosmetic items, including potato for a ball and creative hats. However, keyboard and mouse input are not supported by the game.

Cricket 19

Best Cricket Games for PC

For a time now, Cricket 19 has been a well-liked cricket video game on PC. To accurately depict the action of cricket matches, the game offers an accurate cricket simulation. On a national and international level, you can compete in T20, ODI, and test matches. To help your team succeed, you can design your own club, stadium, uniforms, and sponsor logos.

In addition to this, Cricket 19 features a career mode in which you take on the role of a rookie cricketer and try to win the game for your team. Similar to Big Bash Boom, Cricket 19 does not accept mouse or keyboard input, so a controller is required to play. Overall, this is one of the Best Cricket Games for PC you can install now.


As technology and artificial intelligence advance, so does the gaming experience. The majority of games today mimic actual cricket matches, putting you in control of how you get there. There has never been a finer time to play cricket. The games on the list are the top cricket video games for PC in 2023. In contrast to other free online games, you must download this one from reliable sources to use all of its features. As a result, you can play games and experience the excitement of the adrenaline rush.

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