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Best Day Hikes in New Zealand

This list is about the Best Day Hikes in New Zealand. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Day Hikes in New Zealand. I hope you like this list Best Day Hikes in New Zealand. So lets begin:

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Stretching from north to south, the epic Southern Alps mountain range is made up primarily of the massive granite peaks of New Zealand’s South Island. Due to its location on the island, this mountain range is surrounded by beaches and very different landscapes. At the northernmost point is the sunny, golden sand region of Nelson/Marlborough.

The east coast is home to large, flat, fertile plains that are perfect for agriculture and are bordered by black-sand beaches. While the wild west coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, the south coast is wild and dreary with rolling hills that are nevertheless perfect for farming. One of our favorite aspects of this beautiful nation is the New Zealand day hikes! Whether you choose to stroll along our attractive coastline or venture into our National Parks, there is a ride for everyone.

When visiting our shores, you should definitely explore the trekking opportunities in the South Island of New Zealand. We’ve put our top North Island pick, the Green Lake gem at the center of our walking crown, though most of our favorite walks are in the South Island. If you’re looking for more details on the best walks in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. Watch out for the contour lines!

Here is the list of the best day trips in New Zealand

Pororari River Track

This beautiful green wonder can be found in Paparoa National Park, New Zealand’s smallest national park. It will soon be the location of our 10th flagship hike, the Paparoa/Pike 29 trail, which will feature a section honoring the victims of the November 2010 mine disaster. North of the State Highway 6 Visitor Center is where the walk begins: at the Pororari river bridge. On our list of the best walks in New Zealand, this is one of the easiest. It seems as if time has stopped when you walk along the Pororari River. As you strain your eyes for dinosaurs, towering nikau palm trees and a variety of fern species stir in the background. It’s like walking into the set of the movie Jurassic Park.

Mount Taranaki

Climbing Mount Taranaki would be my favorite walk if I had to choose just one in New Zealand. On the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, this beautiful volcano rises steeply from sea level and low, rolling grasslands to a dizzying height of 2.5 km. Nearly 70 people have lost their lives trying to reach the top of this treacherous trek. As a result, you should record your plans in the brochure and check the weather with the DOC office before you set out on your trip. With little snow in the crater proper, we were lucky enough to enjoy excellent climbing conditions.

Roy’s Peak Track

The most well-known hiking trail in the South Island may be Roy’s Peak. It’s a true Instagram celebrity with top-line stories for the iconic view of Lake Wanaka framed by the stone spine of Mount Alta. The trail itself has a medium degree of difficulty. It starts near the lake on Mount Aspiring Road and winds back and forth through tussock grass meadows to the main ridge. The entire route is closed from early October to mid-November during the spring calving season. It takes about six hours from start to finish.

Bealey Spur Track

I don’t mean the London football team or a pair of shoes used to stab horses when I say “Spurs”. I am referring, of course, to the projection from a mountain or a mountain range. A lovely little hill with spectacular views of the rest of the valley forms the Bealey Spur road, which is located near the town of Arthurs Pass. A fantastic day hike with stunning views of the Waimakariri River and nearby mountains, particularly Avalanche Peak, discussed later, is the steadily climbing trail, usually within tree line.

Hooker Valley Track

The best known day hike in the South Island is the Hooker Valley Track. The route, which was forced to close for almost a year due to flooding, is now open and you can enjoy beautiful views of the Hooker Valley at the base of Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak. You’ll pass mountain streams, emerald lakes and ancient glaciers on this easy 10-kilometre round-trip climb. You can see Mueller Lake, ancient moraine ridges, and Mueller Glacier as you descend further into the valley via a series of swing bridges. The trip ends with stunning views of Mount Cook and Lake Hooker’s flotilla of icebergs.

goblin forest

Some of the best views of Mount Taranaki can be seen on this ascent. The first two hours are spent on a track that gradually ascends through Egmont’s Goblin Forest. The trees are extensively covered with moss and the forest is dense. It has seductive and terrifying qualities. An area of ​​dwarf schrubland with scenic views can be found after crossing the brush line. The day we started this hike, Taranaki and its surroundings were completely obscured by heavy fog. We can’t comment on the views because the fog didn’t lift for us. The hike ends at the Pouakai Tarns, which on clear days reflect the volcano.

Mount Robert

A very short half-day loop on Mount Robert in Nelson Lakes National Park offers stunning views of Lake Rotoiti and the mountains that divide the provinces of Tasmania and Marlborough. If you’re not an avid hiker but want something more challenging than just strolling along the pier, this is a great option. Along with cute wekas, unique dark brown kakas, and fluffy little piwakawakas, Mount Robert is also home to a wide variety of native wildlife. Don’t you think I’m just making up names? If you google them, you will be surprised.

ben lomond

One of the most rewarding walks in the South Island is the Ben Lomond Trail. The entire climb takes 6-8 hours to complete unless you use the Skyline gondola to get to the tree line. Your trip begins at the One Mile parking lot, which is close to the center of town. When you reach the tree line (just above the Skyline Gondola building) at 800 meters, the hike will take you through Douglas Fir forest, beautiful native beech forest, and more (2,620 feet). To reach the saddle at 1,326 meters, walk through alpine bushes (4,350 feet). From here the trail gets a bit steeper and trickier as you climb to the top. Ben Lomond Peak is 1,748 meters (5,734 feet) high and provides

Tongariro Crossing

Some of the best walks in the North Island may go unnoticed because New Zealand’s South Island is so renowned for its walks. One of the best hikes in New Zealand is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which is generally cited as one of the best day hikes in the world. The trek begins at the end of the Mangatepopo road in Tongariro National Park, the country’s first national park. The best option is to set up a shuttle from a local town like Whakapapa or the nearest major city, Taupo. This hike is not for the faint of heart! Similar to Frodo and Sam’s climb up Mount Doom, it’s a challenging journey. For Lord of the Rings, this place is quite extraordinary.

fox glacier

If Franz Joseph satisfies your need for glaciers, continue south on SH6 to Fox. Turning right in the center of town as you head south will get you to Lake Matheson Boardwalk; just follow the instructions. Here is a fantastic cafe, a visitor center, and a quick 1.6-mile (2.6-kilometer) walk through lush rainforest. Highlights of the smooth, well-maintained trail are the tranquil reflections of Mt. Tasman and Aoraki/Mt. Cook out on serene Lake Matheson. He’s moody and quite photogenic, so make sure you have plenty of camera space.

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