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Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka

This list is about the Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka. I hope you like this list Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka. So lets begin:

Quick Info about: Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not only a country of clean beaches and unusual teas, but also a country of delicious curries and rice. Sri Lankan cuisine is similar to South Indian cuisine but has a unique flavor and taste that cannot be ignored. The effects of perennial colonialism and the strong influence of different countries can be seen in the mix of different dishes, curry mixes and unique types of bread – Theti Paan and Roast Paan served in Sri Lanka.

You may be wondering how there can be so much variety of food in such a small country. What makes Sri Lankan cuisine unique is not only the diversity of flora and fauna, but also its ethnic diversity. In ancient times, in the 15th and 16th centuries, traders from India, Europe, Arabia, Africa and Malaysia came to Sri Lanka and brought their local cuisines, different cooking styles and methods. For example, Lamprais is a Dutch influenced dish, most desserts are Portuguese influenced, roast beef and roast chicken are British influenced.

Here is the list of the best dishes to eat in Sri Lanka


The spices are dry roasted, small pieces of jackfruit are mixed with the roasted spices. Mustard seed oil is heated in a pan and garlic, onion, curry leaves, lemongrass and cinnamon are added. Pieces of jackfruit are then mixed with the sauce and the coconut mixture is poured on. It is then cooked for an hour.


Lamprais or Lumprice is a traditional dish in Sri Lanka, introduced by the Dutch burger people of the country. It’s the same package or a piece of delicious rice with some unique garnishes wrapped in a banana leaf. This complex Sri Lankan dish usually consists of beef curry, eggplant pickles, mashed potatoes, onion flavor, chili paste, cutlets, and fried hard-boiled eggs. All of these ingredients are placed on a preheated banana leaf to package the Lamprais. One of the distinctive characteristics of Lamprais is its pleasant smell and true taste. The mysterious flavor of Lamprais lies in the use of banana leaves to pack them. Banana leaves are heated over a fire before the food is wrapped and give the food a pleasant aroma. Without a doubt, this is a delicious dish with a nice flavor and a must-taste traditional dish in Sri Lanka.

This Sri Lankan delicacy has been very popular in the country throughout its history. In fact, Lamprais has eaten on the road on long drives in the past. Sri Lankans carried a pack of Lamprais with them when they visited and traveled. Since all the curries included in Lamprais are dry curries, they can be stored at room temperature without spoiling even for a day. The process of creating a lamprais is complex. The rice and curry are cooked separately and the banana leaf is heated to make it pliable. Then the rice portion is served with the remaining curry around the rice on the banana leaf. Finally, the banana leaf is wrapped in a bag of rice so as not to break the leaf.

Parippu (dhal curry)

This lentil curry is very easy to make and we haven’t given up coconut here either. In any case, most of our graves must have used coconut in one form or another. I didn’t know what the curry would be like, but we all loved it with our rice. The ease of cooking ensures that it will be a frequent part of our Saturday lunch table. Only the toor twig was used in the recipe, but I mixed it with the masur twig because it ran out. Still, it’s delicious. The sauce was a bit runnier, so if you like your twig curry thicker, I recommend adding an additional 1/4 cup of your choice of lentils while keeping the rest of the ingredients the same.


Kiribath is a dish that is prepared on special occasions in Sri Lanka. The dish is prepared by boiling rice and cooking it with coconut milk and a pinch of salt. Once the consistency of the mixture becomes sticky, let it rest. Then the mixture is cut into slices. Kiribath is usually topped with lunu miris, a kind of traditional chili sauce.

Pol Sambol (coconut seasoning)

Coconut is a very important crop in Sri Lanka and currently ranks fifth in coconut production after Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Brazil. The coconut is so important in a country nicknamed the “Pearls of the Indian Ocean” that it occupies about 20 percent of Sri Lanka’s arable land. At present, Sri Lanka’s contribution to GDP is actually more than 1% and its contribution to export earnings is around 4%. About ⅔ part of this product is consumed in our country. Coconut is definitely a big part of the Sri Lankan diet, used as a drink or as food. Its bark, bark, juice, leaves, and body are also used for other applications. Sri Lanka has many varieties of coconut, some of which were born on the island and, as you know, they are also called royal coconuts.

Hoppers (appa or appam)

Appam or Sri Lanka bunkers are delicious and healthy delicious pancakes made from coconut milk and rice or rice flour that require fermentation, ideally overnight. It’s a great meal to start the day, we cook it mostly on the weekends, but to be honest you can keep the dough in the fridge and eat it every morning for a few minutes before work or school. I love to believe that it came from Sri Lanka, where I cooked a simple breakfast or even dinner.

Gotukola sambol (Centella salad)

Green leafy vegetables are not the most common thing to eat in Sri Lanka, although the cuisine calls for a lot of tuberous vegetables. But anyway, since I like green vegetables, I ate a dish known as Gotukola Sambol, frequently during my visit. Gotukola is the word for gotu kola, a small green leafy vegetable that is common throughout Southeast Asia. Sambol is the word used to describe a dish or side dish prepared and eaten with raw ingredients. Gotukola sambol is thus an essentially Sri Lankan salad garnish. Gotukola is first sliced ​​very thin and then mixed with grated coconut meat, red onions and some additional spices for seasoning. Gotu Kola tastes very green, I think you can compare it to the green taste of kale, and it’s refreshing and crunchy.

Fish ambul thiyal (sour fish curry)

As you would expect from an island in the Indian Ocean, seafood plays a major role in Sri Lankan cuisine. Fish ambul tiyal (sour fish curry) is one of the favorite varieties of various fish curries available. The fish, usually something large and tough, like tuna, is cut into cubes and then fried in a mixture of spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, pandan leaves, and curry leaves. Probably the most important ingredient is the dried goraka, a small fruit that is responsible for giving the fish a bitter taste. Ambul tiyal is a dry curry dish, meaning all the ingredients are boiled with a small amount of water and cooked until the liquid is reduced. This allows the spice mixture to coat each cube of fish. Sourced from southern Sri Lanka, it is available in curry restaurants across the country and is best eaten with rice.

devilish dishes

A devil’s dish is originally a Chinese dish but is very popular in Sri Lanka. It comes with tons of fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, large chiles, and often shrimp, chicken, calamari, or fish, and is then covered in a sweet and sour sauce with an emphasis on spiciness. that in sweet Protein is usually fried.

Final words: Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka

I hope you understand and like this list Best Dishes to Eat in Sri Lanka, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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