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Best Events Apps

Event applications are now present at many different kinds of events. These apps are available across a wide range of businesses, including conferences, trade exhibitions, universities, and even entertainment events.

An Event apps is a planning and administration tool that aims to improve both attendees’ and planners’ experiences. By consolidating all or a portion of the event management process and guest involvement into a single, widely used channel—smartphones it achieves this. These applications are a recent development in technology, and it’s clear that they won’t be going away anytime soon.

Event applications are now present at many different kinds of events. These apps are available across a wide range of businesses, including conferences, trade exhibitions, universities, and even entertainment events. It is a planning and management tool that seeks to enhance the experiences of planners and attendees. This is done by combining all or a portion of the event management process and guest participation onto a single platform, which in this case is a smartphone.

These applications are a recent technology trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. There are now event apps available for a wide range of events. Numerous businesses, including conferences, trade shows, universities, and entertainment venues, employ these applications. Below the list of best platform for Event planning which you get eaily.

Here is the list of 7 Best Events Apps


Turn on access to your location to see what is happening around you, or search by city. The app provides dates, times, locations, maps and similar events. You can also check ticket prices and order those available. You can share event information with attendees through your event app, posting real-time updates to your entire community or sending targeted notifications to specific types of attendees.

Participants viewing the event on Facebook can click Get Tickets to purchase a ticket via PayPal or credit card and register for the event. There is no additional cost to attendees: Free or paid tickets are priced the same on Facebook and on Eventbrite. Exhibitors and sponsors can maximize their ROI by capturing attendee information on the spot.


Attendify offers an easy-to-use event app for both event creators and participants. Event creators can set up the app quickly, and all that needs to be done is drag and drop. Then, you can encourage connections with participants by offering them app features such as agendas, tracks, speaker biographies, maps, sponsor lists, and more.

Offering simple, do-it-yourself tools, Attendify allows you to create a private social network unique to your event, with features such as a social timeline, photo sharing, messaging, likes, comments, and personal profiles. Attendify is simple, which is great if simplicity is all you need. A single data dashboard and a nice layout can leave some hosts perfectly happy. If, however, you need customization and a robust data and engagement tracking system, you may want to consider another platform.


EventX offers comprehensive event management solutions that make your event simple and impactful. The organizer can quickly set up the event through the app builder. To interact with participants, organizers can maintain a live Q&A section with attendees through the app. If you want to organize an event, EventX is the best choice. The app is now available on Huawei’s app store and supports the Chinese language.

The EventX platform is an end-to-end solution for your online events, exhibitions, conferences or webinars. We help you maximize lead conversion and engagement at online events with our range of event features, including virtual spaces, booths, meeting rooms, and exclusive audience access.


An app built with Whova allows attendees to plan their experience around a focus of their choice so they can attend the right panels and sessions. A mobile agenda and attendee biographies (with links to social media) make networking a breeze for professionals.

Whova All-in-One Event Management Software helps event organizers create more engaging and organized events (face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid) by improving attendee engagement, increasing networking opportunities, boosting exhibitor/sponsor ROI, and making event planning much easier.


Eventbase is a feature-rich application, with full-screen commercials and branding capabilities, that can help you achieve your and your sponsors’ goals. Engage in-person and digital attendees with a networking feature that allows guests to connect and elevates their experience as digital fans.

Mobile event platform designed for businesses, brands and events. Features include social media creation and integrated programs. Eventbase’s event app is intuitive to use and reflects the vital details of your brand. The platform offers usability benefits and design flexibility to engage your audience. Attendees are sure to appreciate the ability to use an easy-to-use and attractive app.

Event Always

Event Always is a platform that lists online and offline conferences, exhibitions, seminars (or webinars) and workshops. There are thousands of events to choose from, spanning different categories such as agriculture, pets, arts and crafts, labor, performing arts, school activities, science and technology, computer science, travel, and many others.

Eventalways is actually a web-based event listing platform that allows people to create an event, promote it online, and purchase tickets for any event. Eventalways does not actually organize the events. Explore all upcoming events around the world.


Eventmobi is an all-in-one event app builder created with the philosophy that events come in all shapes and sizes, and therefore the corresponding app should too. Eventmobi aims to offer all the necessary features of an event app, including developer tools, attendee engagement features, and technical support. However, it does so in a way that exactly fits your event and your budget.

EventMobi’s end-to-end event management platform makes it easy to plan, promote, monetize, and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences. The platform itself is easy to navigate and populate. It offers great elements that allow you to communicate with participants on a whole new level. EventMobi Studio allowed us to easily transition to a 6-day virtual conference format, even though we only had five weeks to set everything up and launch.

Final words

Its designers must continuously innovate to stay abreast of the latest trends, as event planning is a challenging and ever-changing industry. As more and more events are held in China, event planners are increasingly looking for event apps with Chinese functionality. How can event organizers choose the right event app for their needs when there are so many aspects to consider?

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