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You don’t need the best fighting sticks to enjoy arcade style fighting games. but it’s closer to the actual arcade machine experiences these games originally had and can be an easier way to pull off special moves and combos. While playing titles like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, or Tekken with a gamepad up to the professional level is still effective, using a traditional arcade layout puts the controls right where you want them.

It will take you a little while to get used to the game, let alone trying to navigate the menus with one, but pulling off special moves with precise inputs or simply pressing the fat buttons is an experience worth trying.

If you feel like modifying the parts of your device or adding a custom graphics layer, Razer devices are ideal for this with their easy disassembly. The Victrix is ​​also handy for changing the buttons or joystick, but its sleek metal body means you can’t change the look of the thing like you might with competing products.

Here is the list of the best Fight Sticks

Nacon Daija

Nacon has quietly become a real force to be reckoned with when it comes to controller manufacturing, and the Daija doubles that as a peripheral that immediately feels like a premium piece of kit. Once removed from its beautiful packaging, the first thing that strikes you is the total weight of the thing.

Thanks to a solid metal plate on the rubberized bottom panel, it weighs 3.7kg and you can be pretty sure that if you put it on a table it won’t go anywhere. That solidity means it’s easier to move around, though some may find it a bit tiring to have it on their knees for an extended period of time.

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Hori Fighting Stick Mini

Some gamers take fighting games a bit more seriously. Some players are more casual. And while both sets of players will enjoy fighting games, they’ll probably want to use different teams to play the game. With that in mind, the HORI Switch Fighting Stick Mini was clearly made for gamers who are a bit more on the casual end of the spectrum.

That’s not to say it’s a weaker fighting stick. On the contrary, the mini maintains a design that the professionals would not necessarily reject. And especially among gamers who are trying to get a quality fighting stick on a smaller budget. Because the performance of the mechanical switches behind each button on this pad compares favorably to some high-end gaming gear.

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Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick

The Mayflash F300 Fightstick is an ideal stick for beginners that offers good value for money. Built by the Chinese company Mayflash Limited, the F300 is a budget device that won’t break the bank. Perhaps its most attractive feature is the ability to play on almost any platform. That’s right, it’s a universal Fightstick, which means you can play it on PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX360, PC, Nintendo Switch, and even Android.

That’s great, but what’s it like to play? Is it worth getting a cheap fighting stick? Read on to find out what I think. Unboxing the Fightstick is pretty simple. Included in the box is the Fight Stick, a micro USB cable, and the manual. Nothing too exciting here, but it’s the setup that’s most interesting.

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Qanba drone

Although lightweight, the N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick is heavy enough not to move around on your lap unless you’re the aggressive type. It’s also worth noting that the drone doesn’t sacrifice comfort for compactness, as the buttons and joystick are conveniently separated.

The buttons and joystick feel fine, but seem to be on the looser side. It’s easy to feel like the unit is plastic and not that sturdy. On the plus side, the buttons hardly make any sound. No input lag was detected during testing of this product.

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HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V

The Real Arcade Pro V is as close to the feel of a real arcade cabinet as it gets, and it really shows. With nine pro-grade Hayabusa buttons, an incredibly precise joystick that enables ultra-fast inputs without lag, turbo button support, and the option of button remapping, this joystick is truly built for professionals.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro V is a wired controller with no option for bluetooth or wireless support. While this is the norm for most tournament players, the average player might find it a bit annoying to plug in the USB cable every time he wants to play. Hori includes an extremely long 10-foot USB cable, so it’s hard to find a reason to complain.

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Hori Real Arcade Pro N

There was an issue with our unit where very precise timing was needed to register simultaneous button presses, and it was especially apparent when playing Tekken 7. However, most, if not all other players, do not report this issue. this problem. Otherwise, the joystick is quite responsive, there’s plenty of wrist room, and the unit fits very comfortably on a gamer’s lap. There is no learning curve needed for the Noir button layout.

This is a very attractive arcade stick. The black color gives the unit a classy vibe, and the gold accents add just enough oomph to make it stand out from the rest. Those who are interested in overlaying custom artwork on top of pre-existing design will be pleased to learn that plexiglass over the original artwork allows for easy customization.

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Qanba Obsidian

The Qanba Obsidian is a fighting stick that is aimed at those who want a premium mid-range stick, but don’t want to pay the price of the more expensive Qanba Dragon. As a mid-range device, the Obsidian is in direct competition with the Razer Panthera, which is a pretty tough device to beat.

The Obsidian is quite large, measuring 46 x 26 x 12 cm, it is larger than the Razer Panthera, although not as large as the Qanba Dragon. Due to its size, it therefore also has a good weight of almost 3 kg. The design of the Qanba Obsidian is, in a word, impressive. On the surface of the stick is a gloss black finish which is complemented by silver metal sides. The only drawback is that the glossy finish is prone to fingerprints, so be prepared to clean this bar after every use.

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HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

The Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is the latest entry in this range, and its release is clearly designed to capitalize on the arrival of the aforementioned Street Fighter V. The device is something of a monster, even when compared to home arcade controllers. earlier from Hori. . It is 17 inches wide, 9.5 inches deep and weighs 2.2 kg. The top section is plastic while the bottom is metal, and this arrangement gives the controller a reassuringly heavy feel.

If you’re using it on a flat surface, it won’t move with use, but it’s not so thick that you feel like it’s going to cut off blood circulation in your legs if you decide to rest it on your lap. One of the main selling points of a Hori controller is the quality of the parts used. On this model, we have Hori’s Hayabusa lever, which, at least according to the manufacturer, reduces input load by 15 percent. Apparently, the Kuro’s buttons are less prone to wear: 60 percent less, we’re told.

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Razer Atrox

The Atrox sports a total of eight Sanwa buttons on the right side of its face, with the short joystick positioned just to the left of the buttons. The Xbox home button is located above the joystick, complete with a lock/unlock feature that is in place to prevent accidental activation.

The menu and view buttons (also Sanwa) are placed on the right side of the device, and finally a button on the front of the device is used to open the lid. This is where you will find the storage as well as the mod capabilities. The storage allows you to hide the accompanying screwdriver, as well as some extra buttons and the joystick ball.

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qanba dragon

The Qanba Dragon Joystick is one of the top of the line, arcade stick or fight stick as they are commonly known. The gaming industry always focuses on new and high-end products. For those of us who seek total perfection in our gaming experience or for those of us who are always willing to experiment with new technologies, the Qanba Dragon arcade device brings with it new possibilities along with satisfying features.

The Qanba Dragon joystick comes in a standard PS4 themed box with a blue accented color scheme. The entire box is covered in PS4 themes, product logos, specs, and other advertisements. The top slides off and then the case opens like window doors, upon which you are greeted by the user manual and the Qanba Dragon resting on protective foam.

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