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ArticleListsBest Fighting Games in 2023 November: Learn how to fight well.

Best Fighting Games in 2023 November: Learn how to fight well.

Fighting games are a type of video game where the players fight each other one-on-one.

From my own experience, the most exciting and fun video games are the ones with lots of action, exciting fights, and puzzles that make you think strategically. These games are like a shot of adrenaline; they give you a huge rush of energy and thrills. What really makes them stand out are the memorable characters, wide range of fighting styles, and interesting stories they tell.

Today’s fighting games are more technically impressive and visually stunning than ever before, from the epic superhero battles of Injustice 2 to the frenetic anime action of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Whether you’re a competitive gamer looking to dominate in a new game or a casual gamer looking for a new environment to beat up your friends in, here are the best fighting games to try on PS4, Xbox One games, PC, and Switch.

This generation might also be remembered as the one in which a reliable high-speed internet connection became more important than ever, not only for innovative new experiments with online connections and the burgeoning battle royale genre, but simply to download the extensive updates that most AAA games require today. Still, some of the best games in recent years have been purely single-player games. Below we mentioned some of the best Fighting Games.

Best Fighting Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Best Fighting Games

The Cross-Gen Bundle, which includes both the last-gen and current-gen versions of the game for Xbox and PlayStation players (PC players only receive the base game and pre-order bonuses), and the Vault Edition are the two editions that are currently available for pre-ordering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Leaks aside, we have yet to see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in multiplayer. We expect it to be similar to other COD titles, with a good variety of game modes. There will probably be classic modes such as Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy, but perhaps also Gun Game and some new modes, including the rumored DMZ mode. This is one of the best Fighting Games you can consider.

Street Fighter V

Best Fighting Games

Being patient is a virtue, particularly when purchasing a Street Fighter video game. Since the release of the ground-breaking Street Fighter II, developer and publisher Capcom has added an update (or two!) to every Street Fighter game that includes new features, characters, stages, and prices. Street Fighter V, the only game in the series that launched with a small roster and a heavy reliance on paid downloadable content, has benefited the most from this practice.

The Champion Edition includes 34 stages, 40 characters, and more than 200 costumes – in other words, almost everything from previous seasons of Street Fighter V. The only items missing are Capcom Pro Tour content, sponsored costumes, and Fighting Chance outfits. The Champion Edition also includes changes to the character balance to promote fairer competition. In this time, this is one of the best Fighting Games ever.

Mortal Kombat XL

Best Fighting Games

The first thing MKX does to feel new and exciting to both old fans of the series and casual fighters is a major shake-up of the roster. Before DLC even enters the game, MKX has a substantial 24 fighters, a full third of which are truly new characters, not palette swaps or tweaked alternate versions of existing characters.

Takeda is the most noticeable new design, and he’s an example of what MKX is doing right with its new characters. He fights the way you’d imagine a 21st century ninja to fight, with an interesting mix of traditional weapons and high-tech gadgets. Currently, this is the best Fighting Games for who love playing fighting games. He has remote-controlled laser swords that he can use and retrieve at will, explosive kunai throwing knives, and retractable grappling hooks attached to his arms that can open into imposing bladed whips. He wields them all with a confident fighting skill that somehow makes it all seem plausible.

Tekken 7

Best Fighting Games

Tekken 7 is a tribute to this venerable series and its puzzling complexity. Despite this, it is still playable by anyone who is willing to press buttons, and its enormous customization unlocks consistently give players something to fight for outside of the game’s silly and somewhat stereotypical plot. Tekken 7 is the most popular Fighting Games for everyone.

In a rather good time for fighting games, with Injustice 2 smashing the box office, Killer Instinct continuing to provide us with quality content years after its release, Street Fighter 5 peaking after a stunted start, and a new version of Guilty Gear Xrd whizzing by us, the King of the Iron Fist Tournament will be no different.

With its trademark three-dimensional stages and the ability to move to your opponent’s sides, forwards, and backwards, Tekken 7 appears to be a straightforward game. Attacks are mostly focused on striking and barely use the projectiles that are typically seen in other fighting games, drawing inspiration from Asian martial arts and other international combat techniques. A careless jump or run can have disastrous consequences because movements are more deliberate.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Best Fighting Games

Fans of one of the biggest names in all of anime have been somewhat underserved by video games, both in terms of quality and quantity. License holder Bandai Namco churns out tie-in games at a rapid pace, but they have always felt like cash-ins: products that sell for the name on the box rather than what’s inside. Well, not anymore. Dragon Ball FighterZ is not only comfortably the best game this license has ever produced, it is also an outstanding fighting game.

It is also a gorgeous one, a far cry from the rough edges of all time Dragon Ball games. Developers Arc System Works make the Guilty Gear Xrd games, and the game engine that underpins what was, until now, the most beautiful fighting game on the market is a perfect foundation for what is to all intents and purposes a fully playable cartoon. Overall, this is one of the best Fighting Games.

Soul Calibur VI

Best Fighting Games

Without a new SoulCalibur game, the fighting game resurgence will fall short. Over the years, the gun-based fighting series has had its ups and downs, but with SoulCalibur VI, developer Bandai Namco has combined what has previously worked – fast-paced, strategic fighting and strong character customization – with new Reversal Edge and Soul Charge fighting mechanics to create an addictive PC fighting game that will shine in all types of battles, whether they are between friends or on major esports stages like Evo.

SoulCalibur VI is the best Fighting games, the reboot of series that returns to the events of the first game to reveal a hidden story. Considering that SoulCalibur V was not particularly well received, this is a wise move — in theory. SoulCalibur VI’s main story, Soul Chronicle, however, is not particularly interesting, even by fighting game standards. It is about a magic sword, known as Sword Edge, and all the problems it causes the 21 predefined fighters.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Best Fighting Games

Later this year, Mortal Kombat 11 received a patch from NetherRealm that included next-generation technical updates for the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5. Below are Mike Epstein’s impressions of the game’s performance on Series X and PlayStation 5. See the original Mortal Kombat 11 review after the break. Overall, this is the best Fighting games to play both online and offline.

The next-generation consoles’ Mortal Kombat 11 is a quicker, sharper-looking game. The incredibly (and occasionally disturbingly) detailed fighting game has received a minor technical facelift and one or two new features on both Xbox Series X and PS5, which will ultimately improve the game for all players. All Mortal Kombat 11 players have access to the next-gen versions of the game and their benefits even though NetherRealm released a new version of the game, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, in conjunction with the next-gen launch.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Best Fighting Games

A sequel to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, one of the most adored 2D fighting games ever made, took Capcom more than a decade to produce. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was released earlier this year in response to the demands of fans for a real sequel. The game received criticism for having fewer modes and a smaller fighter roster than its predecessors despite being an excellent fighting game that advanced the series in many ways. Not even a year later, Capcom has already released Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the inevitable sequel.

The latest instalment of the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom series, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, follows the formula for a Capcom update by adding new fighters, new stages, and a few new features while retaining the series’ distinctively amazing sense of style. For devoted fans of the franchise, the new changes will be fantastic, but as a retail package, it is woefully lacking in new modes and added features. Overall, this is one of the best Fighting games ever.

Power Rangers

Best Fighting Games

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a great illustration of how far superb mechanics and compelling characters can carry a fighting game, against all odds. This nostalgia-fest has the appearance of a free-to-play mobile game genre, no voice acting, a limited selection of modes and features, only nine characters, only five stages, repetitive music, and the stigma of being based on a licenced property that isn’t well-known for producing quality video games.

Similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ, Battle for the Grid is a daily 3-on-3 fighting game featuring a four-button combat system that consists of light, medium, heavy, and special attacks. Like FighterZ, each move can be executed by pressing just one direction and one button, so there are no complicated buttons for special moves.

The King of Fighters XIV

Best Fighting Games

The King of Fighters XIV is another satisfying title in the long-running KOF series. The game abandons the complicated sprites found in recent games in the series and instead relies on 3D characters and backgrounds, although battles still take place on a 2D plane. This change will surely discourage those who prefer the series’ traditional visual style.

Still, the game’s central combat system does justice to the series’ legacy and offers new mechanics that expand on those of its predecessor. KOF 14 is an engaging fighting game that overcomes the initial impressions of its bland presentation and offers an experience worth having, whether you are a die-hard follower of KOF or a casual fan of fighting games. This the best Fighting games you should play right now.

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