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Best Firestick Alternatives

If you have an old LED TV that has a good display but no smart features, you don't have to get a new smart TV. If you are satisfied with the display quality, you can use any streaming device, such as a FireTV stick, or any other option to make it smart.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an excellent device for converting your standard LED TV into a smart TV. Simply connect it to the HDMI port on your TV and set the source to HDMI. You will now feel as if you have a smart TV that supports a variety of streaming apps and games. You can watch Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix, and all other video and music streaming apps.

However, Amazon is not the only company that provides a media streaming device. FireStick is no doubt a popular and handy streaming device for all the streaming lovers out there but some of its features are not so good enough. For example, every FireStick user complains about insufficient storage. Or maybe you just want to try out some other features that FieStick doesn’t have.

Because of the high demand for streaming devices, you should look into alternatives to the FireStick. All the FireStick alternatives are similar media streaming devices that you can plug into the HDMI of your TV and use. The reason why Amazon Fire TV Stick is popular because of being a value for money product. It is also reasonably priced in comparison to most media streaming devices on the market. Below we have mentioned Best Firestick Alternatives.

Check the list of best Firestick Alternatives

Fire Cube

The Amazon Fire Cube is a new device on the market, and Amazon claims it is the first to support hands-free video streaming. Because Alexa is built in, accessing your favourite content is as simple as telling Alexa what you want to watch and where you want to watch it. The Fire Cube doesn’t require a remote; simply plug it in, sign in to your Amazon account, and you’re ready to start speaking to Alexa. Aside from being a hands-free video streaming solution, the Fire Cube with Alexa can also turn off the lights on your command and control a variety of other devices. It’s even able to play 4K content!


The most powerful Android TV streaming media player in the world has been updated to Android TV version 11. Using next-generation AI upscaling, you can instantly convert HD video to 4K for clearer, crisper visuals. 2x USB 3.0 ports for storage expansion, USB cameras, keyboards, controllers, and more. Plex Media Server built-in, 3 GB RAM, and 16 GB storage

For the ultimate streaming experience, NVIDIA Shield TV supports 4K, Dolby Vision HDR resolution, and Dolby Atoms. 3 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage are more than adequate for FireStick users who frequently complain about storage issues. The good thing is you can expand the storage conveniently according to your needs, unlike FireStick. The remote is even better than previous models, with backlit buttons and an integrated voice search feature.

Tivo Stream 4K

If using Android TV is important to you, the Tivo Stream 4K is worth considering. The Tivo streaming media player, once thought to be only a device for recording shows, is now a surprising competitor to the Fire TV Stick. The Tivo user interface isn’t as clean as Roku’s, but it’s less cluttered than Amazon’s. It aggregates content from different streaming services. It will, for example, show you a variety of content from the drama genre, but from multiple services.

Raspberry Pi

If you are particularly tech-savvy, you can buy a Raspberry Pi and turn it into a streaming device. The Raspberry Pi is small computer that can be programmed to do almost anything. It can connect to your TV and other accessories like game controllers via an HDMI port and four USB ports. The downside is that you have to set everything up yourself. So it is only suitable if you are willing to put in some effort.

Apple TV

If you are already in Apple’s ecosystem, Apple TV will be very familiar to you. Apple and Amazon are always ready to compete with each other on various platforms so why left behind in this battle? Apple TV, on the other hand, is a hands-on device with a plethora of content available for streaming on the iTunes Store. It, like Roku, supports 4K HDR 10 and Dolby Vision technology.

It is compatible with almost all the big streaming banners like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and a lot more. You can use the Balance Color feature to fine-tune your TV settings for a smooth streaming experience. Apple TV is available in two models: Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. The only distinctions are the streaming quality and the internal storage.

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra is one of our favourite devices for streaming content. It divides content into channels, with its content available on The Roku Channel. Here you can rent and buy movies and TV shows. Roku Ultra also gives you access to an infinite amount of other content via other channels. Netflix, Hulu, Hallmark, CBS, FOX, Fox News, NBC News, and hundreds of other channels are available for download. This one is hard to pass up at the current price, especially given its support for 4K content.

Walmart Onn

Don’t discount Onn from Walmart because of its low price. While Walmart has had mixed results with previous video streaming ventures, Onn’s streaming devices are a good and inexpensive option for watching movies and TV. Onn supports all the major streaming services, with most of them pre-installed so you can just plug the device in and go. The Onn UHD streaming box supports 4K, which many older and more expensive streaming devices cannot. To stream in Ultra HD, you’ll need a 4K TV. Walmart conveniently makes TVs, Bluetooth speakers, and other home theater devices under the Onn brand.

MarQ Turbostream

MarQ Turbostream is another streaming device by MarQ company that lets you stream content from major streaming platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube TV, Zee5, and much more. Because this is an Indian-made streaming device, you will be unable to access Amazon Prime content. It has 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, and it is simple to use and functional. It supports Dolby audio and has built-in Chromecast support. It also has the availability of the Android TV Play Store, you get access to over 10,000 apps.


If you have an old LED TV that has a good display but lacks smart features, there is no need to get a new smart TV. If you’re happy with the display quality, you can use any streaming device, such as a FireTV stick, or another option to make it smart. Then your regular LED TV will become smart, running a smart operating system. You can install various streaming apps, play games, and do other things. All you need is a good internet connection.

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