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Best Fitness Websites

Besides design, fitness websites can introduce your fitness philosophy, share your backstory, sell online courses and memberships, allow visitors to sign up for four classes or training sessions, and a lot more.

Being physically and mentally fit is necessary for an individual to live a happy, long life. Typically, exercise is one of the best Fitness sites to keep a person healthy. Hence, it is always best to find a workout routine no matter how busy you are. With the numerous diseases that spread in the world today, many individuals realized the essence of workout. Specifically, having a workout routine will give an individual the greatest physical, mental, and social benefits.

Accordingly, exercise will help you increase energy levels, reduce chronic disease risk, lose weight, and help improve brain health and memory. With such benefits, you probably will love to do workout routines soon. Luckily, you don’t need to do it yourself as various personal trainers, or professional fitness coaches exist to provide the help you need. And joining fitness classes is just at your fingertips.

On your fitness website, you introduce yourself, your certifications, and your specialty. It’s too where you promote your company’s values, showcase your offerings, and show off your physical space if you have one. But a fitness website can be so much extra than a resume or a visual hub that represents your brand. In fact, the greatest fitness websites double as business tools, helping you manage your class schedule, bookings, and payments while engaging with clients and fostering a sense of community. Your fitness website is where you introduce yourself, your certifications, and your specialty.

It’s also where you convey the values of your business, highlight your offerings and show off your physical space if you have one. Besides design, fitness websites can introduce your fitness philosophy, share your backstory, sell online courses and memberships, allow visitors to sign up for four classes or training sessions, and a lot more. The best fitness websites are able to seamlessly incorporate these features with quality website design and navigation.

Here is the list of Best Fitness Websites

Muy Fitness

Whatever your fitness goals, Muy Fitness will give you the training you need to achieve them. Muy Fitness was founded to educate people about fitness and a healthy lifestyle and an active lifestyle. The site is written in Spanish, but don’t worry, it will be translated to English if you prefer. Muy Fitness has a simple goal, which is to “be your health’s best ally”. So if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle but aren’t quite sure where to start, give Muy Fitness a try.

Armoury Coaching Studio

The Armory Coaching Studio website design project was more simply to create a fitness website fit for the purpose of Lewis Roberts’ personal training. He approached the My PT Website team with the goal of ranking on page 1 of Google. The first step after checking the SEO performance of his website was to transfer it to our platform. We then worked on optimizing the pages, tweaking the layout to align with the latest user experience best practices, and also creating a clear brand message.

Boombox Boxing

The website for Washington D.C.-based boxing gym Boombox doesn’t take any hits. From the first landing on the homepage, the full-width video background makes clear the purpose of the site – scroll down to learn more about the gym’s mission, location and CTAs to book a class. Boombox opts for a bold and minimal aesthetic, and so does the schedule page. Users can easily search for classes by date and filter by instructor, room, and class type. By keeping things simple, this website ensures that everything customers want is just a few clicks away.

Pilates by Amanda

Pilates instructor Amanda Kassar is a popular fitness guru in Los Angeles. Her approach is personal and tailor-made for her clients and offers both private and online courses. Her fitness website is a prime example for one reason, if not more: At the very top of her website is a GIF of women (with flexible bodies, strong cores, and perfect posture) doing low-impact Pilates. It’s a classic example of show, don’t tell. The GIF shows the results clients will get when they take Pilates training from Amanda.

Mark Personal Training

Mark is also a Managed Website client who hired us with a concept ready for the public. All we had to do was fine-tune the visual elements, such as images, buttons, and information placement, so that his ideal customers can find everything they want to know about his services. We used its branding colors to make the website look clean and organized and strategically placed keywords in the headline, subheading and key paragraphs to improve its SEO rankings.

Fit with Alf

Alfonso Iovine is a well-known personal trainer with over 10 years of experience transforming the body and lifestyle of many. He is certified in several specialties, and his scientific approach shows the evidence in the specialties he trains. His training style is in stark contrast to Jessica’s, and his website clearly reflects that. The hero image of the website is a photo of Alfonso who looks tough and strong. Just below that is a copy that immediately grabs your attention with the first line: “It’s easy to find fitness professionals these days trying to reinvent the wheel…” The copy continues with its tailored, scientific approach to training.


Exercice.com is a comprehensive fitness website with workout plans, diet plans, and the ability to log and track workouts. In addition, while Exercise.com offers some members-only features, the free section of their site is still very comprehensive and loved by fitness enthusiasts of all levels. In the free section of their site, they provide a comprehensive list of exercises. You can search by exercise type (TRX exercises, yoga, resistance band exercises, etc.), difficulty level, muscles trained, and more. If you’re a personal trainer with clients, Exercise.com also offers some legit trainer tools. With these training aids, you can provide your customers with better fitness products.

Activ Balance

Trainer Ashley Glen works with women to strengthen their mind-body connection and encourage healthy, balanced lifestyles. Glen clearly conveys this mission with her logo, brand name and the calming, yet motivating images on her website. Glen has also created a blog full of recipes, how-tos and motivational articles to showcase her expertise and share her voice with her clients.


Kicking off our list is Dutch personal training and yoga studio Fitlab, which has a friendly, intuitive website that invites new customers. With bold and prominent text, large and sharp graphics, and a simple color palette, Fitlab defies industry conventions and opts instead to capture the fundamentals. For those looking to dive further, the Fitlab website includes a handy fly-in sidebar menu with hover effects for each menu option. Each option leads to its own page with more images and compelling copies, ending with a lead capture form.

Modest Muscle

At Modest Muscle, we believe that modesty opens doors to endless possibilities. In a world that thrives on using promiscuity and manipulation to get what it wants, Modest Muscle is here to shine a light on those who let their integrity and character speak for themselves. Starting with a strong message and image above the fold, you would definitely want to hit that call-to-action button.

Center for Nutrition Studies

The Center for Nutrition Studies is a website created by Dr. Colin Campbell. dr. Campbell is a celebrity among the vegan community and has been featured in many plant-based documentaries. His fame comes from his groundbreaking research project, The China Study, which showed that animal protein may be one of the major risk factors for serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Stacy Lel Fitness

This digital fitness company has over 200 workouts in their video library, which subscribers can access with a paid membership. The barre-inspired brand promises a “strong mind, lean muscles and a fierce attitude”, and the no-nonsense website images paired with a soft color scheme (see: different shades of soft blues) handlebars the message home.


Enson is a beautiful gym website design that works fantastically well for an online store. If you want to sell supplements, clothing or equipment, this is the template that will serve you well. Great navigation, about page, blog section, contact form, builder, Google Maps and hosting – it’s all part of the bundle. You need zero experience to work on your gym with Enson, a perfect candidate for beginners.

Final Words

We really hope you will appreciate and comprehend our list of the Best Fitness Websites. You may explain yourself, your credentials, and your area of expertise on your fitness website. Additionally, you may promote your services, communicate your company’s beliefs, and, if you have a physical location, showcase it.

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