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Best FPS Games

Popularly known as a first-person shooter, an FPS game is a type of video game in which the player must aim and shoot at his opponents. It consists of a virtual scene that is made realistic through 3D design and is filled with enemies such as monsters, aliens, mutated people, soldiers and various terrorists.

Here at PC Gamer, we love first-person shooter games since they originated on the PC, which makes it the finest platform for playing them. First-person combat was pioneered by the team at id Software, dominating the 1990s and exploding into the following two decades. The RTS, RPG, and point-and-click adventure genres are all ones that the PC gaming community believes to be “ours,” but the FPS is the one that has only grown in popularity over time. Although the violence in this genre is well-known, that isn’t really why we enjoy watching it.

We applaud the engrossing potential of experiencing the world through another person’s eyes and how the invasive point-of-view challenges our automatic bodily and emotional reactions to issues that are thrust in front of us. FPS games are frequently challenging reflex tests, but they also lay the groundwork for social settings and universes that are as captivating as anything else in gaming. It’s not a list of the most influential FPS games in history; rather, it’s a list of games we’d suggest to PC players. Below we have mentioned some of the best FPS Games.

Here is the list of Best FPS Games


One of the most inventive first-person shooter games of the present generation is also one of its most maniacally compelling. Splitgate, a quick and nimble shooter, provides an answer to the hypothetical question: “What would happen if Halo and Portal had a baby?” The child would behave significantly better than you would ever expect, in addition to having a severely twitchy trigger finger.

Splitgate’s frantic free-to-play multiplayer mayhem always feels rewarding thanks to its impactful weaponry, which rivals the Master Chief’s ordnance at its best. But it’s the presence of those portals that gives the already legendary first-person shooter a layer of strategy and a bristling pandemonium. Overall, this is one of the best FPS Games that you can download.


Attempt by Riot Games to unseat CS:GO as the top competitive FPS. It’s like a cross between Overwatch’s over-the-top heroes and Valve’s jittery shooter: at its core, it’s still a tactical first-person shooter where location is key and you may be killed by a headshot, but each class has eye-catching talents and powers that can change the outcome of a match. This is the best FPS Games.

While some of them allow you to leap into the air and ping the locations of foes, others have ultimate abilities that can pierce walls and eliminate enemies in large areas. Despite being more colourful than CS:GO, the crisp aesthetics show that the focus is on content rather than fashion.

Halo Infinite

Nothing compares to the rush of taking out enemies with your combat rifle, tearing through enemies with your Energy Sword, or riding across the countryside in a Warthog, and now PC gamers can take advantage of all of these Halo-exclusive experiences. Halo Infinite wonderfully (sorry) combines the nostalgia and feel of the classic Halo games while keeping it modern with new innovations like a grappling hook and open-world action.

In our Halo Infinite review, we commend the presentation and emotional impact of Master Chief’s journey throughout the single-player campaign. Additionally, Halo’s arena-shooter gameplay concept makes for a great time in multiplayer. For now, this is one of the best FPS Games you can consider.

Severed Steel

Severed Steel is a newcomer to the list and is all about horrific stunts. Severed Steel can perform wall runs, somersaults, dolphin dives, and slick slides. Voxel men are shot using voxel guns that you pick up along the way as you race around each mission performing stunts and accomplishing objectives. Bodies and walls will burst in a spectacular shower of destruction as you fire your weapons and arm cannon. You do have an arm cannon, I see. When you start blasting down walls, Severed Steel’s destructible voxel arenas transform into your playground. Currently, this is the best FPS Games you can check now.

Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters and his unlucky hands continue their quest in Resident Evil Village. You’ll use a variety of weaponry to battle lycans, zombies, and other enemies as he explores the titular settlement. Fortunately, Village is a far less horrifying experience if, like me, you were terrified by Resident Evil 7 and lacked the bravery to defeat the Baker family. There are some terrible moments in the first run, but overall the ambiance isn’t as unpleasant. a significant factor? Village embraces the frantic action of Resident Evil 4 and 5, providing you with a variety of potent weapons that you may use to effortlessly pop skulls.

Halo: Combat Evolved

If you’d like, you could substitute in later games or even Destiny and its sequel here, but the rules Bungie established with Halo are what we’re truly celebrating. With two primary weapons and a handgun that you could switch between using the face buttons instead of 11 weapons that you had to cycle among using the number keys on a keyboard or your mousewheel, shooters became much easier to grasp with a controller. Overall, this is the best FPS Games you can consider.

The areas where combatants can improvise and plan. the automobiles. This served as the model for a subsequent generation of shooters. The fact that its space opera story is actually well-written and its settings were breathtakingly beautiful at the time is practically incidental.

Metro Exodus

Exodus saw Metro change its slow-burning, atmospheric brand of shooter into something akin to an open world game. Previously a linear shooter alternating between restricted locations in Russia’s underground metro network and the huge irradiated wasteland above ground, Exodus saw this change. Mercifully, there isn’t any tower-climbing or collecting of souvenirs; instead, there is a sprawl of ruined but melancholic outdoor area. There are some strong raconteurs on board, and the space tells the tale of Metro’s universe just as well as Artyom’s friends on the train. Still, it is one of the best FPS Games you can consider.

Critical Ops

One of the most recent FPS games is called Critical Ops. Technically, there hasn’t been a full release yet; it’s still in public beta. In this one, you can either play as a terrorist and wreak havoc or as a member of an anti-terrorism unit and stop it. It has leaderboards, online multiplayer, and passable graphics to produce a very comprehensive experience. The game has changed a lot since its early days and is now among the best FPS games on Android that isn’t PUBG Mobile or Fortnite.

Dead Effect 2

A sci-fi first-person shooter game called Dead Effect 2 also includes survival and RPG features. One of the three protagonists is up for grabs as you take on the role of the main character. Over the course of the game, you’ll also have a tonne of stuff, weaponry, and body implants to find and level up. This is one of the best FPS Games you can download.

It has a campaign that lasts more than 20 hours and a tonne of upgrade options. Naturally, you’ll also be levelling up your character. Additionally, the graphics are superb. For those who prefer the campaign over competitive matching, this is one of the better FPS games. The only criticism is that there haven’t been any updates for a year. We hope that they update the game soon to keep it current and prevent it from becoming obsolete.

Into the Dead 2

One of the most recent FPS games is Into the Dead 2. Many of the first game’s mechanics are present in this one. To live, you must run through zombie-filled fields. The player receives a large number of weapons to upgrade and unlock. This variation also has canine companions and a few strategic components. The graphics are superior to the norm. It features many endings and plays nicely for a smartphone game. For a mobile game, the depth of the game is surprising. For now, this is the best FPS Games.

Final Words

First-person shooter (FPS) video games are a sub-genre of shooter games that emphasise gun and other weapon-based gameplay from the player’s first-person perspective while allowing them to control their character in three dimensions.

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