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Best Gigabyte Monitors

The brand offers gaming monitor alternatives for each need, including 4K, 2K, 1080p monitors, and console gaming, and has experience going back to 1986.

The Best Gigabyte Monitors offer clear, bright and color-accurate images that are ideal for playing games, watching movies or working on creative projects. This line of gaming monitors is built with quality materials and comes with an excellent warranty. They are a fantastic option for serious gamers or those who want higher quality components for their computer setup. Although Gigabyte monitors are among the best computer monitors, they tend to be higher priced and are difficult to set up because of the wide range of extra features, so they are not ideal for beginners or those on a budget.

The brand offers gaming monitor alternatives for each need, including 4K, 2K, 1080p monitors, and console gaming, and has experience going back to 1986. Each model’s features and specifications are tailored to highlight the use cases for which it is intended. No matter the display, playing games on next-generation consoles delivers an immersive experience, but certain items go above and beyond to satisfy the console industry and its new next-gen features.

The 47.53-inch AORUS FO48U is useful in this situation. The AORUS FO48U provides immersion similar to that found on television without sacrificing speed because to its sizable 4K UHD OLED display. With frame rates up to 120Hz monitors, the AORUS FO84U is perfect for action-packed competitive gaming and story-driven experiences. Below, we have mentioned best Gigabyte monitors.

Check the List of Best GIGABYTE Monitors


Gigabyte M32U is an excellent gaming monitor, especially for Xbox Series S|X or Sony PS5 gamers. It has exceptionally low input lag, which results in a very responsive gaming experience. It also has an excellent response time when playing at 120 Hz, so blurring behind fast-moving objects is minimal.

It supports FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, and although not officially supported, it also works with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC Compatible feature. It is also fully compatible with PS5 and supports most Xbox Series X formats. The large, high-resolution screen is great for multitasking and offers excellent text clarity.

Gigabyte G34WQC 34

The Gigabyte G34WQC competes with more expensive 34-inch 21:9 screens, but at a lower price. Extended colors and HDR, combined with superb contrast, deliver a vibrant, colorful picture. If you’ve been waiting for a breakthrough in ultrawide pricing, the opportunity has arrived.

The front view shows a thin, 9 mm wide, flush-mounted bezel. The bottom edge is 18 mm wide and features only the Gigabyte logo. On the rear right side is an OSD joystick that controls all functions, including power. The status LED glows softly on the desktop, rather than being visible from the front.


The monitor offers a solid, somewhat “gaming” aesthetic, but is devoid of colorful elements. The stand base is matte black plastic, with a wide, low profile and a slight step. Between the two stepped levels is a thin band of glossy plastic.

The stand neck has matte black outer components and a central area of glossy black plastic. The stand base and overall construction of the monitor are noticeably less solid and quality than the company’s AORUS models. The stand base is most noticeable as one compares the hollowed-out hard plastic to the powder-coated metal.


The panel of the G27FC is a curved panel and has a decent curvature: a curvature of 1500R to give users an immersive experience and a good field of view at a single glance, which is the very idea of a curved monitor. Turning to the specifications, the Gigabyte G27FC is quite good: it has a 27-inch VA panel with a curvature of 1500R and uses Edge-type backlighting.

The display has a matte coating for an anti-glare experience and covers 90 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. Since this is a gaming monitor, it supports refresh rates up to 165Hz with a 1ms response time. Setup of the G27FC is simple and straightforward, as there is no need to assemble the monitor from scratch.

Gigabyte G27Q 27

The G27Q isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have much to reproach itself for other than looking rather dull. Whether you use it for work or play, the G27Q excels with sharp, vibrant and smooth images. The additional features are really useful and for $330 you get a lot. It is definitely one of the best 27-inch gaming monitors around right now and is easy to recommend.

Once you get into the menu, you can access features such as image profiles, black equalization, aim assist, blue light filtering, and more. The Dashboard function is one of my favorites. It is a built-in hardware monitor that displays frame rates, temperatures, voltages and more, without extraneous software.


The Gigabyte G24F is an affordable gaming monitor that focuses on the performance it can deliver more than anything else. It features a fast IPS panel and a refresh rate overclocked to 170 Hz for smooth performance and pristine colors. Let’s check how competitive the Gigabyte G24F is in its category, which is awash with fantastic options like the AOC 24G2.

The Gigabyte G24F uses the same aesthetics as its big brothers, so it may look like an office monitor to those unfamiliar with the brand. The device has a matte black finish and a glossy stripe on the back, so it has a timeless look and does not clash with themed configurations.


The Aorus FI27Q-P is a 27″ 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor that offers smooth gaming performance thanks to its certified G-SYNC compatibility, high refresh rate, and decent pixel response speed. Image quality is also very good thanks to the IPS panel and wide color gamut. It also has a superior design and many unique features, but its price is a bit excessive.

The 1440p resolution is ideal for 27″ monitors, as it results in a high pixel density of 108 pixels per inch, which provides ample screen space and sharp details without the need for scaling. Although the Aorus FI27Q-P supports HDR (High Dynamic Range), a much higher brightness and contrast ratio and a local dimming solution are required for a worthy HDR viewing experience.

Final Words

For gaming, watching movies, or working on creative projects, Best Gigabyte monitors deliver sharp, bright, and color-accurate images. This line of gaming monitors is made with high-quality components and has an excellent warranty. Gigabyte monitors are among the best computer monitors, but they are not recommended for beginners or those on a tight budget.

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