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Best Google Assistant location Tricks 

Hello everyone, in this article we will talk about the Best Google Assistant location Tricks. Since Google Assistant launched in 2016, you’ve probably become familiar with many of the features it offers, including the ability to set alarms and timers, perform calculations, and look up definitions. However, the Google Assistant has access to an increasing number of talents, some of which you may not have yet encountered.

There is no disputing the fact that Google Assistant, whether it be on phones, smart speakers, smart displays, smart TVs, or any other device, is currently the best virtual assistant in the world. The Google Assistant, however, is far superior to other Assistants like Siri, Bixby, Cortana, and more. In actuality, it is so durable and dependable that the majority of us don’t fully utilise it.

There are many fantastic tips and techniques linked with Google Assistant that are really useful but have gone mostly overlooked by most users up to this point. While some people are familiar with the basic tips such as getting translations, playing games, finding nearby information, and more

Your very own personal assistant is already installed on your Android smartphone and is always there to help. Whether you have demands or questions to put forth. Its name? Assistant from Google. However, I’m sure you already knew that. You probably aren’t aware, but Google Assistant has a tonne of hidden Tricks that let you use it in novel ways. Here are our top six picks to get you going.

Here is the list of 10 Best Google Assistant location Tricks

The self-location spell

We’ll start with the most effective command, which can be surprisingly helpful in the right situation. Say the following to your preferred Android smartphone while clearing your throat and using your most intriguing fancy voice: The six-syllable chant may sound like the portent of an impending apocalypse, but it will cause your google assistant on Android  to display a detailed map showing your exact location. You can tap it to see it in its entirety, slap it to produce a mark on your screen and appear silly, or say “whoaaaa” like Keanu Reeves to alert Assistant that you have consumed large amounts of peyote.

Adjust settings

A Settings menu is available in Google Assistant. You may do everything from change the “OK Google” voice model to reading an Assistant-generated activity summary under this menu. You should find an option labelled “Assistant Settings” in the list if you open the Settings app and search for “Assistant”. You may access your Google Assistant’s main settings by tapping on that. The procedure is different in earlier iterations of software: Say “Ok Google,” then tap on the Snapshot icon in the bottom left and the circular profile icon in the top right to launch the Google Assistant app. You can find different Google Assistant options by scrolling down.

Always get good news from Google Assistant

Google Assistant provides the ideal solution for you if you’re sick of hearing terrible news from all the news sources you are familiar with and want some relief in your life. A new tool for Google’s Assistant was just just announced, enabling users to get a summary of inspiring news articles from around the world. The stories, according to the tech behemoth, centre on individuals who are resolving issues that affect both their local communities and the world at large.

Set important reminders

The greatest strength of Google Assistant is its ability to access data from other Google products and services, such as Keep, Calendar, and Gmail, to offer information whenever you need it. Asking Google Assistant, “Did I miss any emails from yesterday?” can bring up emails that haven’t been viewed if you’re worried you missed any emails from the previous day.

Get the Respect You Deserve

Of all, if you can’t convince your personal assistant to address you as its superior, having one almost serves no use. So, here’s how to tell Google Assistant to address you as “Master of the Universe” or anything like. Scroll down in Settings to find the settings for your personal assistant or Google Assistant. There, you can design a nickname of your choosing; just make sure it won’t disgrace you in front of others.

Remember where you put stuff

The extensive memory of Google Assistant may be a bit of a privacy nightmare, but it can aid in keeping track of where everything is. When you ask the assistant “where are my spare keys?” later, you’ll get the appropriate response if you said, “Remember that my spare keys are in the filing cabinet.” You can instruct the Assistant to keep track of additional details as well, such as your locker number or the favourite dessert of a friend.

Listen to your favourite Podcasts

Playing podcasts is one of Google Assistant’s newest features. I never use the standalone podcast app that Google has previously provided since I prefer to utilise my voice control to listen to my favourite podcasts. Hey Google, play the Hardcore History podcast,” and it will comply with my request.’

The great thing about Assistant is that it remembers where you were when you last played and lets you pick up just where you left off, which is really fantastic. Additionally, we may move ahead or backward simply by speaking. Only by asking it to do so: “Hey Google, skip forward 30 seconds.” To navigate forward and backward, though, you can use the same command while listening to music.

The Genie That Remembers Location

The final command is quite helpful for storing a specific place in your Android phone’s virtual memory so that you may later access it at any time. I was unaware of its existence until a recent inquiry in ours Android Intelligence Platinum Community Support motivated me to conduct some investigating. This command tells Assistant to save your present physical location in its vast virtual banks if you’re truly thinking about parking or trying to remember a spot for any other reason.

Screen your phone calls for scams

Tired of telemarketers bothering you? The finest Google Assistant talent for you is this, then. Pick up a Pixel 3 or later smartphone, and Google Assistant will answer those bothersome calls for you. The most recent Pixel phones have a Call Screen function that allows the Assistant to answer calls on your behalf. Even better, a call transcript will be displayed on the screen so you can determine whether the caller is someone you can safely ignore. Simply designate the call as spam and hang up if it’s a telemarketer. Google notes that although the new Pixels will get this functionality first, older Pixels will also get it through a software update.

Track your exercise

Although Wear OS may not be the most widely used wearable platform worldwide, it does offer close Google Assistant connectivity. You may start documenting your workouts without touching your watch by using commands like “track my run” and “start a bike ride.”


We hope you like our article on Google Assistant location Tricks on Android. Google has a voice assistant called Assistant. When Google Assistant first debuted, it was an addition to Google Now that was meant to be personalised while enhancing the company’s already-existing “OK Google” voice controls. Google Now used to intelligently gather pertinent information for you. It was able to provide you with information that was relevant to you since it was aware of where you worked, your meetings and travel schedules, your favourite sports teams, and your areas of interest.

I hope you understand this article, Best Google Assistant location Tricks .

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