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Best Hit Movies of Alia Bhatt

This list is about the Best Hit Movies of Alia Bhatt. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Hit Movies of Alia Bhatt. I hope you like this list Best Hit Movies of Alia Bhatt. So lets begin:

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Alia Bhatt first appeared on screen as a child actress in “Sangharsh” in 1999. In 2012, she played her first leading role in “Student of the Year”. In 2014, she made a splash in the Hindi film industry with three movies (Highway, Two States and Humpry Sharma Ki DUlhania). As one of India’s most successful young actresses, Alia’s performance as the lead in Highway was highly critically acclaimed, earning her the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress.

For her phenomenal performance in “Udta Punjab”, she received the “Filmfare Award for Best Actress”. She played a spy in the thriller ‘Raazi’, which became one of the highest grossing Hindi movies with a female lead. Some of her other notable works include ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’, ‘Dear Zindagi’, ‘2 States’, ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ and ‘Kapoor & Sons’. Some of her upcoming projects are ‘Brahmastra’, ‘Gully Boy’, ‘Kalank’ and an untitled comedy-drama.

Check the list of Alia Bhatt’s best hit movies

Student of the Year (2012)

Dean Yogendra Vashisht of St Teresa’s School, Dheradhun is on his deathbed and has been estranged from everyone for the last decade, but he wants to see the students in his last group. Sudo, Shruti, Jet, and Tanya arrive to meet him at the hospital, where they reminisce about how old he was and how the Dean held the Student of the Year competition every year for 25 years.

Aside from the four of them, the gang was owned by rich brats Rohan and Shanaya, who date but have differences between them, and then Abhimanyu, a small town boy who has big dreams, enters. Rohan and Abhimanyu have differences but end up becoming best friends. Abhimanyu tries to help Rohan and Shanaya improve their relationship, but ends up falling in love with Shanaya. When Rohan finds out about this, their friendship and Student of the Year competition turns into a rivalry.

Highway (2014)

The story of the film revolves around the lives of two people who meet on a road, which plays a very important role in their lives and witnesses all their ups and downs. Their love story takes different turns. In this film, Koel and Parambrata play the role of an unhappy couple who, despite their best efforts, cannot bridge the gap between them.

Koel’s role is that of a Bengali girl, while Parambrata plays a non-Bengali man. Although their marriage was a love match, they discover that there was a void in her life. How they bridge this gap and discover themselves from a new perspective is the climax of the story.

Raazi (2018)

During 1971 India – Pakistan Hidayat Khan was a freedom fighter and also worked as an agent for the Indian government providing information on blood cancer in Pakistan. Sehmat agrees to carry on her father’s legacy and is trained by Raw official Khalid Mir and his assistant Bakshi. Hidyat gets along with Brigadier General Parvez Syed, an officer in the Pakistani army, and decides to marry Sehmat to her youngest son, Iqbal Syed, also an army officer.

Sehmat tries to put his married life in order and gains the trust of his family, where he also comes across important information of Pakzitan’s plans against India, which he passes through some manipulators. But Sehmat is always suspicious of the loyal cook Abdul.

Udta Punjab (2016)

What the hell can a rock star, a migrant worker, a doctor and a policeman have in common? Simple, Punjab! 4 lives, 1 connection: ‘Udta Punjab’ takes you on a journey like never before. Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh play characters from different walks of life, fighting the threat of drugs in their own way.

The film travels to the man-made highs and real lows they face as they traverse paths fraught with deadly danger. But most of all, Udta Punjab is about the famous Punjabi spirit who, despite being downright depressed, has the audacity to look you in the eye and say: Drug di maa di!

Dear Zindagi (2016)

Kaira is an aspiring cinematographer in search of the perfect life. Her encounter with Jug, a lateral thinker, gives her a new perspective on life. She discovers that happiness consists in finding solace in life’s imperfections.

This is the story of Kaira, a budding cinematographer in search of the perfect life. A chance meeting with Jug, a non-conformist, gives him a new perspective on life. She discovers that happiness consists in finding solace in life’s imperfections.

2 states (2014)

A story about a romantic journey of a culturally opposed couple: Krish Malhotra and Ananya Swaminathan. They meet at IIM-Ahmedabad College and fall in love during the show. Complications arise after the show ends and they decide to get married. Krish and Ananya belong to two different states of India. Krish, a North Indian Punjabi boy from Delhi, and Ananya, a Tamil Brahmin from Chennai.

You are making a conscious choice; They will not marry until their parents agree. Everything goes downhill when the parents meet. A culture shock occurs and the parents oppose the marriage. To turn their love story into a love match, the couple faces an uphill battle. Because it is easy to fight and rebel, but much more difficult to persuade. Will Krish and Ananya’s love for each other keep the battles going? Will they manage to convince their parents and get to their wedding?

Gully Boy (2019)

“Gully Boy” is a movie about a 22-year-old boy named “Murad” from a ghetto in Mumbai, India. As the son of a driver, his parents worked hard for him to get an education and get a white-collar job. Meanwhile, Murad discovers his calling as a rapper. Authentic hip hop in India is a new phenomenon emerging from the streets just like anywhere else in the world.

Art is a distant dream for poor colonized India, and this story is about Murad’s journey from realizing his love for rap and pursuing his dream to accidentally beating his class. The film features street rap from the cracks of Mumbai’s back streets. Aware of the socioeconomic fabric of the city, the poetry highlights the challenges faced by marginalized youth in the minority population.

Ugly (2013)

The film portrays the kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl who is out with her father all day. Her parents are divorced and her stepfather (a police officer) is helping with the investigation. The suicidal mother struggles with both her ex-husband and her current husband.

As the investigation progresses, the characters are placed in sordid settings that reveal their unsavory sides. In particular, the mind games between the two parents give the proceeding its most gripping drama, as everyone else gets greedy and ugly if they don’t take care of the kidnapped girl.

Zero (2018)

The story revolves around Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a vertically challenged man full of charm and wit, with a hint of arrogance. Born into a wealthy family and raised in an environment of affection and patience, Bauua was never abandoned by Meerut or his people.

But when he meets two women (Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma), his experiences with these women take him on a journey to complete his “incompleteness” and broaden his horizons to find a purpose he never knew existed.

Suddhi (2017)

An American in India befriends two journalists fighting the country’s lenient juvenile court law; Your journey becomes a spiritual journey.

Story of 3 journalists (one from the US) fighting for a cause against the abuse of women in India are attacked and result in the death of a journalist. And the other two take revenge on the men involved with spiritual help of their own and leave no trace.

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