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Best Installous Alternatives

Installous made it simple to instantly download the most recent iOS programs and games for free from a number of sources.

Installous is a software that allows users to install “illegal” applications on jailbroken iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other Apple devices. Unofficial apps and those that other Apple users have cracked are considered illegal applications. This indicates that Installous offers free Apple app previews before paying for them. Installous is available for free download through Cydia, an online repository for mobile software.

Installous made it simple to instantly download the most recent iOS programs and games for free from a number of sources. Users could install an app on their iOS device as if they had bought it from the Apple App Store after first downloading it. The various solutions in this situation would enable users to test out features prior to purchase. The idea behind Installous is similar in terms of application mode and functionality, and they also permit the usage of commercial programs for free.

The app’s closure devastated users who relied on it for downloading pirated software. If your name appears on the list, don’t be concerned—this post will showcase the best Installous substitute so you can download the apps you want. You should be aware that the software is no longer accessible if you are looking for Installous sources or instructions for downloading from a repo. However, similar tasks can be completed by other programs. In this article, we’ll go through some of the Best Installous Alternatives. Here they are then:

Here is the list of Best Installous Alternatives


An Installous alternative to the App Store is called AppCake. It enables access to both purchased software and programs that were once free, such as YouTube. This final point not only contravenes the rules that Apple imposes on its products but also most nations’ intellectual property laws. The following other capabilities of AppCake are quite intriguing in addition to application downloads: The user can use it to install IPA files. In this manner, AppCake does more than only disseminate software via its repository.

Additionally, it functions as an installer for programs downloaded from other sources, including Malavida. The user can use it to install DEB files. It follows a similar process to IPA files, but in a different format. Magnet and torrent files are supported. AppCake’s built-in download system enables it to obtain files straight via the BitTorrent network.

A jailbroken iOS device is required in order to use AppCake. Despite claims made on some websites that it is possible to install this store without first unlocking the machine, these techniques typically do not work or are false. We must keep in mind that using such platforms exposes your iPhone or iPad’s security and integrity to a significant danger. Nobody can firmly assert that AppCake or the programs they deploy are secure.


On iOS devices, the Kuaiyong app serves as a substitute for the App Store. Users can get cracked and paid programs for nothing with the app. Despite being in Chinese, the app’s icon makes it simple to browse. For the iOS device, there are a number of such alternative app stores, including Hipstore, vShare, AppAddict, Mojo Installer, etc.

There are some exclusive apps offered by each of the alternative app stores that are not found in other stores. For the Chinese market, a Chinese developer created the Kuaiyong app. The majority of the apps that Kuaiyong provides are Chinese and are written in Chinese. It’s a great substitute for other Chinese app stores like Tongbu and AppChina.


The Installous substitute for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices is Zeusmos. It enables the installation of these unsigned IPA files on your device by offering downloads for cracked iOS apps (IPA files). This allows for the free use of paid applications. This app’s practicality is what gives it its beauty. Users wouldn’t even need to jailbreak their devices if they used this.

Since there aren’t many apps that offer such versatility of use for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, this gives this one an advantage. The fact that this program was created by a fifteen-year-old named Kevin is another pleasant surprise. When the topic of piracy came up, he admitted that this was not what he had in mind. He has also stated that an update would address the issue of piracy.


A third-party app shop called vShare offers apps for iOS, Android, and PC. The popularity of vShare Market, one of the most well-known independent app shops currently, is increasing daily. The vShare Market app is completely free, and it allows you to quickly and simply download software for your iOS or Android smartphone at high transfer speeds. You can download the app on all of your devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and more, because it supports a variety of operating systems.

You can download each of the programs you see there for free! While using vShare on your device, you are not need to pay anything in order to download the paid programs. Additionally, vShare Market offers free music, games, and other media material. The program works flawlessly with all platforms and does not require jailbreaking an iOS device or having root access on an Android smartphone.


A file manager app for your iPhone or iPad is called iFunBox. Similar to Windows file explorer in how it manages files, but more capable and user-friendly. With the enhanced file transfer and browsing, you may quickly move files and folders to your PC. It has attributes like a One-stop app. Install, back up, use the wallpaper feature, use the app sandbox without jailbreaking, and export music and a movie to your iPhone or iPod.

You can use it to install IPA packages created via internal Apple Developer Enterprise Program distribution. You can also use it to install *.ipa files that have been archived from an unfinished app. iFunBox-Shop is divided into two modules called “application store” and “game center.” iFunBox-Store will be based on your favorite games or applications that you are interested in, allowing you to recommend more novel, unusual, and unique applications.


For iOS devices, 25pp is a third-party app shop. With our app store, you may download both paid and well-known apps for no cost at all. All of these apps may be found in 25PP, a Chinese app store that serves as an Installous alternative to the vShare app. If you need a paid software for free, 25PP may also have it. This software used to require a jailbroken iOS platform to function. Since there are currently no jailbreaking techniques that work well with the most recent versions of iOS, many people are unable to install apps like 25PP on their iPhones or iPads.

The 2022 version of 25pp does not require a jailbreak for iOS devices, in contrast to earlier versions of 25pp that do. From this awesome app shop, every 25pp customer can download a ton of free apps. Any Apple user running iOS 15 can download and utilize this app store without any problems, and it will function properly.

It would have two 25PP icons on the home screen. When the app starts, tap on the second one, which is a wide green button. When iOS asks you to install a new profile, select “Install” to approve the installation. The same procedure apparently needs to be carried out for a third profile before a third 25PP icon can be seen on the springboard. It’s finished now. The app can now be launched.


Without Xcode, you may sign and install your IPA files on the device directly using the On Device CodeSign application known as iPASTORE. Simply import files via iFunbox or iTunes to the Documents folder, or by mail, Safari, airdrop, dropbox, or onedrive, and then hit “resign install” to finish the process. Simple!

Along with Self signing, iPASTORE includes a large number of Cydia Apps that operate in Sandbox mode on non-jailbroken devices (Apples Security Protocol). Please be aware that iPASTORE does not replace Cydia; rather, it only provides you with some of the non-system access or privilege-required Cydia apps including Moviebox, Musicbox, Kodi, iTransmission, and several emulators.

The AppCake integration in the iPASTORE Premium version enables you to browse and install programs from AppCake over the air. Please visit iphonecake.com or Google “AppCake” for more information. Since we are only integrators, we do not host, crack, accept requests for apps, or offer support for cracked apps. Visit the iPhonecake Forums to see if anyone can assist you with that.

Final Words

Installous is without a doubt the best third-party program downloader for iOS devices, however for many of us, it is completely inoperable. If you are often encountering Unavailable API or Invalid IPA issues and are unable to resolve them, you may become annoyed and wish for an alternative. So, for installing IPA files, here are a few of the best alternatives to Installous.

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