ListsBest iPad Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: you should try right now

Best iPad Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: you should try right now

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboards, tap Full Keyboard Access, and then enable Full Keyboard Access.

Apple has made iPads that can do anything. And if you use the best iPad keyboard shortcuts, an external keyboard makes it even more powerful. Do you also want to learn the keyboard keys for the iPad? Then just keep reading.

Even though the iPad is a big, bright touchscreen, it feels almost like it was made to be used with a computer. Just like the Apple Pencil lets you use all of the iPad Pro’s writing and note-taking features, an external keyboard lets you use many of the iPad’s most powerful features. Below we are mentioned the best iPad keyboard shortcuts.

Best iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + SpaceOpen Spotlight search
Command + HGo to the Home screen
Command + TabSwitch between open apps
Command + Shift + 3Take a screenshot
Command + Shift + 4Take a screenshot and open markup
Command + ASelect all
Command + CCopy
Command + VPaste
Command + XCut
Command + ZUndo
Command + Shift + ZRedo
Command + FFind
Command + TOpen a new tab in Safari
Command + NOpen a new window in Safari
Command + WClose the current tab or window in Safari
Command + LHighlight the URL bar in Safari
Command + RRefresh the current webpage in Safari
Command + Shift + TReopen the last closed tab in Safari
Command + Shift + DShow or hide the Dock
Command + Shift + HGo to the Home screen and open the App Switcher
Command + Shift + MMinimize all windows
Command + Shift + UOpen the Utilities folder in the Applications folder


How do I take a screenshot on my iPad using a keyboard shortcut?

Press the “Home” button and the “Power” button at the same time on your iPad’s keyboard to take a picture. The screen will flash, and the image will be saved to your photo roll.

How do I copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts on my iPad?

Select the words you want to copy and press “Command + C” on your iPad’s keyboard. Put the mouse where you want the copied text to go, and then press “Command + V.”

How do I access the search function using a keyboard shortcut on my iPad?

Press “Command + Spacebar” to use a keyboard shortcut to get to the search tool on your iPad. This will bring up the search bar at the top of the screen, where you can type your search term.

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