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Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick or Android TV

This list is about the Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick/Android TV. We will try our best so that you understand this list of Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick/Android TV. I hope you like this list of Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick/Android TV. So let’s begin:

Internet Protocol Television IPTV is rapidly conquering the dominance of streaming content online. With this advanced technology, you can stream your favourite TV content over the Internet. Amidst the growing number of streaming platforms, it can be hard to notice the impact that IPTV has had on the industry as well.

It offers you a cost-effective alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV broadcasting. Just like on platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus, you can always access content from those services. All you need for an IPTV service to work is a good internet connection, a reliable IPTV app, and a compatible device.

The list of best IPTV players to watch live TV on Firestick/Android TV.

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smartest player

If you have ever subscribed to a paid IPTV service, it is very likely that the provider has given you access to a branded version of the IPTV Smarters Player app. It is the software of choice among many dealers. However, you don’t have to rely on a branded version.

As long as you have an M3U URL from your provider, you can add it to the app and enjoy the same features. Better yet, this “white label” version of Smarters Player can accept multiple logins, while branded versions generally can’t. The app supports movies and TV shows on-demand, as well as catch-up channels (if offered by your provider). It even integrates with external video players (such as Perfect Player and VLC) if you prefer to use their respective interfaces.


GSE Smart IPTV is a great choice for your IPTV streaming needs due to its wealth of features and customization options. It is one of the few IPTV players that works well on basic hardware. It also works better on Firestick. GSE Smart IPTV supports HTTP, HSL and RTSP streaming protocols and natively supports M3U and M3U8 playlist formats. You can also import XMLTV and JTV files and links to access the EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

The built-in player offers almost all video and audio formats and codecs. Embedded and external subtitle support is available, including SRT, DVB-Teletext, XSUB, SSA, SubRip, etc. Streams with secure RTMP tokens can also be played on GSE Smart IPTV. Similar to IPTV Smarters Pro, you can choose between HW and SW decoding to improve streaming performance.

amazing tv

The Amazing TV tops our list as it hosts a gallery of over 10,000 live channels. That’s not all, you also have access to more than 24,000 movies and 2,500 series. The service is updated with new content every week. You can also stream content in Full HD quality and 60 frames per second here.

The servers used by The Amazing TV have technical support for load balancing and intelligent routing. The service also allows you to customize your playlists. You can add, remove, hide or categorize content in your playlist as you like.

lazy IPTV

Lazy IPTV supports M3U playlists in Open View, ZIP and GZ formats. The app can also read playlists in XSPF (XML Shareable Playlist Format) format. Adding new content to Lazy IPTV is easy. You can access media on your local file system and paste URLs directly from the web or from your device’s clipboard.

The app works with HTTP and UDP streams and can play videos directly from YouTube and the VK social network. There is also a built-in audio player for internet radio stations. Important for an IPTV application is that Lazy IPTV supports Electronic Program Guides (EPG). It can read XMLTV EPGs saved as Open-View, ZIP or GZ.

Extreme IPTV

IPTV Extreme has been downloaded from the Play Store more than five million times. Most of the reviews are also positive, especially for the ease of use and features. While the user interface isn’t quite up to today’s standards, the tabbed navigation gives you quick access to the channel playlist, groups, search menu, and additional options.

You can also switch between light and dark mode and apply more than 10 different themes. The built-in media player supports all streaming protocols and video/audio formats. It is the only IPTV player on this list that allows you to record live shows (for a limited time) and download streams on demand.

eternal television

Eternal TV is a widely used IPTV service in North American regions. We’re just assuming that offering over 2,800+ unique live premium channels might be the reason for its popularity. You also get access to over 14,000 movies and TV shows on demand. All the content available here is in Full HD and you can enjoy it without any buffering issues.

This zero buffering capacity of this service makes it ideal for 24/7 streaming of live content such as sporting or pay-per-view events. Their reliability is further solidified by strong customer service that offers 24/7 live chat.


In our opinion, TiviMate is by far the best IPTV app for Android TV. Unfortunately, a mobile version is not available. The app supports multiple playlists, channel and category renaming and hidden categories. You can import custom channel logos, change the order channels appear, and use the search function (which works for both channel names and current shows).

The free version of TiviMate is enough for people with a playlist that they don’t watch too often. If you are an advanced IPTV user, it is worth upgrading to the premium version. This costs $4.99 per year and allows you to install the app on up to five devices.

Perfect IPTV Player

Perfect Player IPTV is another extremely popular app. It is especially popular with Android TV users looking for an alternative to the native Live Channels app. The app supports M3U and XSPF playlists. And if you want to add an electronic program guide, you can use XMLTV (ZIP, GZ, XZ) and JTV.

There are also a few different decoder options to select from, including Automatic, Native, Software, Hardware, and HW+. Other features include the ability to view locally stored content, support for UDP to HTTP proxy servers, and automatic synchronization with the desktop version of the app for a consistent experience.

Final remarks: Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick/Android TV

I hope you understand and like this list of Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick/Android TV, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via the contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

About the Best IPTV Players for Watching Live TV on Firestick/Android TV

The IPTV players presented here can be used with many IPTV services. The important point is that the apps listed here are just players and do not provide IPTV channels. To use these IPTV players, you must have an existing IPTV subscription. Also, your current IPTV subscription must support M3U or EPG playlists. IPTV players can be used with both official IPTV services and third party IPTV services with M3U playlist and/or EPG support.

What are the Best IPTV Players?

1. smartest player
2. GSE Smart IPTV
3. amazing tv
4. lazy IPTV
5. Extreme IPTV
6. eternal television
7. TiviMate
8. Perfect IPTV Player

My Favourite IPTV Players are these

1. smartest player
2. GSE Smart IPTV
3. amazing tv

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