ListsBest Keyboard Apps for Android

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

It's important to find the best keyboard apps for Android because you use them the most. Your default keyboard app may not be the best fit for your fingertips because everyone types differently.

On any Android device, the best Keyboard Apps for Android is arguably one of the most utilised and, paradoxically, one of the least appreciated. You’ll typically be more than happy using the pre-installed keyboards on your device. But that is only true until you learn that there are a tonne of amazing keyboards available that can really elevate your typing experience. It’s simple to grow accustomed to what is already installed and continue using it despite the fact that it is not the greatest choice.

We’ve put together a list of the top keyboard applications for Android so you can type more quickly, efficiently, and stylishly. Years of customer feedback and experience have gone into creating these keyboards. They are experts at what they do. Along with trying to fix your spelling errors, they also offer to suggest the appropriate phrases at the appropriate time. Some of them even automatically get one-time passwords from your SMS app and give a variety of customizing options. Below, we have mentioned the best keyboard apps for Android.

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android


Many Android phones come with Gboard pre-installed, but for those that don’t, it’s the best keyboard software available. From integrated Google Translate to amusing Emoji Kitchen mashups, it has many useful functions. Gboard ought to be your first choice if you want a straightforward keyboard app with lots of power. Overall, this is one of the best keyboard apps for Android that you can download.

Gboard accepts handwriting, swipes, and voice input. If you use an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 that supports a stylus, it works perfectly. But given that they occupy valuable screen real estate, some individuals may find its wealth of functions unneeded.

Microsoft SwiftKey

Since the best keyboard apps for Android, SwiftKey has been around and is now known as Microsoft SwiftKey. It is still the most feature-rich and adaptable keyboard available on the Google Play Store. With SwiftKey, customization is the name of the games. There are a tonne of options and controls to truly personalize your keyboard.

The benefit of SwiftKey is that everything can be accessed from the keyboard. It has a quick access bar at the top, just like Gboard, with shortcuts for GIFs, stickers, the clipboard, and the translator. Compared to Gboard, word predictions and auto-correction lag a little bit, but maybe this will improve over time.


Most keyboards only allow you to select a theme, but Chrooma finds that a little dull. Instead, the Chrooma keyboard’s colors change depending on which app you’re using: blue for Twitter, green for Spotify, yellow for Google Keep, etc. Even the keyboard’s color choices can be darkened in a night mode, or all the time if you use it like I do and leave it on. The majority of apps are compatible with Chrooma’s color selections, and switching coolers for those it doesn’t work with without losing color adaption when typing in other apps is simple. This is the best keyboard apps for Android.

Chrooma has excellent swiping, and the option to swipe left and right to remove entire words or sentences is fantastic for getting rid of little amounts of text. Paying for Premium, a one-time purchase of $9.99, is required if you want to go very creative with the keyboard design, size, font, and having your settings sync between devices. If you like this app you can download it from official Chrooma.

Grammarly Keyboard

Literature professors undoubtedly have a love-hate relationship with the Grammarly Keyboard app. On the one hand, it makes it easier to type with precise grammar and steer clear of common spelling errors. However, it can also be used as a short cut to quickly fix errors without having to check your work several times. Basically, Grammarly Keyboard analyses the content you enter and its tone before giving you some tips on how to write better. For now, this is one of the best keyboard apps for Android.

To take care of your foolish spelling errors on your back, it undoubtedly makes a fantastic friend. Although you may download the Grammarly Keyboard app for free, you can unlock premium features like advanced suggestions, in-depth grammar corrections, and more through in-app payments. In contrast, based on our experience, the free version is more than sufficient for the majority of users to optimize their writings, while the premium version is only for literature enthusiasts.


The ai.type keyboard is a capable alternative to your phone’s conventional keyboard and comes with just about everything. Along with standard typing, word prediction, and auto-complete, you also have glide typing, which lets you spell words while keeping your finger on the keyboard. Emoji art and GIFs are already built-in, and a handy touchpad makes it easy to move the cursor anywhere you need it.

One of the few keyboards with a number row at the top, like a true physical keyboard, is another feature of this device. Additionally, ai.type includes a sizable theme marketplace where you may personalize the keyboard with a huge selection of unique themes. Currently, this is the best keyboard apps for Android you can check now.


Typewise, the most unusual keyboard on this list, has a built-in game that teaches you how to use the keyboard. It differs significantly from most keyboard apps in a few key ways, most notably with its hexagonal keys and non-QWERTY layout. For Typewise to be used effectively, at least a few weeks are needed. You’ll be making lots of mistakes up until that point.

However, after you’ve developed your thumb muscles, you might discover that this keyboard is the most comfortable you’ve ever used. It’s not for everyone, but if you use your phone for a lot of typing, it can save your life. Additionally, having a phone with a big screen, like the Google Pixel 7 Pro, is beneficial. This is one of the best keyboard apps for Android you can install now.


Everything and the kitchen sink is in Fleksy. If you’re coming from Gboard, its autocorrect game is great, and the minimalist style will put you at ease. In addition to providing all necessary keyboard functionality, Fleksy also includes several special add-on features, known as Extensions, that you won’t find in other keyboard program. You may build shortcuts for words and phrases, add a row of the most used emoji, symbols, URLs, etc., make the keyboard completely invisible, and more. Overall, this is the best keyboard apps for Android you can consider.

The mini-apps that Fleksy offers allow you to explore and share GIFs, memes, stickers, YouTube videos, and other content directly from the keyboard. You can build your own themes using a photo from your gallery or the Unsplash collection, or choose from among more than 100 themes created by well-known artists on Fleksy.


Some third-party apps have the drawback of either being abandoned or having the potential to record your input. You won’t need to worry about either if you use a keyboard app like OpenBoard, which is updated frequently but doesn’t add a lot of “frills”. Still, it is one of the best keyboard apps for Android you can consider you can consider.

Speaking of which, one omission that might turn some people off is the absence of swipe texting. Unless this is the kind of stuff you are already seeking for, you will need to hunt and peck on your screen. Since OpenBoard is also open-source, you can keep track of upcoming changes and existing bug reports. This is one of the best keyboard apps for Android you can download.

Real Madrid Keyboard

Hala Madrid! This one is for all you Madridistas! Although it might not be the most well-rounded keyboard app available, in our opinion it is special and deserving of attention. It was formally created by Real Madrid, and it gives you access to all of the details about the soccer team. This keyboard software enables you to share official team content, such as team news, player announcements, and match results, with just a single swipe.

You can share videos straight from the keyboard app’s display of videos from authentic Real Madrid sources in chats. You can use it to send personalized Real Madrid stickers using any social messaging service, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more. In addition to these football-specific features, the program also allows you to modify the keyboard’s height, the strength of the haptic stimulation, and basic text editing. For now, this is the best keyboard apps for Android you can download.


The Minuum keyboard is unlike most others in appearance, and using it takes some getting used to. Because it reduces a typical QWERTY keyboard to primarily a single row of letters, arranged in a jangly, uneven style, the name is a play on the word “minimum.” You’ll make a number of gestures when using the keyboard to enlarge the area you’re in so you can make a choice.

The benefit is that you regain a significant amount of screen space for the document that the keyboard would typically cover. The good news is that a two-finger tap instantly expands the keyboard to its full QWERTY size, and a second tap reduces it down to its original size. The bad news is that it takes a while to get the hang of it and has a steep learning curve. For now, this is the best keyboard apps for Android.

What is the Android Keyboard App?

Because of its functionality, dependability, and interaction with the Google ecosystem, Gboard is the greatest keyboard software for Android. Nearly all regional languages are supported by Gboard, which also has extra features like stickers, GIF search, translation, and more.

SwiftKey, its closest rival, is not far behind, although Google’s Gboard clearly has an edge over Swiftkey in some areas, including as accuracy and quality of contextual prediction. The reigning champion among Android keyboards is still Gboard.

Are Third Party Keyboards Safe To Use?

As long as you are certain that the keyboard software is from a trustworthy developer, third-party keyboards are safe to use. Since both Gboard and Swiftkey are supported by tech behemoths Google and Microsoft, respectively, they can be regarded as the safest keyboards for Android from our list of the best keyboards for Android.

That does not imply that unauthorized keyboard applications can hurt you by stealing your personal information. Certain high-quality software providers do care as much as Google and Microsoft do about security. Use the tried-and-true solutions, in this example Gboard and SwiftKey, if you are paranoid and concerned that your keyboard will take your data.


Finding the best keyboard apps for Android is crucial because it’s the one you use the most. Your stock keyboard app might not be the best match for your fingertips because everyone types differently. Try one of the finest Android launchers once you’ve found your ideal keyboard. Another item that many people neglect to change is the default launcher.

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