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Best Lesser Known Movie Facts

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At least during the movie period, real life problems can be magically stopped by watching a movie. Also, movies can transport us to fantastic realms with fantastic people and plots. So much so that you can sometimes forget that these individuals are just real people and that the distant globe is just a set for a movie. For the cast and crew, making a movie is a real full-time job, and just like real life and real work, unexpected things happen. That’s why we’ve put together a list of interesting facts about everyone’s favorite Hollywood movies.

Filmmakers and producers today have been specially trained to spot Easter eggs. As a result, little jokes and references that would normally have no function other than to wink and say, “See what we did there?” have been sneakily inserted into the movies. While we all discuss these sneaky discoveries like savvy movie buffs, the reality is that your favorite movie undoubtedly holds a much deeper cache of secrets.

It seems like the actors and cast have amassed a lot of interesting facts and unfortunate stories over the years, and it’s good to see that some of them manage to have fun with it. These stories range from forgetting you’re wearing robotic makeup and going out to lunch to getting nasty infections. The best thing is that this list will certainly contain some knowledge about your favorite movie.

Here is the list of the best lesser known movie facts

Elizabeth: the golden age

In the movie, when Elizabeth arrives at St. Paul’s Cathedral, construction is underway. In real life, St. Paul was really in need of repairs. Director Shekhar Kapur decided to improvise, giving workers period costumes and tools to cut the actual stone that would be installed in the cathedral. The workers in the scene are bricklayers and construction workers from real life.

The Matrix Code comes from Sushi Recipes

All three extant Matrix movies start with the same “digital rain”: vertical lines of code flowing across the screen to represent the virtual environment in which humans are unknowingly trapped.

The man behind the iconic code is Simon Whiteley, a concept and production designer who revealed the origins behind the design in a 2017 interview with Cnet. “I like to tell everyone that The Matrix code is made up of Japanese sushi recipes,” Whiteley told the outlet, explaining that he scanned characters from Japanese cookbooks owned by his wife. “Without that code, there is no matrix.”

The godfather cat was a surprise

Don Corleone wasn’t always thoughtful petting a cat during his Tete Tete with Bonacera. Rather, director Francis Ford Coppola saw the animal on set and decided to incorporate it into the scene. The cat Marlon Brando caught in the opening scene was a stray cat that Coppola found on the Paramount lot, and was not originally stated in the script. The cat was so pleased that his purring suppressed some of Brando’s dialogue and, as a result, most of his lines had to be repeated.

Toy Story 2 almost got canceled

Ninety percent of the effort the Pixar team had put into animating Toy Story 2 was erased by a command typed into the “master machine” where it was stored. As Mental Floss explained, “It didn’t take long to come up with a scheme to restore data from a regular backup, saving only half a day’s work. However, the backup system was ineffective. Surprisingly, Pixar’s servers did not include a copy of the Toy Story 2 data.” Fortunately, the print that the film’s technical director had been working on at home allowed for much of the restoration.

Sushi recipes are the source of the Matrix code.

The opening of each of the three Matrix movies already released features the same “digital rain” – vertical lines of code that represent the virtual world that people are unknowingly trapped in. Simon Whiteley, a concept and production designer, is creating the recognizable code. He explained the genesis of the design in a 2017 interview with Cnet.

According to Whiteley, who told the publication that he scanned the characters from Japanese cookbooks his wife owned, “I like to tell everyone that the code for The Matrix is ​​created from Japanese sushi recipes.” “The Matrix wouldn’t exist without that code.”

Buzz Lightyear almost had a different name

Early designs for Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story revealed that the action figure was originally going to be called Lunar Larry, and also had a slightly different design. Buzz was renamed after real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first two humans to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969. (Armstrong went first and Aldrin joined him about 20 minutes later.)

The dark knight

In preparation for his role as the Joker, Heath Ledger spent nearly six weeks holed up in a motel room. During this prolonged solitary sojourn, Ledger delved into the character’s psychology. He dedicated himself to developing every tick of the Joker, that is, the voice and that sad laugh.

The first American movie with a toilet flushing scene was Psycho.

When it was still frowned upon to show a flushing toilet on screen, Alfred Hitchcock recognized the opportunity to further shock his already terrifying audience by showing a piece of paper that serves as a crucial clue that the toilet fails. The clue was an earring discovered in the book’s bathroom, but Hitchcock swapped it for a piece of paper that was actually found in the toilet, in part to give viewers a bigger surprise. Also, don’t miss the 20 Craziest Celebrity Rumors of All Time for more weird Hollywood news.

Many Starbucks hide in “Fight Club”

Adapting Chuck Palahniuk’s 1999 novel, David Fincher buried the Starbucks cup as a playful nod to the coffee chain that was “there, in every shot.” “You couldn’t buy a good cup of coffee in Los Angeles to save your life when I first moved there in 1984. In my opinion, it was pathetic,” he said. “Then Starbucks came along; It was such a wonderful concept – delicious coffee. Also, there were two or three in each block when he was successful. That is fantastic news. However, they understood the plan, had read the script, and were prepared to poke fun at themselves a bit.

the reborn

Leonardo DiCaprio, despite being a vegetarian, decided to eat a raw slab of bison liver. They had to learn how to fire a gun, shoot, speak two Native American languages ​​(Pony and Arikara), and study under a doctor who specialized in ancient healing techniques. DiCaprio called it the toughest performance of his career.

The production of The Nightmare Before Christmas lasted more than three years.

Henry Selick’s 1993 dark fantasy movie musical is 76 minutes long, which is short by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean it was made quickly. The image took three and a half years to make, according to Selick, who spoke to The Daily Beast in 2017. This was mainly because a meticulous stop-motion technique was used.

The stop-motion animation took about 18 months, but with pre-production, in which every shot was storyboarded, it took longer, according to Selick. “About 120 people were working on it at its peak, and there were between 12 and 17 animators employed. It’s a strange but entertaining approach to making a movie. It’s a lot of pain and a lot of delight.”

Shawshank Redemption movie

Tim Robbins had to check his line when Andy walks into the library to start work as Brooks’ assistant and Jake, Brooks’s crow, is cawing “Dear Jake, how’s Brooks? “Because he couldn’t train the raven to squawk on command and he didn’t want it to squawk at him. Robbins was praised by writer-director Frank Darabont for his ability to adjust to this and time his line exactly by familiarizing himself with the bird’s squawking habits. Robbins’s improvisation is evident in the way he carefully studies the bird as it approaches, waiting for it to squawk before beginning his line.

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