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Best Libraries And Demo Software for Linux

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Library management software means a modern and flexible system that allows you to store a database for effective library management. It allows users to manage and access various library resources through an automated system. Linux includes a wide range of applications for intelligent storage of books and records. Powerful technology and tools in this age of digitization have brought some significant changes to the overall structure of libraries. Access to any information has become convenient and has changed the workflow of traditional libraries. It has now become essential for libraries to invest in library management software to serve and meet the needs and requirements of the digital generation. From stacks of closed to open books; from digital platforms to electronic collections, this new library concept has transformed a lot that today one can easily have virtual users from anywhere in the world and can use the service at their convenience.

This rapid revolution in library management facilities has created a critical need for all libraries to exchange information and data across the entire digital library system automatically. In addition to allowing access to multiple resources and information, a library must be able to perform other activities, such as inventory management, financial tracking, information circulation, generation of statistics and reports, demand analysis , etc. In these digital times, books are no longer confined to specific shelves, rather access has become universal along with speed, relevance and accuracy. Organizations, libraries and other stakeholders always count as an investment the implementation of such powerful software features that benefit in various ways, whether it is a small library run by a school or even a university, it is always worth spending and invest in such software.

Here is the list of the best libraries and demo software for Linux

evergreen leaves

Evergreen is another open source library management software that comes with the latest and feature-rich library catalog software. It has a user-friendly interface and users can easily find multiple and large amounts of material using the built-in tools. This software also provides a seamless environment for all sizes and types of libraries. This open source library management software has a powerful search function.

It comes with a modern and feature-rich library catalog program. The Georgia Public Library System has developed this tool using the C, Perl, XUL and JS languages. It includes an easy to use interface. Users can easily find a variety of library materials using this tool. Furthermore, this application provides a convenient and hassle-free environment for small, large, and complex libraries.


PMB is another open source library program aimed at managing medium and large library networks. It is a highly customized tool developed in the PHP programming language. PMB includes many free features to make it ideal for librarians, information managers, and documentalists. It provides a quality control system for users and their requirements. This LMS has a network of up to 10 to 15 sites. You can store up to 500,000 records with this free library management software. It is installed in public libraries regularly.

You get a complete library management system with document products and editorial content publishing. It has a complete electronic document management system. PMB’s free library management system provides an integrated web content portal. It is the only open source library management system that does not use a third party content management system to manage the portal.


Koha Library Software is a free web-based library management software. So there is no need to manage a separate server to run Koha’s library management software effortlessly. It has easy to use circulation policies and strong user management. This free library management software has intuitive navigation. It maintains a parent-child relationship to keep records and a ‘copy’ function to add more families. You can also manage book clubs and book groups.

Easily update older records and replace them with a newer version. Includes SIP2 configuration from vendors and their products such as 3M, ITG, EnvisionWare, Onedrive and Talking Tech. This free library management software offers administrative functions based on CSS, XHTML and javascript. It has self-checkout interfaces, making it a complete web-based solution.


VuFind is an open source library discovery tool that collects the information from different sources, servers and incompatible formats like Google search engine. It gives automatic classified and accurate information to users according to their needs. It is one of the most popular and modern Linux library management software with a simple interface. This tool is designed to make it easy for users to search and explore library resources. Villanova University has developed this library catalog program using PHP Pear. This allows you to customize the system with an extensive list of features without touching any code.


OPALS is another powerful tool with fascinating features. This software has a user-friendly interface and allows libraries and librarians to easily function and manage all resources effectively and efficiently. The features that this free and open source library management software consists of are as follows Virtual browsing Capabilities to integrate video and information resource catalogs, newly acquired resources and information display Notifications/reminders for homework, easy to import/ export and merge articles with speed, access to the relevant database, report and analysis, access to files and digital calendars, email notification option, the equipment and asset management module,


This open source library management system is a form of integrated library management system that supports circulation, cataloging, and acquisitions. It provides a back-office module that is powerful and has a modern UI and APIs. You can also find a toolbox for building applications such as enterprise search, digital repositories, discovery mechanisms, and data management systems. Get strong support for your APIs, authentication, and storage systems.

Inventio is a modern and secure library management system designed to create digital repositories. It is an open source library program under MIT license built with Python and JavaScript. With the JSON schema, you can easily describe your favorite books, articles, research data, software, and various media files. In addition, it allows you to manage millions of data belonging to a database through an advanced file or database management system.


Biblioteq is used by libraries of all types, be they small, medium or large. It is a professional library management system that is compatible with different QT support systems. BiblioteQ can search for articles, videos, catalog books, and much more. This free library management system supports an ARM architecture.

You can drag and drop cover images according to your needs. Get a personalized display function with this open source management software. You can also customize the data related to individual items. BiblioQ can provide you with an advanced and localized search function. Easily export and attach files with this free library management software. Retrieve cover images for each Amazon book. Support for Z39.50 and SRU is also provided.


LibraryWorld is a comprehensive software solution for all your library needs. Its different modules are designed to provide solutions for a variety of operations in a library system. It essentially brings together the different aspects of library management and makes the process more organized and faster. This software ensures that the workflow is smooth and that visitors get the best possible experience. Whether you are a public library serving thousands of people or a school library encouraging children to read and research, this software will help you manage well and achieve your goals.

It is a popular program for automating a web-based library. This makes it easier and faster for users to set up and manage a modern library system. You can choose this application for medium and large companies. A wide range of platforms are supported by LibraryWorld, including Linux, Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.


OpenBiblio is another popular library management software released under the GNU General Public License. This is an easy to use program written in PHP. OpenBiblio’s library system includes several necessary and advanced features such as OPAC, cataloging, staff management, and circulation. It also provides relevant documentation and extensive language support.

Your administration option includes managing and configuring the software. This involves managing staff, library, fines, materials, and other website settings. Retrieve all required information from your database in the form of reports. This includes obtaining information such as backlogs and other statistical factors related to library materials. You do not need to learn any special language to recover this data.


Alexandria is a free Linux library management software designed to manage personal, public, and school libraries. This tool is written in Ruby and is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2. It comes with a clean and intuitive user interface. This library automation software allows you to import and export data to multiple formats such as ONIX, ISBN-list and Tellico.

It allows users to build their library with custom fields, images, buttons, and some other cool features. Alexandria includes a HIG compliant user interface. Also, it is featured with the ease of handling grades and book notes. It allows powerful searches by title, author, ISBN and keyword. It includes the facility to retrieve and display book information from different sources like Amazon, AdLibris, WorldCat, British Library, Proxis, etc.

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