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Best Marathi Movies on YouTube

This list is about the Best Marathi Movies on YouTube. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Marathi Movies on YouTube. I hope you like this list Best Marathi Movies on YouTube. So lets begin:

Quick Info about: Best Marathi Movies on YouTube

Since this is a public holiday and you will need some ways to entertain yourself, we have put together a list of the best Marathi movies for you to watch as we all need a bit of encouragement during these uncertain times. We stay home, we want to stay home to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Since this is a public holiday and you will need various ways to feel happy, we have prepared a list of the best Marathi movies that you will feel good to watch, because in these uncertain times, we are all one, we need less elevation.

Here is the list of the best Marathi movies on YouTube

Mogara Phulala

Rating: 4.8/5

A very unique unified love story of sorts, revolving around a boy who has reached marriageable age, so deeply involved in family matters. One day he falls in love with a very strong and independent woman and realizes that her love for him belongs to two different worlds.

Anandi Gopal

Rating: 4.7/5

At a time when gender equality and feminism were booming in almost every forum and pulpit, back in the 19th century, a couple were practicing and fighting for exactly these ideas. Anandi Gopal is more of a love story than a biopic about the husband’s struggle to educate his wife and her response and aspiration to become India’s first female doctor. The widower Gopalrao Joshi was a well-educated man in British times. She gets an offer to marry a young Yamuna, they get married and she changes to Anandi and her husband is only first of all she has to get a good education which is against the society.

When Anandi Gopalrao returns, he begins studying basic education and is delighted to see what Anandi has learned. Anandi gives birth to a baby, dies soon after, and decides to get a good education and become a Doctor to save other people’s lives.


Rating: 4.6/5

Told in a small town in Maharashtra in the 1990s, Baba is the moving story of a deaf and dumb couple who adopted a normal boy and raised him with little money and lots of love. When the boy’s wealthy biological mother returns to claim him, her world disintegrates. The fact that they go to great lengths with paltry funds to fight for the guardianship of their children is the basis of this bitter sweet life story.


Rating: 4.5/5

Chumbak (also known as Chumbak – LOTTERY) was filmed in 2018 by director Sandip Modi, filmed by Aruna Bhatiya, Naren Kumar and Cape of Good Films, and starring well-known lyricist Swanand Kirkire, directed by Sandip Modi filmed in 2018 is vital drama film in hindi marathi. . Its world premiere took place on October 13, 2017 at the MUMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival. , continued to present his film in Marathi. He made his film debut as a title character.

half ticket

Rating: 4.4/5

The movie about dreams and the fight for the unattainable is “Half Ticket”, which is the story of two broke kids who are stunned by the appearance of a new pizzeria in their place. More expensive than they can afford, they dream of trying. But fate awaits them in another game. Weaving the story of countless relationships in a world of nooks and crannies, Half Ticket connects the children’s pizza cravings with the mother’s desire to bring her husband home and the cheap tenant thugs’ desire for easy money. .

The film also provides insight into the world of “beings” and their desire for the little things in life and their desires aroused by television, which is a spit on things we never knew otherwise existed. teach to flow The wishes learned through the film in a divided world show a world full of hopes and aspirations: an entrance ticket to an exclusive club.


Rating: 4.3/5

It is a moving journey of a father and a son; A 7-year-old boy’s delightful quest to find his dead mother is the relentless plight of a peasant father who has fallen into the vicious circle of drought and debt, deceiving him as innocently as God’s abode. Without appealing to anyone else, they go to Pandharpur, the abode of God, where everyone believes they will find what they seek. But it is also a test of your integrity, morals, integrity and faith. Will this physical and emotional exploration help them find a way to restore the relationship? And will the poor father and son be spared to find a way out of this cycle of unhappiness and victory?


Rating: 4.2/5

The seemingly perfect couple suddenly ends their relationship, much to the chagrin of their parents, who try to communicate with their children in their own language.

double seat

Rating: 4.1/5

Amit and Manjiri live in a joint family and there is not much space in the house, Amit thinks he should have his own house and moves in with his wife the day Manjiri brings him the good news to see his new tadi house. Pregnant Amit does not feel very happy because at this moment she only thinks about buying a house and is not ready for the baby.

to kill

Rating: 3.8/5

An 11-year-old boy moves to a small town due to his mother relocating to work. At first he has a hard time setting up the place, soon he meets his classmates who are friends of his. He begins to enjoy small moments with his friends. Once out of school, the whole gang decides to go by bike. They all arrive at Killa, and while exploring Killa, Chinmay is left behind, it suddenly rains and all the other friends leave him there. he searches all over the killa for them and returns home very disappointed that no one cares about him.

At the same time, her mother faces challenges that she can’t tell Chinmay about at work. Chinmay is also upset that his mother left the place and asked him to go back to Pune, where they came from. He then realizes that her friends are taking care of her, as well as how his mother is trying to cope with all the pressures and this little boy.

Final words: Best Marathi Movies on YouTube

I hope you understand and like this list Best Marathi Movies on YouTube, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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