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Best Medieval Games for PS5

Many of them spice up mundane historical reality with coveted special ingredients like orcs and elves, magic and dragons. Many others choose a different path and rely solely on the power of historical accuracy.

Historical realism is a popular setting for many video games and is sometimes spiced up with coveted special elements such as orcs, elves, magic and dragons. Many others take a different approach and rely solely on historical truth. From realistic to absurd, we have selected some of our favorite medieval-themed games currently on the market. You recently bought a brand new PlayStation 5 and want to fill it with some awesome medieval video games.

We think that the collection of medieval games we have put together, which range from the realistic to the fantastic, will keep you occupied for many hours and years to come. On this list, you’ll find everything from first-person slashers to fighting games to role-playing games. The goal is to consider every possibility, so how you feel when choosing one to play actually relies on your mood. All of the games we included on the list may not be to everyone’s taste. Below we have mentioned some of the best Medieval Games for PS5.

Here is the list of best Medieval Games for PS5

Chivalry 2

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has never been ashamed to lean a little more toward the arcadey side, unlike other first-person sword fighting games like Mordhau and Kingdom Come: Deliverance that have tried to sell themselves on the realism of their hitboxes or the high skill ceilings of their combat systems. This trend is continued in Chivalry 2, which we believe makes for a stronger multiplayer experience overall. Even though it still requires a lot of skill, it’s simpler to get in and start scoring some beautifully grisly kills without feeling like a sheep in a pack of wolves.

And that is how you create and maintain a powerful community. With up to 64 players, Chivalry 2 launches you onto fashionable, crowded battlefields for objective-based team games or a massive free-for-all. There aren’t many maps available right now, but the ones we do have amazed us. Each offers an interesting combination of open spaces and bottlenecks, a good range of goals to attack and defend, and excellent overall tempo. Overall, this is one of the best Medieval Games for PS5 that you can download.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence begins with a picture of exquisite childishness: Amicia, a teenage girl, wandering her dog through a forest in the fall of 12th-century France, bumping fruit from towering branches with pebbles fired from a makeshift slingshot. If this is the “innocence” referenced in the game’s name, it only appears briefly in the drama. This is the best Medieval Games for PS5.

Amicia’s dog and her former life of privilege as a French aristocrat are both dead by the end of the day, having been torn apart by a thrashing mass of rabid vermin and soldiers of the inquisition, thugs working for an equally corrupt religion. Amicia and her younger brother Hugo, a kid who has spent his days in a jaundiced confinement due to a blood ailment, flee the family estate and start to make their way through a harsh landscape.


Rustler, a “historically inaccurate” medieval romp from Jutsu Games, tries to bring us back to the chaotic top-down craziness of early GTA games. It has a few good ideas and plenty of potential in its choice of setting, but wastes the vast majority of this with boring missions, awkward controls, and toilet humor. When we first heard about Rustler, it was clear that the concept of bringing the mayhem of the original Grand.

Theft Auto into this wildly irreverent old world, we were eager to play it. We were eager to ride our trusty steed through medieval towns, get into all sorts of mischief, and then be prevented from putting an end to our goings-on by a horde of weird red and blue police horses. In reality, it’s all pretty disappointing. At the moment, this is one of the best medieval games for PS5 to consider.

Medieval Dynasty

After finishing the fourth structure in my future hamlet, I realize that I must go hunting to obtain additional food for the village’s few inhabitants. After all, it’s my responsibility to take care of them, which includes providing shelter and other necessities while also going out hunting for bison or deer to cook. As I leave, I feel very confident. Currently, this is the best Medieval Games for PS5 you can check now.

but I end up passing away after a boar bites off part of my ankle. Medieval Dynasty has the core of a survival game, even though it frequently looks and feels like an RPG, and this realization helped me get the respect I needed for its environment.

The Valiant

The Valiant is a medieval squad-based RTS that alternates between small-scale, isometric sword-and-shield combat and a continent-spanning treasure hunt for a potent religious artifact. It’s as much about clicking as it is about conquest. You might get a hint of what the developer Kite Games is aiming for here if you microwaved your copies of Kingdom of Heaven and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and produced a scented candle out of the molten ooze. Overall, the outcome is a respectable strategy game, but it’s also a little monotonous and shallow, making it less enjoyable than that prior fusion may have suggested. For now, this is the best Medieval Games for PS5.

The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is a narrative-focused, action-heavy, dark fantasy adventure game with perilous moral decisions. The game is set in a different religious era and is based on Jacek Piekara’s bestselling Inquisitor novel series. Jesus’ fury completely consumes him after he is nailed to the cross and is about to die. He escapes and exacts brutal retribution on all of the atheists. Overall, this is the best Medieval Games for PS5 you can consider.

After centuries, an army of fanatical Inquisitors relentlessly upholds the faith in this bloody Church. You are Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor working for God who has been dispatched to Konigstein, a town that is rife with mystery and immorality. Find the truth about a darker evil from another realm that is attempting to penetrate the land of the living while solving the many cases and crimes of individuals who have violated the religion.

Dragon’s Dogma

In Dragon’s Dogma’s high fantasy world, the player takes on the role of the Arisen, a human protagonist. The dragon Grigori, who is thought to be a sign of the end of the world, is the target of this character’s mission. But as time goes on, a bigger plan will become clear. The action fighting in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is satisfying and takes place in a sizable open area.

Players embark on a grand adventure in a rich, vibrant environment with three AI companions called Pawns. One of the best aspects of this RPG game is the combat. There are many different ways to enjoy the game and defeat your enemies during dungeon crawls, thanks to the many classes and secondary classes. This is one of the best medieval games for PS5 that you can download.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The disease decimates the French Kingdom. Amicia and her younger brother Hugo are being pursued by the Inquisition through communities that have been completely destroyed by the plague. They will have to work together with other children to utilize fire and light to flee the rat hordes along the road. With nothing save the tie that ties their destiny together, they will struggle to survive as they face unspeakable horrors. Still, it is one of the best Medieval Games for PS5 you can consider.

The story of the game follows young Amicia and her younger brother Hugo as they go through some of history’s worst eras, if that wasn’t already obvious. As they are followed by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by legions of relentless rats, Hugo and Amicia will learn to rely on one another. As they struggle to survive against insurmountable odds, they will try to make sense of this terrible reality.

Final Words

The Middle Ages was a time when many different games were played. Chess was a game that the nobles liked to play. In the ninth century, chess was brought to Europe from Persia. Other games included card games, dice games, checkers, horse racing and blind man’s bluff.

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